Direction (for Q1 to Q5)  Read the following paragraph and answer the questions given at the end of paragraph:


Soon after the buy back  option was offered by several multinational companies (MNCs) to increase their stake in their Indian ventures.  Some of these companies were Cadbury India, Otis Elevator, Carrier Aircon, Reckitt Bensig etc.  Fund managers which held these companies’ stocks, felt that allowing buy back of shares was one of the most favourable developments in the Indian Stock markets.  It provided a much needed exit option for share holders in depressed market conditions.  Buyback by the company usually indicated that the management felt that its stock was undervalued.  This resulted in an increase in the price,  bringing to closer to the intrinsic value and providing investors with a higher price for their investment in the company.


Q.1      The Central idea conveyed in the above paragraph is that

a.                   Company should gain more profit

b.                  Share holders may not gain

c.                   Investors should gain higher price for their investment

d.                  Investors must withdraw investment from the company


Q.2      The buyback option means

a.                   Investors can buy the shares once sold

b.                  Investors cannot sell the shares in open market

c.                   The company management buys back the stock considering it is undervalued

d.                  Investors have to hold on to shares


Q.3      Exit option is

a.                   Investors can sell their shares when conditions warranted

b.                  Company can sell its stock

c.                   Company can buy from the market

d.                  Company cannot buy from the market


Q.4      ‘Closer to intrinsic value’

a.                   Value higher than real stock value

b.                  Realistic Stock Value

c.                   Less Value of stock

d.                  No proper value


Q.5      “Depressed Market Conditions”

a.                   Boom in the market

b.                  Market flush with funds

c.                   Lot of shares are available in the market

d.                  Bad market conditions


Direction for (Q6-10) : Read the following paragraph and answer the questions given at the end of paragraph.


We drink too much, smoke too much, spend recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired read too little, watch TV too much and pray too seldom.  We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.  We talk too much, love too seldom.  We have added years to life but not life to years.  We have been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neigh lour.  We conquered outer space lout not inner space.  We have done larger things but not better things.  Remember, say a kind word to some one who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.  Remember to give a smile to the one next to you because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it does not cost a paisa.


Q.6      One central idea conveyed in the paragraph is that we should:-

a.                   Enjoy life

b.                  Add years to life

c.                   Add life to years

d.                  Know the art of living


Q.7      Laugh too little

a.                   Laughing is not healthy

b.                  Avoid laughing

c.                   Should laugh more

d.                  Should not laugh more


Q.8      Conquered outer space but not inner space:-

a.                   More social

b.                  More reserved

c.                   Better behaviour

d.                  Explore universe


Q.9      ‘Larger but not better things:-

a.                   Better values to be inculcated

b.                  Quality of things to be better

c.                   Things should be larger

d.                  Larger space to be covered


Q.10    ‘With your heart

a.                   You donot want to give

b.                  You are forced to give

c.                   You donot regard to give

d.                  Whole heartedly


Direction (Q11 to 15)  Fill in the blanks from given four words or set of words from a, b, c, d.  Select the most a appropriate word or set of words that makes the sentence more meaningful.


Q.11    The _______ to go faster than anerage is __________.

a.                   An, required

b.                  Motive, dangerous

c.                   A lrlity, restricted

d.                  Lane, prohilrted 


Q.12    Somebody has to be _________ and somebody also has to be _______ .

a.                   Good, bad

b.                  First, last

c.                   Rich, poor

d.                  Critical, patient


Q.13    Carrying ________ are part of operational expenses, so that measurement also must be ______.

a.                   Inventory, brought down

b.                  Costs, going up

c.                   Load, indicated

d.                  Production, met


Q.14    _________ a data base is _______ the only way to find answer

a.                   Searching, not

b.                  Retaining, one of

c.                   Increasing, also

d.                  Creating, more or less


Q.15    They wanted me to ________ their ______ for them

a.                   Talk, plans

b.                  Discuss, jobs

c.                   Relate, grouping

d.                  Check, number


Direction for (Q16-Q19) In each of the following questions a certain expression is given.  Find the correct word for each expression from the given alternatives.


Q.16    Looking back at time

a.                   Back view

b.                  Epoch

c.                   Retrospect

d.                  Look back


Q.17    Which seems evil :-

a.                   Sinister

b.                  Charming

c.                   Disastrous

d.                  Unhealthy


Q.18    To pretend for other’s writings as one’s own

a.                   Arrogance

b.                  Copying

c.                   Plagiarism

d.                  Vulgarity


Q.19    To Replace what has been used

a.                   Replenish

b.                  Substitute

c.                   Recover

d.                  None


(Q20-25)  Choose opposite or nearly same in meaning (‘s’ is same ‘o’ is opposite)



a.                   Produced

b.                  Foretold

c.                   Discovered

d.                  Prophet hood


Q.21    DESPISE (O)

a.                   Pleased

b.                  Swollen

c.                   Lively

d.                  Tempt


Q.22    APPAISAL (S)

a.                   Thankful

b.                  Estimation

c.                   Mysterious

d.                  Difficult



a.                   Demotion from glory

b.                  Established connection

c.                   Body divided in to ranks

d.                  Poor representation


Q.24    MOBILITY (O)

a.                   Lubrication

b.                  Pending

c.                   Calmness

d.                  Inertia


Q.25    RUEFUL (S)

a.                   Regretting

b.                  Jolly

c.                   Fearful

d.                  Complacent


Directions for (Q26-30) : In each of the following questions, a related pair of words are phases is followed by 4 pairs of words, select the answer pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


Q.26    Insect : Bntterfly

a.                   Perfume : Fragrance

b.                  Scenic : Landscape

c.                   Flower : Daisy

d.                  Girl : Woman


Q.27    Bone : Body

a.                   Strut : Buttress

b.                  Gild : Gold

c.                   Girder : Sky Scrapper

d.                   Cleavage : Crystal


Q.28    Goat : Kid

a.                   Lamb : Child

b.                  Horse : Mare

c.                   Cow : Calf

d.                  Ox : Bull


Q.29    Contract : Agreement

a.                   Job : Commitment

b.                  Symbol : Power

c.                   Oath : Promise

d.                  Medal : Badge


Q.30    Foundation : House

a.                   Pen : Stand

b.                  Scaffold : Hinge

c.                   Paper : wood

d.                  Pedestal : Statue


Direction (for Q 31 to Q 35 )  Select one word from a, b, c, d for the given phrases:


Q.31    One who studies the evolution of mankind

a.                   Anthropologist

b.                  Archaelogist

c.                   Astronomer

d.                  Etymologist


Q.32    One who knows every thing

a.                   Knowledgeable

b.                  Omniscient

c.                   Wise

d.                  Itinerant


Q.33    One who deals in medicinal herbs

a.                   Pathologist

b.                  Physician

c.                   Herbalist

d.                  Altruist 


Q.34    One to whom goods are dispatched

a.         Consignee

b.         Dispatcher

c.         Receiver

e.                   Compositor


Q.35    Incapable of being destroyed:-

a.                   Indivisible

b.                  Inaudible

c.                   Incredible

d.                  Indestructible


Direction (for Q36 to Q40) Only one word is correctly spelt choose that word from a, b, c, d given below



(a)                Ingenuity

(b)               Provisionaly

(c)                Irigate

(d)               Colapse



(a)                Condemm

(b)               Eventualy

(c)                Generosity

(d)               Expanditure



(a)                Shameles

(b)               Fullfilment

(c)                Master

(d)               Incredible



(a)                Irrelevent

(b)               Innocuous

(c)                Govarnor

(d)               Gramer



(a)                Intimate

(b)               Intelligent

(c)                Inevitable

(d)               Inferred


Q.41    The difference between squares of two numbers is 49000 and the sum of the numbers is 490.  The numbers are

  1. 295,195
  2. 200,300
  3. 280,210
  4. None of these

Q.42    The two numbers are such that the ratio between them is 3:5 but if each is increased by 10, the ratio between them becomes 5:7 the numbers are:

  1. 3,5
  2. 7,9
  3. 13,22
  4. 15,25

Q.43    Four bells toll together and toll respectively at intervals of 6, 7, 8, 9 seconds.  After how many seconds will they toll together again?

  1. 480 sec.
  2. 504 sec.
  3. 540 sec.
  4. 340 sec.

Q.44    Three different containers contain different qualities of mixtures of milk and water whose measurements are 470 kg, 680 kg and 745 kg respectively.  What biggest measure of milk must be there to measure all different quantities exactly

  1. 2 kg
  2. 3 kg
  3. 4 kg
  4. 5 kg

Q.45    75.30 ¸15 – (-3.8)=?

  1. 1.4
  2. 9.0
  3. 8.82
  4. 15.6

Q.46    3 1/3 + 2 1/3 + ? + 1 2/3 = 12 1/5

  1. 4 13/15
  2. 19 8/15
  3. 12 7/15
  4. None

Q.47    Ö? /196 = 63/42 The number ? is

  1. 17
  2. 19
  3. 21
  4. 23

Q.48    What smallest number should be added to 439 to make it a perfect square?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 11

Q.49    If = 216 then tin value of  +   +  = ?

  1. 216.432
  2. 218.376
  3. 239.76
  4. 237.816

Q.50    The population of a town is 50000.  It increases by 5% during first year & 8% during second year.  The populations after second year will he

  1. 52000
  2. 56700
  3. 54000
  4. 55000

Q.51    The price of cooking oil has increased by 15%.  The percentage of reduction that the family should effect in the use of cooking oil, so as not to increase an expenditure on this account is

  1. 10%
  2. 11%
  3. 12%
  4. 13 % 

Q.52    In an examination 45% candidates passed in English and 60% in Mathematics.  If 20% candidates failed in both the subjects and 240 passed the examination, the total number of candidates was:

  1. 1600
  2. 1400
  3. 1200
  4. 800

Q.53    The average weight of 3 men A, B and C is 86 kg.  Another man D joins the group and the average now 78 kg.  It another man E whose weight is 4 kg more Than D replaces A then average weight of B, C, D, E become 77 kg.  The weight of A is:

  1. 72 kg
  2. 68 kg
  3. 62 kg
  4. 60 kg

Q.54    The average consumption of petrol for a car for six months is 140 liters & for next six months it is 112 litres.  The average monthly consumption is

  1. 106 liters
  2. 126 liters
  3. 116 liters
  4. 96 liters

Q.55    The monthly salary of A, B & C is in the proportion of 1:2:3. If C’s monthly salary is Rs.1800 more than A’s monthly salary.  B’ annual salary is

  1. Rs.18000
  2. Rs.216000
  3. Rs.18000
  4. Rs.144000

Q.56    The proportion of zinc and copper in brass piece is 12:7 how much zinc will be there in 133 kg. of such a piece.

  1. 84 kg
  2. 72 kg
  3. 96 kg
  4. None


Q.57    The students in three classes are in the ratio of 1:3:5 if 40 students are increased the ratio changes 3:5:7.  The total numbers of students in the three classes before the increase were:

a.       200

b.      140

c.       160

d.      180


Q.58    Ram, Raj & Ramesh rented a place for one week at a rent of Rs.1200.  If they use it for 6 hours, 10 hours, & 12 hours respectively.  The rent to be paid by Ramesh is


a.                   Rs.600

b.                  Rs.500

c.                   Rs.400

d.                  Rs.200


Q.59    A is a working and B is a sleeping partner in  a business.  A puts in Rs.20000 and B Rs.30000.  A receives 12% of the profit for managing, the rest being divided in proportion to their capital.  Out off total profit of Rs.60000 the money received by A is :


a.                   Rs.27000

b.                  Rs.25000

c.                   Rs.28320

d.                  Rs.30000


Q.60    150 men have provision for 300 days after 20 days 60 more men joined them.  The food will now last for


a.                   200 days

b.                  180 days

c.                   160 days

d.                  210 days


Q.61    If 3 men or 6 boys can do a piece of work in 8 days working 8 hours a day.  How many days will it take to complete the work twice as large and 6 men and 4 boys working together for 8 hours a day.


a.                   8 days

b.                  6 days

c.                   10 days

d.                  4 days


Q.62    A & B can finish a job in 10 days while A, B and C can finish it in 6 days.  C alone can finish the job in


a.                   16 days

b.                  10 days

c.                   12 days

d.                  15 days


Q.63    A does half as much work as B in two third of time.  If together  they take 12 days to complete the work how much time will B take to do it


a.                   30 days

b.                  21 days

c.                   25 days

d.                  18 days


Q.64    Two taps can fill the tank in 15 minutes and 20 minutes respectively and when the waste pipe is opened they can together fill it in 24 minutes.  The waste pipe is opened they can together fill it in 15 minutes.  The waste pipe can empty the full tank in:


a.                   12 minutes

b.                  11 3/9 minutes

c.                   13 3/9 minutes

d.                  15 minutes


Q.65    A tap can fill the tank in 25 minutes and another can empty it in 12 minutes.  If the tank is half full and both taps are opened together, the tank will be:


a.                   filled in 11 7/13 minutes

b.                  emptied in 9 7/13 minutes

c.                   filled in 13 7/13 minutes

d.                  none


Q.66    A certain distance is covered at a certain speed.  If one third the distance is covered in double the time the ratio of the two speeds is


a.                   5:1

b.                  6:1

c.                   4:1

d.                  5:5:1


Q.67    By walking at 3/5 of his usual speed a man reaches office 15 minutes later than usual.  His usual time is


a.                   20 minutes

b.                  22.5 minutes

c.                   25 minutes

d.                  25.5 minutes


Q.68    Two stations A & B are 170 km/hr apart on a straight line.  One train starts from A at 8:0 a.m. and travels towards B at 30 km/hr speed.  Another train starts from B at 9 a.m. and travels towards A at 40 km/hr speed.  The time they meet is


a.                   10:45 a.m.

b.                  10:30 a.m.

c.                   10:00 a.m.

d.                  11:00 a.m.


Q.69    A train crosses a platform in 40 sec. At a speed of 50 km/hr.  How much time will it take to cross an electric pole if the length of the platform is 100 meters


a.                   32.88 sec

b.                  30 sec

c.                   36.2 sec.

d.                  40 sec.


Q.70    If a man’s rate with the current is 12 km/hr and the rate of the current is 2 km/hr.  Then man’s rate against the current is


a.                   6.8 km/hr

b.                  7 km/hr

c.                   6  km/hr

d.                  8 km/hr


Q.71    A boat travels upstream from B to A and down stream from A to B in 4 hours.  If the speed of the boat in still water is 5 km/hr and speed of current is 3 km/hr.  The distance between A & B in km is


a.                   5.8 kms

b.                  6.4 kms

c.                   8 kms

d.                  4.8 kms


Q.72    A retailer purchases a sewing machine at a discount of 12% and sells it for Rs.1856.  He makes a profit of 12%.  The discount which he got from the whole sale is


a.                   Rs.1800

b.                  Rs.1000

c.                   Rs.1400

d.                  Rs.1200


Q.73    A trader lists his article 15% above CP and allows a discounts of 5% on cash payment.  His gain percent is


a.                   9.25%

b.                  10%

c.                   8.75%

d.                  11%


Q.74    A can contains mixture of two liquids A & B in proportion 5:3 when 4 litres of mixture are taken off and can is filled with B the proportion of A & B  becomes 5:10.  The liquid A initially was


a.                   8 litres

b.                  10 litres

c.                   12.5 litres

d.                  7.5 litres


Q.75    A lent Rs.1200 to B for 2 years and Rs.1500 to C for 4 years and received altogether from both Rs.300 as simple interest.  The rate of interest is


a.                   3%

b.                  3 4/7%

c.                   4%

d.                  4.5%


Q.76    The value of machine depreciates every year at the rate of 10% on its value at the beginning of that year.  It  the present value of the machine is Rs.14580, its value thee years ago was:


a.                   Rs.15000

b.                  Rs.18000

c.                   Rs.20000

d.                  Rs.25000


Q.77    If the sides of a triangle are increased four times its area


a.                   remains same

b.                  becomes four times

c.                   becomes eight times

d.                  becomes sixteen times


Q.78    Six spherical balls of radius r are melted and cast into a cylindrical rod of metal of same radius.  The height of the rod will be


a.                   6 r

b.                  8 r

c.                   10 r

d.                  12 r


Q.79    A can run a km in 6 mts.  15 sec. and B in 6 min 28 seconds.  By what distance can A beat B


a.                   33 1/3  metres

b.                  25 metres

c.                   20 metres

d.                  35 metres


Q.80    A shopkeeper earns a profit of 10% after selling a book at 12% discount on the printed price.  The ratio of cost price and printed price of the book is


a.                   3:5

b.                  4:5

c.                   3:7

d.                  5:8 



Q.141  The bank rate is said to be

a.                   The rate at which bank lends money to Borrower

b.                  The rate at which bank borrows money from RBI

c.                   The rate of which bank borrows money from Market,

d.                  The interest bank gives on deposits


Q.142  Name the state where first ever fully electronic voting machine (EVM) based assembly elections were held

a.                   M.P.

b.                  Delhi

c.                   Kerala

d.                  Goa


Q.143  The largest economy in the world in terms of PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) is

a.                   Japan

b.                  Saudi Arabia

c.                   USA

d.                  China


Q.144  GAIL sets up its gas  processing complex in

a.                   Gandhar

b.                  Bhopal

c.                   Jamnagar

d.                  Dibrugarh


Q.145  Number of waterways to be identified as National waterways by the govt.

a.                   18

b.                  13

c.                   10

d.                  15


Q.146  The number of 2-wheeler owners in Indra.

a.                   1crore

b.                  4crores

c.                   3crores

d.                  2crores


Q.147  One millionth of a metre is: -

a.                   Micron

b.                  Decron

c.                   Centron

d.                  None


Q.148  ‘Private eye’ is a private: -

a.                   Air craft

b.                  Detective

c.                   Doctor

d.                  Room


Q.149  A blind alley is a dead

a.                   End

b.                  Post

c.                   Fish

d.                  Eagle


Q.150  “The father walked out on the family” means he

a.                   Took them out

b.                  Did not love them

c.                   Deserted them

d.                  Killed them


Q.151  The little mermaid is symbol of which country: -

a.                   Denmark

b.                  Norway

c.                   Sweden

d.                  Russia


Q.152  Chernobyl virus is

a.                   Computer virus

b.                  A chemical weapon developed by Russia

c.                   A radio active virus came into existence after chernobyl accident

d.                  A code used in nuclear plant


Q.153  Satyajit Ray : An intimate Master has been edited by

a.                   Abhijit Ray

b.                  Mrinal Sen

c.                   Shanti Das

d.                  S. Gangopadhaya


Q.154  The highest percentage of power is generated from

a.                   Thermal

b.                  Hydro

c.                   Atomic

d.                  Non-Conventional


Q.155  India is the largest producer of

a.                   Apple

b.                  Banana

c.                   Mango

d.                  Orange


Q.156  One of the following countries has the largest number of motor vehicles for every 1000 persons


a.                   France

b.                  Japan

c.                   Switzerland

d.                  USA


Q.157  “Cinemaghar” a museum art & cinema established by M.F. Hussain is in


a.                   Mumbai

b.                  New Delhi

c.                   Bangalore

d.                  Hyderabad


Q.158  For golden quadrilateral road project the towns associated are

a.                   Delhi Bangalore Mumbai

b.                  Chennai – Delhi – Kolkatta

c.                   Mumbai – Chennai – Kolkatta

d.                  Kolkatta – Mumbai – Chennai


Q.159  The car that fulfils Euro-II emission norma

a.                   Matiz

b.                  Maruti

c.                   Indica

d.                  Santro


Q.160  A museum of computer and info-tech is established in India in

a.                   Delhi

b.                  Hyderabad

c.                   Bangalore

d.                  Kolkatta


Q.161  In share market in  sider trading is

a.                   Large companies buy and sell shares of their subsidiaries

b.                  Share trading after over evaluation for making profit

c.                   Share trading after underevaluation for making profit

d.                  Trading in shares of a company with secret information which is not known to others with sole motive to make profit.


Q.162  To which agency SDR is related

a.                   IMF

b.                  World Bank

c.                   WTO

d.                  Asian Development Bank


Q.163  A long term development plan i.e vision 2020 is for

a.                   Goa

b.                  Rajasthan

c.                   Andhra Pradesh

d.                  Punjab


Q.164  National Film Development Corporation was established in

a.                   1986

b.                  1950

c.                   1957

d.                  1975


Q.165  Was established first among the followings

a.                   UTI

b.                  ICICI

c.                   IFCI

d.                  SIDBI


Q.166  The tragedy in 1756, when 146 personers were kept in a small cell in East India Company’s Fort at Calcutta, was known as

a.                   Bengal Tragedy

b.                  Black hole tragedy

c.                   Trgedy of Calcutta

d.                  The Black Monday


Q.167  After the Union Budget is presented, it is essential to pass the Finance bill in Parliament within

a.                   45 days

b.                  30 days

c.                   90 days

d.                  60 days


Q.168  The patent in USA got revoked by India’s Council of scientific and industrial research is

a.                   Haldi (Turmeric)

b.                  Basmati

c.                   Kerala

d.                  Jamun


Q.169  The salt which is sprayed on the clouds by aircraft for seeding of the clould is

a.                   Calcium Poromide

b.                  Silver nitrate

c.                   Silver bromide

d.                  Silver Iodide


Q.170  The bank accused of Laundering money for Osama-bi-Laden

a.                   Bank of Oman

b.                  Dubai Islamic Bank

c.                   Emirate Bank

d.                  Sheikh-Al-Sabah Bank


Q.171  “Roshni” economic benefic scheme of A.P. Govt. is meant for

a.                   Schedule castes

b.                  People below poverty line

c.                   Schedule tribe

d.                  Minorities


Q.172  “Vitamin” was discovered by

a.                   William Kolff

b.                  Robert Koch

c.                   Casinur Funk

d.                  H. Khurana


Q.173  Aspirin is chemically known as

a.                   Acetyl salicylic acid

b.                  Acetylinic Acid

c.                   Acetyl Salicylic acetate

d.                  Picric acid


Q.174  Indian Patent act of 1970 only provides for

a.                   Both Product and Process

b.                  Process

c.                   Product

d.                  Marketing rights


Q.175  IT (Infotech) task force is constituted by the Govt. for

a.                   Software export

b.                  More funds for infotech development

c.                   Software Tech parks

d.                  National informatics Policy


Q.176  From Kashmir Valley the gateway for Ladakh is

a.                   Jojila

b.                  Turtuk

c.                   Chorbat

d.                  Kalu Tang


Q.177  The U.S. dignitary who visited India during Kargil war

a.                   Strobe Talbott

b.                  Gibson Lamphor

c.                   Kart Inderfurth

d.                  Sandy Burger


Q.178  Asia’s largest commercial software development center built by Tata consultancy is at

a.                   Bangalore

b.                  Pune

c.                   Hyderabad

d.                  Sholinganallur


Q.179  Against chemical weapon the international convention came into existence in

a.                   December 1998

b.                  Oct 95

c.                   April 1997

d.                  Jan 94


Q.180  The name of the 4000 mw project in Orissa is

a.                   Hirma Power Project

b.                  Konark Power Project

c.                   Botanger Power Project

d.                  Phulabani Power project