Direction for (Q1 to Q5):  Read the following passage and answer the question given at the end of the passage.


            During a visit to South East Asia, Anil was impressed with the exclusive greeting card shops offering good ambience and soft back drop music.  He decided to try out this concept in India as well, which led to the launch of first Archies’ outlet in Delhi in 1984, named ‘Gift Gallery’.  Commenting on the runaway success of the shop, Anil remarked, “Theme Cards – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day – were concepts entirely alien to Indian buyers.  They immediately caught the fancy of teenager shoppers”.


In 1987, the first exclusive Archies gallery was set up in Kamla Nagar, situated in the heart of Delhi University Campus.  The 1000 Sqft. Rented shop became an instant hit with college students who flocked to buy cards and gifts.  With sales touching Rs. 2.2 million.  The Moolchandanis managed to break even in the first year itself.


Q.1.          Exclusive greeting Card Shops’ means:-

a.       Selling only greeting cards

b.      Greeting Cards are excluded

c.       You can buy consumer goods from such shops

d.      None of these

Q.2.          ‘Led to the Launch’ means

a.       Lead was launched

b.      Lunch was provided

c.       To start

d.      None

Q.3.          Anil visited:

a.       U.S.A.

b.      U.K.

c.       Australia

d.      South East Asia

Q.4.          Mother’s Day falls on

a.       Ist Sunday of May

b.      3rd Sunday of May

c.       2nd Sunday of May

d.      4th Sunday of May

Q.5.          1st year sales were in million rupees:-

a.       2

b.      2.2

c.       2.4

d.      2.5


Direction for Q. 6 to 10:  Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end of the passage


After Mahavir’s birth, his family began to grow prosperous and his parents named him Vardhaman.  Since he was Clairvoyant, he came to be known as ‘Saman’.  Realizing his power of tolerance during spiritual practice, he was called ‘Mahavir’.  That man is free to think and act the way he likes is a relative truth, for he is not entirely free; he is bound by destiny.  Mahavir’s destiny was bound with moksha.  His parents were followers of the 23rd Jain Tirthankara, Parshva, whose techings left a lasting impression on his mind.  Destiny, environment and separation from family prompted Mahavir to take to asceticism.  Mahavir renounced wordly relationships and went off with the sole objective of achieving complete ‘Samayika’ (equanimous state of mind or super consciousness).  Fearlessness, non-possession and non-violence became an enlightened conduct, ‘Samyak Charitra’.  This led-Mahavir to the attainment of omni-science, ‘Kevalya’


Q.6      Vardhman was clairvoyank

a.                   Knowledgeable

b.                  Saint

c.                   Prophet

d.                  Gentleman


Q.7      Bound by destiny

a.                   barbed by destiny

b.                  surrounded by destiny

c.                   surrounded by destiny

d.                  destined

e.                   did not care for destiny


Q.8      Lasting impression

a.                   Last impression

b.                  No impression

c.                   End of impression

d.                  Impression for ever


Q.9      Mahavir’s objective was to achieve:

a.                   Super-Consciousness

b.                  Asceticism

c.                   Destiny

d.                  Fearlessness


Q.10    ‘Renounce worldly relationships’

a.                   Acquire worldly material

b.                  Acquire more relations

c.                   Willingly give up everything

d.                  Announce for relationship


Directions for (Q 11 to 15 ) Fill in the blank from given four words or set of words from a, b, c, d .  Select the most appropriate word for set of words that makes the sentence more meaningful.


Q.11    According to the_________ , God moulded the first men from_________.

a.                   Heresay, mud

b.                  Logic, woodenpulp

c.                   Legend, clay

d.                  Belief, nowhere,


Q.12    Where as mere ____________ are unlikely to result in _________ in the total sense.

a.                   Efforts, gain

b.                  Possessions, satisfaction

c.                   Thinking, fulfillment

d.                  Searching, acquisition


Q.13    Advertising ____________ to the satisfaction of human ________.

a.                   Contributes, wants

b.                  Relates, desires

c.                   Provides, feelings

d.                  Indicates pattern


Q.14    Man has _________ and there fore the right to __________.

a.                   Opportumty, play

b.                  Time, waste

c.                   Access, forego

d.                  Freewill, decide


Q.15    Many ___________ believe that the world’s five lallion people speak ___________ of which there can be one base.

a.                   Authorities, a lot

b.                  People, good

c.                   Linguists, languages

d.                  Countries, differently


Direction (for Q16 to Q21) only one word is Correcthy spelt.  Choose that word from a, b, c, d given below:-


Q.16    (a)        Neghbour                    (b)        Politician

            (c)        Noticable                    (d)        Permenant


Q.17    (a)        Deity                            (b)        Delite

            (c)        Coveragge                    (d)        Corpporation


Q.18    (a)        Definately                     (b)        Cieling

            (c)        Dependence                 (d)        Detor


Q.19    (a)        Acustomed                   (b)        Advantageous

            (c)        Adiquate                      (d)        Acordance


Q.20    (a)        Condolance                  (b)        Bunglow

            (c)        Committee                    (d)        Comission


Q.21    (a)        Oscillate                       (b)        Practicaly

            (c)        Persistant                      (d)        Percieve


Direction  (for Q 22 to Q 26)  Select one word from a, b, c, d for the phrases given below:-


Q.22    Things done by one’s own free will

a.                   Voluntary

b.                  Unwillingly

c.                   Willingly

d.                  Alchemy


Q.23    The science of Reasoning

a.                   Mathematics

b.                  Algebra

c.                   Logic

d.                  Mensuration


Q.24    To do away with a rule

a.                   Abrogate

b.                  Unruly

c.                   Aggravate

d.                  Aphonia


Q.25    Traveling under the name other than one’s own

a.                   Attenuate

b.                  Sacrilege

c.                   Hidden

d.                  Incognito


Q.26    The result of match in which neither party wins

a.                   Winner

b.                  Loser

c.                   Draw

d.         No result


For Questions 27 – 30 : Mark the number of the correct meaning of idiomatic expression on your answer sheet.


Q.27    To hold water

a.                   To gain limelight

b.                  To stand scrutiny

c.                   To prevail upon

d.                  To cortain water


Q.28    To end in smoke


a.                   To get burnt

b.                  A dead person

c.                   To come to nothing

d.                  To end a quarrel


Q.29    To take for granted

a.                   To presume before hand

b.                  To accept as such

c.                   To consider one’s own

d.                  To refer to


Q.30    Lump in the throat

a.                   A hoarse voice

b.                  Low type eatable

c.                   Food pipe

d.                  A charged emotional state


For questions 31 & 32 : Write the word having nearly the same meaning as

Q.31    “To come from “

a.                   Hail from

b.                  Born in a place

c.                   Known as

d.                  Admit from


Q.32    “Continuous”

a.                   Progressive

b.                  Liberal

c.                   Intermittent

d.                  Constant


Q.33-35 : Write nearly the opposite meaning of


Q.33    Surplus

a.                   Want

b.                  Paucity

c.                   More

d.                  Flush with funds


Q.34    Reasonable

a.                   Vision

b.                  Wise

c.                   Unrealistic

d.                  Natural


Q.35    Important

a.                   Vital

b.                  Trivial

c.                   Outer

d.                  Circumference


Q.36 – 40 Given a statement with two course of actions to be followed which are taken either for improvement or for followup


(1)   Only course of action 1 follows (2) only course of action 2 follows (3) either course of action 1 or 2 follows  (4) both 1 & 2 follow (5) Neither 1 nor 2 follows


Q.36    Statement.  Many students returned home disappointed unable to get admission in Rajasthan college of their choice inspite of scoring well in 10+2 exam



Course of action     1.   Number of seats in Rajasthan College should be increased

2.                   More number of such colleges should be opened


Q.37    India’s food grain production being all time high due to bumber crop yet the payment to farmers was not adequate


Course of action 1        Farmers should opt for selling to govt. at the minimum support price

Course of action 2        Farmers should be allowed to store and sell subsequently when prices are higher.


Q.38    Statement         For cases of adulteration in food products


Course of action 1        Consumers should keep food testing kits to detect adulteration

Course of action 2        Ban must be enforced by the Govt. for adulterated products


Q.39    Statement         Terrorist activities have increased during the last three years


Course of action 1        The officers posted near the border must be warned

Course of action 2        A spying network must be established near the border


Q.40    Statement         Ramesh has already played best part in volleyball team and now he is not effective.


Course of action 1        Ramesh must be replaced by a promising younger player

Course of action

         2       Ramesh must be allowed to continue till he himself retires


Q.41    24 is divided into two parts such that 7 times the 1st part added to 5 times the second part makes 146.  The 1st part is


a.                   11

b.                  13

c.                   16

d.                  17


Q.42    4/5 of a number exceeds its 2/3 by 8.  The number is


a.                   30

b.                  60

c.                   90

d.                  None of these


Q.43    Three bells begin to toll together and toll respectively at intervals of 6, 7 and 8 seconds.  After how many seconds will they toll together again.


a.                   84 sec.

b.                  246 sec.

c.                   168 sec

d.                  210 sec


Q.44    The least number which when divided by 15, 27, 35 leaves in each case a remainder 6 is


a.                   475

b.                  525

c.                   951

d.                  381


Q.45    7.83 – (3.79 – 2.56) = ?

a.                   4.04

b.                  1.48

c.                   6.06

d.                  6.6


Q.46    5 / 6  +  6/7  x ?  - 8 / 9  ¸ 1 3/5  +  ¾  x  3 1/3  = 2  7/9


a.                   7 / 6

b.                  6 / 7

c.                   1

d.                  none of these


Q.47    1 / Ö9 - Ö8  is equal to


a.                   ½ (3-2Ö2)

b.                  1 / 3+ 2Ö2

c.                   (3-2Ö2)

d.                  (3+2Ö2)


Q.48    The least number by which 76 should be multiplied to make the result a perfect square is


a.                   9

b.                  8

c.                   19

d.                  11


Q.49    Find the cost of erecting a  fence around a square field of 9 hectares at 80 paise per metre


a.                   Rs.720

b.                  Rs.860

c.                   Rs.960

d.                  Rs.1100


Q.50    The marked price is 10% higher than the cost price.  A discount of 10% is offered   In this kind of sale the seller:


a.                   Bears no loss no gain

b.                  Gains 1%

c.                   Loses 10%

d.                  Loses 1%


Q.51    2 liters of water is added to 7 liters of 20% solution of alcohol in water.  The strength of alcohol is now:


a.                   15  5/9%

b.                  11 1/9 %

c.                   14 2/7 %

d.                  12 1/9%


Q.52    P is six times as large as q.  The percent q is less than p is


a.                   16  2/3

b.                  60

c.                   90

d.                  83  1/3


Q.53    The average salary of 15 workers in a office is Rs.3000 per month.  If the Manager’s salary is added, the average becomes Rs.4000 p.m.  The manager’s salary is


a.                   Rs.16000

b.                  Rs.20000

c.                   Rs.18000

d.                  Rs.19000


Q.54    The average age of an adult class is 39 years.  12 new students with an average age of 30 years Join the class, thereby decreasing the average age by 3 years.  The original strength of the class was


a.                   10

b.                  12

c.                   15

d.                  24


Q.55    The prices of a scooter and a TV set are in the ratio of 3:2 if a scooter costs Rs.14000 more than the TV set the price of the TV set is


a.                   Rs.15000

b.                  Rs.28000

c.                   Rs.30000

d.                  Rs.20000


Q.56    Gold is nineteen times as as heavy as water and copper 9 times as heavy as water.  The ratio in which these two metals be mixed so that the mixture is 15 times as heavy as water is


a.                   1:2

b.                  2:3

c.                   3:2

d.                  19:135


Q.57    A sum of Rs.86700 is to be divided among A, B & C in such a manner that for every rupee A gets one rupee B gets 90 paise and for every rupee that B gets, C gets 110 paise.  B’s share is


a.                   Rs.26010

b.                  Rs.27000

c.                   Rs.30000

d.                  None of these


Q.58    Rajan got Rs.6000 share out of in Total profit of Rs.10000 which he and Raju earned at the end of one year.  If  Rajan invests Rs.20000 for six months where as Raju  invested for whole year.  The amount Raju invested was.

  1. Rs.6000
  2. Rs.6600
  3. Rs.6666 2/3
  4. None of these

Q.59    A’s capital is equal to four times B’s Capital and B’s Capital is five times C’s Capital If total profit is Rs.26000 in one year, A gets.

  1. Rs.5000
  2. Rs.3000
  3. Rs.10000
  4. Rs.20000

Q.60    6 men working 5 hours a day can reap a field in 20 days.  In how many days 12 men The reap the field working 10 hours a day.

  1. 6 days
  2. 9 days
  3. 5 days
  4. 4 days

Q.61    A Contractor undertakes to do a job in 60 days.  He engages 50 men at the beginning  and 150 more after 40 days and completes the work in desired time.  If he had not engaged the additional manpower how many days behind schedule would work be finished.

  1. 40 days
  2. 50 days
  3. 20 days
  4. 30 days

Q.62    A, B and C together earns Rs.150 per day while A & C together earn Rs.94 & B&C together earn Rs.760.  The daily earning of C is

  1. Rs.56
  2. Rs.75
  3. Rs.34
  4. Rs.20

Q.63    A can do a price of work in 12 days.  B is 60% more efficient than A. the number of days, it takes B to do the same piece of work is.

  1. 7 ½
  2. 6 ¼
  3. 8
  4. 6

Q.64    A cistern is filled in 24 hours when two pipes are made to function simultaneously.  If one pipe fills the cistern in 12 hours faster than the other, the Second pipe fills the cistern in

  1. 25 hours
  2. 28 hours
  3. 40 hours
  4. 36 hours

Q.65    A cistern is normally filled in 8 hrs but takes 2 hours longer to fill because of a leak in its bottom.  If the cistems is full the leak will empty it in

  1. 16 hours
  2. 40 hrs
  3. 25 hrs
  4. 20 hrs

Q.66    A thief steals a car at 2 p.m. and drives at a speed of  40 km/hr.  The Theft is discovered at 2.30 p.m. and the owner sets off in another car at 50 km/hrs.  He will over take the thief at

  1. 3.30 pm
  2. 4 pm
  3. 5 pm
  4. 4.30 pm

Q.67    On a tour a man travels at the rate of 64 km/hr. for first 160km then travels next 160 km at the rate of 80 km/hr.  The average speed in km/hr. for the 1st 320 km of the tour is

  1. 36.55
  2. 71.11
  3. 36
  4. 72

Q.68    Two Trains 130 metres & 110 metres in length  are running towards each other on parallel lines.  One at the rate of  30 km per hour and other at 42 km per hour.  They will be clear of each other from the moment they meet in:-

a.                   12 sec.

b.                  16 sec.

c.                   10 sec.

d.                  18 sec


Q.69    The driver of a car driving at the 40 km/hr locates a bus 40 m ahead of him.  After 15 seconds the bus is 60 meters behind.  The speed of the bus is:-

a.                   15 km/hr

b.                  20 km/hr

c.                   16 km/hr

d.                  18 km/hr


Q.70    A boat goes 12 km upstream is 48 minutes.  The speed of stream is 2 km/hr.  the speed of boat in still water is


a.                   12 km/hr

b.                  17 km/hr

c.                   15 km/hr

d.                  16 km/hr


Q.71    A boat goes 30 km upstream in 6 hours and adistance of 25 km down stream in 5 hours. The speed of boat in still water is


a.                   4 km/hr

b.                  6 km/hr

c.                   5 km/hr

d.                  3 km/hr


Q.72    If an article is sold at a gain 5% instead of being sold at a loss of 5% one gets Rs.5 more.  The cost price of the article is


a.                   Rs.80

b.                  Rs.70

c.                   Rs.50

d.                  Rs.60


Q.73    A shopkeeper uses a false weighing balance while purchasing he deceives the seller by 10% and when selling he deceives the customer by 10%.  His gain percent is


a.                   30

b.                  20

c.                   25

d.                  21


Q.74    Some amount out of Rs.7000 was lent at 6% p.a. and the remaining at 4% p.a.  If the total simple interest from both the fractions in 5 years was Rs.1600 the sum lent at 6% was


a.                   Rs.2000

b.                  Rs.5000

c.                   Rs.3500

d.                  None of these


Q.75    At simple interest a sum doubles after 20 years.  The rate of interest per annum is :


a.                   5%

b.                  10%

c.                   20%

d.                  15%


Q.76    The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum at 5% for 2 years is Rs.1.50.  The sum is


a.                   Rs.600

b.                  Rs.500

c.                   Rs.400

d.                  Rs.300


Q.77    The length of rectangle is increased by 50% .  By what percentage would the width have to be decreased to maintain the same area?


a.                   37 ½ %

b.                  60%

c.                   75%

d.                  120%


Q.78    A metal sheet 27 long 8 cm broad and 1 cm thick is melted into a cube.  The difference between the surface areas of two solids will be:


a.                   284 cm2

b.                  296 cm2

c.                   286 cm2

d.                  300 cm2


Q.79    In a race of 400 meters A beats B by 40 m and in race of 500 meters B beats C by 50m.  A will beat C in a race of 300 meters by:


a.                   77 m

b.                  67 m

c.                   57 m

d.                  47 m


Q.80    An item costing Rs.200 is being sold at 10% loss.  If the price is further reduced by 5% the selling price will be


a.                   Rs.179

b.                  Rs.175

c.                   Rs.171

d.                  Rs.170


Q.81    If twice the age of Son is added to father’s age the sum is 60 years.  However if twice the age of father is added to Son’s age the sum is 90 years.  The age of the son is :

a.                   8 years

b.                  10 years

c.                   12 years

d.                  7 years


Q.82    3 KG of Sugar and one Kg of lentil cost Rs.75.  If the price of Sugar increases by 40% and lentil by 10%.  These would cost Rs.96.  The price of lentil per kg is:

a.                   Rs.20.0

b.                  Rs.22.0

c.                   Rs.24.0

d.                  Rs.30.00

Q.83    400 men took bath in a tank 60 m long 40 m broad.  The rise in water level, if average displacement of water per man is 3 m3 is

a.                   ½ m

b.                  1 m

c.                   2 m

d.                  1 ½ m


Q.84    A two digit number becomes 3/8 of itself when its digits are reversed.  The difference of digits is 5.  The number is

a.                   27

b.                  36

c.                   72

d.                  61


Q.85    The cost of paint is Rs.80 per kg and one kg of paint covers 24 square feet.  The cost of painting outside of a cube of 8 feet each side is rupees:-


a.                   880

b.                  980

c.                   1280

d.                  1380


Q.86    A person was employed at a salary of Rs.2000 per month with additional 16% commission on the monthly sale.  To earn Rs.10000 per month he should do a sale of rupees

a.                   50000

b.                  60000

c.                   70000

d.                  80000


Q.87    If 0.05% of a number is 60 so the 10% of that number is

a.                   120

b.                  180

c.                   8000

d.                  12000



Directions for (Q88 to 92) : One number in the series is missing.  Choose the correct number which will continue.  Some pattern


Q.88    0, 3, 9, 18, ? 45, 63

a.                   20

b.                  27

c.                   30

d.                  33

Q.89    7, 10 15, 18 23, 26 ?

a.                   27

b.                  31

c.                   29

d.                  28


Q.90    117, 100, 83, 66, ?

a.                   49

b.                  48

c.                   47

d.                  46


Q.91    5, 11, 18, 26, (?), 45

a.                   32

b.                  33

c.                   34

d.                  35


Q.92      2, 9, 16, 30, 44, (?) , 86


a.                   63

b.                  65

c.                   64

d.                  66


Q.93 to 102 :  Find the correct answer from given choices.


Q.93    In a certain language FRIEND is coded as FIRNED then CHOICE is coded as

a.                   CHIOEC

b.                  COHCIE

c.                   COHEIC

d.                  COHICE


Q.94    If we code SMALL as 34566 and GIVEN 12789 so the correct code for SAVE MEN is


a.                   3578489

b.                  3458849

c.                   4893578

d.                  3784589


Q.95    In case the code for 13570 is 22660 then the code for 24680 is

a.                   33770

b.                  33550

c.                   55330

d.                  77330


Q.96    In a coded language if 2356 is ABDE and 4798 is LOQP so 289645 is written as:


a.                   ABPQLD

b.                  APQELD

c.                   PQALED

d.                  AQPELD


Q.97    When Bicycle is known as moped and moped known as Jeep, Jeep is known as car, Car is known as tractor,  tractor is known as Bus and Bus is known as train, what is used to plough a field.

a.                   Bus

b.                  Tractor

c.                   Car

d.                  Jeep


Q.98    Ina  coded language ZIP CUN MOO means CONSUME GOOD FRUIT, HETH MOO FRUIT IS HEALTHY and WEB NICUN MIT DONOT BUY BAD SWEETS.  The word bad is indicated by

a.                   MIT

b.                  NICUM

c.                   WEB

d.                  MOO


Q.99    Five persons M, P, Q, R, S are sitting around a circular table.  R is between M & P, S is to the left of P Q is between M & S, between Q & P is


a.                   S

b.                  P

c.                   Q

d.                  M


Q.100  You want to go to city Railway station is to the west of the city.  On coming out of the Railway station there is crossing after 100 meters.  Road to the right ends in a blind wall and straight ahead is a picture hall,  The city is in the direction

a.                   North

b.                  South

c.                   East

d.                  West


Q.101  E+F means E is the son of F.  E x F means E is daughter of F and E-F means E is wife F for L+M-N which of the following is true.

a.                   N is wife of M

b.                  N is father of

c.                   L is Son  of

d.                  M is father of C


Q.102  If A-B *C-D which of the following is not true:

a.                   Dis husband of C

b.                  C is mother of B

c.                   A’ is wife of B

d.                  B is wife of A


Q.103  To Q 107, Consist, of a question & two Statements 1 & 2 Answer the question by using the data guidelines from (i) to (iv)

I.                    If statement 1 alone is sufficient to answer the question

II.                 If statement 2 alone is sufficient to answer the question

III.               Both statements 1 & 2 are sufficient to answer the question but neither alone is sufficient

IV.              If either statement is sufficient.

V.                 Both 1 & 2 are not sufficient to answer the question and additional data is required.


Q.103  The development project of a city is required to tackle issues like heath care, cleanliness, road repairs, drinking water schemes and poverty removal.

Conclusion.      1.         The slums expansion spoils the beauty of city environment.

2.         The development authorities are concerned with issues such as quality of life.

a.                   I

b.                  II

c.                   III

d.                  IV


Q.104  An additional power generation for 1000 MW would be created in KOTA thermal power station


Conclusion       1.         There is lot of demand on Kota Thermal Power Station.

                        2.         Kota Thermal power station has resources to expand capacity of that magnitude.

a.                   III

b.                  II

c.                   I

d.                  IV


Q.105  A state government is planning to set up a crime intelligence bureau to research and analyze the situation


Conclusion : 1. Law and order situation in the concerned state is extremely bad

2. Research & analysis can track the working pattern of criminals so also the changes in social economic areas which prompt and investigates criminal activities 


a.                   I

b.                  II

c.                   III

d.                  IV


Q.106  Leaders want their children to be leaders too


Conclusion 1. It is the best profession available in the country

2. They want that their children’s should enjoy the same status in the society as was being enjoyed by themselves.


a.                   V

b.                  II

c.                   III

d.                  IV

Q.107  The state lotteries were decided to be banned by the Central Government who is ready to enact legislation.


Conclusion       1.         The state govt. will like to have cooperation

                        2.         Tax collection will be affected


a.                   IV

b.                  III

c.                   V

d.                  I



Question 108 – 112 :  Decide about ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ arguments to answer the questions below which are followed by two arguments.


1.         If either 1 is strong (2) if 2 is strong (3) If either 1 or 2 is strong (4) If neither 1 nor 2 is strong (5) if both 1 and 2 are strong.


Q.108  Visually handicapped person be allowed to become a practicing doctor.


Argument         1.         Certainly not as the medical profession requires the visual skill to large extent

2.         Yes as a moral duty towards visually handicapped person


a.                   1

b.                  2

c.                   3

d.                  5




Q.109  In today’s changing social pattern the love marriages rather than the arranged ones are the best forms:


Argument:         1.         Yes provides better opportunity to find out whether they are made for each other

2.                  Certainly not as love marriages are based on dreams and emotions and subsequently result in failure.


a.                   2

b.                  3

c.                   4

d.                  5


Q.110  To add revenue we should tax rural rich.


Argument         1.         No. the Govt. should add resources from industrial growth

2.                  Certainly not as no political party will support


a.                   4

b.                  3

c.                   5

d.                  1


Q.111  For Hilly terrain the banking be promoted through NGO’s


Argument         1.         Yes. The women folk can contribute a lot

2.                  Yes.  In certain hilly states it has yielded good results.


a.                   1

b.                  2

c.                   5

d.                  3


Q.112  The Government must increase the number of vacancies as it has lowered the retirement age.


Argument         1.         Certainly not.  There is lot of surplus staff in various departments

2.                  Yes, to some extent the un-employment problem will be reduced


a.                   5

b.                  4

c.                   3

d.         2



Q.113  8, 64, (?), 5, 12, 1000

a.                   125

b.                  343

c.                   216

d.                  None


Q.114  121, 11, 100, 10, 81, 9, 64, (?)

a.                   8

b.                  9

c.                   7

d.                  11


Q.115  2, 7, 17, 37, (?)

a.                   47

b.                  77

c.                   57

d.                  67


Direction for (Q116 to 117) : Based on the following answer the questions


























Q.116  M=

a.                   39

b.                  45

c.                   53

d.                  59


Q.117  N=

a.                   162

b.                  221

c.                   190

d.                  241



Direction for (Q.118 – 119)  Study the graph of a motor car inoving at constant speed and answer the questions:-






























0          1                2                3                4





Q.118  How far did the car move in three hours

a.                   40 Kms.

b.                  45 Kms.

c.                   50 Kms.

d.                  60 Kms.


Q.119  How long did it take the car to cover 80 Kms

a.                   3 hours

b.                  3 ¾ hours

c.                   4 hours

d.                  3 ½ hours


Direction for (Q.120 – 125) Cubes of equal size is a wanged sa shown.  The block is dipped in to a pail of green paint So that only surfaces of the block get coloured.  Answer the following questions.




Q.120  How many cubes are there in total.

a.                   110

b.                  80

c.                   100

d.                  64


Q.121  Cubes with out only colour :-

a.                   12

b.                  16

c.                   8

d.                  6


Q.122  The number of cubes one face coloured

a.                   30

b.                  24

c.                   20

d.                  36


Q.123  Cubes coloured on two faces only.

a.                   28

b.                  24

c.                   30

d.                  26


Q.124  Cubes coloured on three faces only.

a.                   14

b.                  12

c.                   16

d.                  18


Q.125  Cubes coloured on four faces only.

a.                   4

b.                  2

c.                   6

d.                  None












Direction (for Q126 to 130 )  from the given diagram answer question.



Securities guarantee shy Govt.





Central Govt. Securities




State Govt. Securities



Social Sector (Plan)



Non Plan Social sector





Non Plan Social sector
















Private Sector










Q.126  The investment in private Sector is nearly_________ percent less than Govt. securities.

a.                   19.2 %

b.                  29.16 %

c.                   27 %

d.                  18.5 %


Q.127  The magnitude of angle COE is

a.                   120o

b.                  126o

c.                   135o

d.                  130o


Q.128  The investment in social sector (plan & non plan) is less than central & state Govt. securities by :-

a.                   70 crores

b.                  80 crores

c.                   50 crores

d.                  82 crores


Q.129  Of the total gross investment what is the angle covered by Non plan social sector?

a.                   20.25o

b.                  40o

c.                   45o

d.                  15o


Q.130  The ratio of social sector (plan) to state Govt. securities is :-

a.                   2.5 :1

b.                  3 : 1

c.                   2 : 1

d.                  4 : 1



Direction for (Q 131 to 135) : The financial results for the year 2002-03 and 2003-04 are tabulated below.  The questions must the answered leased on the given figures :


Rs in Crores


S. No.





Turn over




Other Income




Costal nationals








Profit before taxes

(1+2) – (3+4)




30 % of Gross Profit

28 % of Gross Profit


Net Profit





Q.131  Indicate the item 1-4 which has maximum percentage increase in 2003-04 over the previous years

a.                   Turnover

b.                  Cost of material

c.                   Other income

d.                  Salary


Q.132  What is the percentage increase the turn over is 2003-04 over the previous year

a.                   24.6 %

b.                  21 %

c.                   26.4 %

d.                  23 %


Q.133  Net profit is 2003-04 increased by________ percent over the previous year

a.                   98

b.                  116.4

c.                   79

d.                  85


Q.134  What is the percentage increase in salary in 2003-04 over the previous year

a.                   10

b.                  18

c.                   20

d.                  15.4


Q.135  How much tax was paid in 2004 in Rupees in crores.

a.                   12.16

b.                  12.8

c.                   14.5

d.                  16.0


Direction for (Q 136 to 140 ) Study the bar diagram and answer the questions.



Employes in a Scooter factory   Male                Female              






Q.136  In which year the difference between male & female employes was the maximum.

a.                   2002-2003

b.                  2001-2002

c.                   2000-01

d.                  2003-04


Q.137  Maximum number of female employees were is the year

a.                   2001-2002

b.                  1999-2000

c.                   2003-04

d.                  2000-01


Q.138  Minimum number of male employees were in the year

a.                   1999-2000

b.                  2003-04

c.                   2000-01

d.                  2001-2002


Q.139  Percentage increase in total man power in the year 2000-2001 from the previous year

a.                   12.3

b.                  18.4

c.                   15.4

d.                  10.8


Q.140  Percentage decrease in male employees the year 2001-02 from the year 1999-2000

a.                   28.5

b.                  23

c.                   30

d.                  18


Q.141  Malti is younger than Somu, Somu is older than Mahesh but not as old as Kapil Pinky is third in the age sequence.  Among the five who is the youngest.

a.                   Somu

b.                  Mahesh

c.                   Malti

d.                  None of these


Q.142  Some body asked, Roma who was walking with a boy, about her relationship with the boy.  Roma replied, “My maternal uncle and his maternal uncles maternal uncle are brothers.   The boy is ______ of Roma.

a.                   Grand son

b.                  Father in law

c.                   Son

d.                  Nephew


Q.143  Find the missing numbers












a.               P = 7; Q = 5; R =6

b.              P = 8; Q = 4; R =6

c.               P =5;  Q = 6; R =5

d.              P = 5; Q = 4; R =6



Ability for data inter pretation


Direction  (for Q144 to Q.148 ) Study the following table and answer the questions.


India’s Foreign Trade

(Rupees in crores )





Trade deficit































Q.144  Which of the following showed an increase every year ?

a.                   Export

b.                  Imports

c.                   Trade deficit

d.                  All


Q.145  Total trade deficit for last four years is

a.                   19164

b.                  16108

c.                   18275

d.                  17576


Q.146  Difference between imports and exports was maximum in the year?

a.                   2002-2003

b.                  2001-2002

c.                   1999-2000

d.                  2003-2004


Q.147  Percentage increase in exports was maximum in the year

a.                   2002-2003

b.                  2000-2001

c.                   2003-2004

d.                  1998-1999


Q.148  Percentage increase in export was minimum in the year

a.                   2002-2003

b.                  1997-1998

c.                   1999-2000

d.                  2001-2002

Direction (for Q149 to 153 )  from the given diagram answer question.



Securities guarantee shy Govt.





Central Govt. Securities




State Govt. Securities



Social Sector (Plan)



Non Plan Social sector





Non Plan Social sector
















Private Sector







Q.149  The investment in private Sector is nearly_________ percent less than Govt. securities.

a.                   19.2 %

b.                  29.16 %

c.                   27 %

d.                  18.5 %


Q.150  The magnitude of angle COE is

a.                   120o

b.                  126o

c.                   135o

d.                  130o


Q.151  The investment in social sector (plan & non plan) is less than central & state Govt. securities by :-

a.                   70 crores

b.                  80 crores

c.                   50 crores

d.                  82 crores


Q.152  Of the total gross investment what is the angle covered by Non plan social sector?

e.                   20.25o

f.                    40o

g.                   45o

h.                   15o


Q.153  The ratio of social sector (plan) to state Govt. securities is :-

e.                   2.5 :1

f.                    3 : 1

g.                   2 : 1

h.                   4 : 1



Direction for (Q 154 to 158) : The financial results for the year 2002-03 and 2003-04 are tabulated below.  The questions must the answered leased on the given figures :


Rs in Crores


S. No.





Turn over




Other Income




Costal nationals








Profit before taxes

(1+2) – (3+4)




30 % of Gross Profit

28 % of Gross Profit


Net Profit





Q.154  Indicate the item 1-4 which has maximum percentage increase in 2003-04 over the previous years

e.                   Turnover

f.                    Cost of material

g.                   Other income

h.                   Salary


Q.155  What is the percentage increase the turn over is 2003-04 over the previous year

e.                   24.6 %

f.                    21 %

g.                   26.4 %

h.                   23 %


Q.156  Net profit is 2003-04 increased by________ percent over the previous year

e.                   98

f.                    116.4

g.                   79

h.                   85


Q.157  What is the percentage increase in salary in 2003-04 over the previous year

e.                   10

f.                    18

g.                   20

h.                   15.4


Q.158  How much tax was paid in 2004 in Rupees in crores.

e.                   12.16

f.                    12.8

g.                   14.5

h.                   16.0


Direction for (Q 159 to 163 ) Study the bar diagram and answer the questions.



Employes in a Scooter factory   Male                Female              






Q.159  In which year the difference between male & female employes was the maximum.

e.                   2002-2003

f.                    2001-2002

g.                   2000-01

h.                   2003-04


Q.160  Maximum number of female employees were is the year

e.                   2001-2002

f.                    1999-2000

g.                   2003-04

h.                   2000-01


Q.161  Minimum number of male employees were in the year

e.                   1999-2000

f.                    2003-04

g.                   2000-01

h.                   2001-2002


Q.162  Percentage increase in total man power in the year 2000-2001 from the previous year

e.                   12.3

f.                    18.4

g.                   15.4

h.                   10.8


Q.163  Percentage decrease in male employees the year 2001-02 from the year 1999-2000

e.                   28.5

f.                    23

g.                   30

h.                   18
















Q.164  1.3 percent of Indians are always in:-

a.                   A. C. Cars

b.                  Trains

c.                   Aeroplanes

d.                  Ships


Q.165  Indian army’s operation ‘Sarpavinash’ is a against

a.                   Snakes

b.                  Black Money

c.                   Black Market

d.                  Terrorists


Q.166  Dodoma is a:-

a.                   Disease

b.                  An idiot

c.                   A city

d.                  A reptile


Q.167  Which of these means a ‘narrow escape’

a.                   Critical angle

b.                  Couch potato

c.                   Cloudnine

d.                  Close call


Q.168  ‘Personal effects’ are:-

a.                   Special effects on the screen;

b.                  Special effects on the stage

c.                   Persons employed in a firm

d.                  Personal belongings of an individual


Q.169  The minimum capital adequacy ratio (CAR) prescribed by RBI for banks:-

a.                   9%

b.                  8%

c.                   7%

d.                  6%


Q.170  Delhi Cinema hall where a fire killed 59 persons

a.                   Odeon

b.                  Uphar

c.                   Minerva

d.                  Jagat


Q.171  Known as the king of fruits’

a.                   Apple

b.                  Banana

c.                   Mango

d.                  Pear


Q.172  ‘Nineteen Eighty four’ was George Orwell’s novel:-

a.                   Only

b.                  Last

c.                   First

d.                  Second


Q.173  The longest running Indian film in a single theatre:-

a.                   Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam;

b.                  Dil se

c.                   Dil wale Dulhaniya le Jayenge

d.                  Ashoka


Q.174  Murders the king to gain the crown for himself:-

a.                   Macbeth

b.                  Lear

c.                   Othello

d.                  Hotspur


Q.175  The unit of frequency in cycles per second:-

a.                   The Hertz

b.                  Mega hertz

c.                   Kilohertz

d.                  None of these


Q.176  Founder of Pondicherry:-

a.                   Job Charnock

b.                  Francois Martin

c.                   Henry Okinden

d.                  Aurobinda Ghosh


Q.177  The number of Reliance Industries share holders:-

a.                   2.5 million

b.                  3 million

c.                   3.3 million

d.                  4 million


Q.178  The green Revolution began in:-

a.                   Mexico

b.                  Brazil

c.                   Nigeria

d.                  Germany


Q.179  The 16th century women saint and singer, married to Bhojraj, prince of Chittorgarh,

a.                   Ahalya bai

b.                  Mira bai

c.                   Kaushalya

d.                  None of these


Q.180  When we cut onions, our eyes:-

a.                   Ignite

b.                  Fire

c.                   Illuminate

d.                  Water


Q.181  The word applied to bees:-

a.                   Shoal

b.                  Herd

c.                   Swarm

d.                  Flock


Q.182  Composed mainly of cholesterol

a.                   Gallstones

b.                  Kidneys

c.                   Intestines

d.                  Finger joints


Q.183  Killer whales are: -

a.                   White   

b.                  Black

c.                   White above black below

d.                  Black above white below


Q.184  The largest commercial vehicle maker in India

a.                   Maruti Udyog

b.                  Tata Motors

c.                   Hidustan Motors

d.                  Premier Auto


Q.185  Harry potter and the phoenix Weighs 1kg.  The Book contains pages: -

a.                   600

b.                  700

c.                   768

d.                  800


Q.186  Eight percent of world’s polished diamonds pass through the hands of: -

a.                   Indian

b.                  Chinese

c.                   Jewish

d.                  Belgian


Q.187  Occupies one third of the surface of earth: -

a.                   Sahara desert

b.                  Africa

c.                   Pacific Ocean

d.                  Europe


Q.188  The Charles Dickens novel A take to two cities is about

a.                   London and New York

b.                  Manchester and New York

c.                   Montreal and Paris

d.                  London and Paris


Q.189  A curator is: -

a.                   A help to doctor

b.                  A help to nurse

c.                   In charge of a museum

d.                  None of these


Q.190  Cannot reproduce

a.                   Horse

b.                  Camel

c.                   Zebra

d.                  Mule


Q.191  What gives red colour to red sea

a.                   Copper

b.                  Beet root

c.                   Blood

d.                  Algae


Q.192  A ‘zero’ watt lamp is a lamp of

a.                   Zero watt

b.                  1-watt

c.                   5- watt

d.                  15 watt


Q.193  India’s total trade volume in dollars is

a.                   1500 billion

b.                  500 billion

c.                   100 billion

d.                  50 billion


Q.194  Means a ‘hand some man’

a.                   Diviner

b.                  Green man

c.                   Groom

d.                  Greek God


Q.195  India played their 1st test on June 25,1932 against: -

a.                   Australia

b.                  England

c.                   West Indies

d.                  South Africa


Q.196  A zoophiles

a.                   Loves animals

b.                  Hates animals

c.                   Eats animals

d.                  Eats birds


Q.197  Maxilla is the: -

a.                   Upper lip

b.                  Lower jaw

c.                   Upper jaw

d.                  Left ventricle


Q.198  World’s largest producer of mangoes

a.                   Africa

b.                  Mexico

c.                   Pakistan

d.                  India


Q.199  The number of Indian states through which the equator passes: -

a.                   2

b.                  3

c.                   4

d.                  None


Q.200  The Indian state with the largest number of public sector units

a.                   Kerala

b.                  Bihar

c.                   Madhya Pradesh

d.                  Maharashtra






Q.181  Who said, “ The world has enough for every body’s need but not enough for everybody’s greed?

a.                   Mahatma Gandhi

b.                  Lal Bbahadur Shastri

c.                   Dr. Rajendra Prasad

d.                  Jawahar lal Nehru


Q.182  The Three primary colours are: -

a.                   Red, Yellow, blue

b.                  Blue, green, Orange

c.                   Red, green, blue

d.                  Green, yellow, blue


Q.183  The place famous for its animal fair: -

a.                   Jaipur

b.                  Agra

c.                   Meerut

d.                  Sonepur