Direction (for Q1-5).  Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the at the end of the passage.


            When Nelson Mandela was released, he was told by some to get even for the monumental wrong that was done to him but he refused to be swayed by hatred.  He said he had already been a physical prisoner of his opponents for long and did not wish to live the rest of his life as their emotional captive.  Mr. Mandela under stood that to project anger outward, one must burn internally and that to commit violence upon other, one must first turn violent upon the self.  Burning the holder before its enemy, the fire of anger can consume the source before its adversary.  Today if we want to learn to conquer our baser emotions we need to learn from the   examples of people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther king, who forged their choices within heat of life’s most tempestuous battles. 


Q.1      ‘To get even for’ means

a.                   Tit for tat

b.                  To take revenge

c.                   To agree to

d.                  To listen to


Q.2      ‘Swayed by hatred means

a.                   Full of hatred

b.                  Full of love

c.                   Carried away by hatred

d.                  Carried away be love


Q.3      ‘Emotional captive       

a.                   To carry on with the thoughts

b.                  Not to think about

c.                   Be merciful

d.                  To forgive


Q.4      ‘Fire of anger’

a.                   Commits violence

b.                  Drives the point home

c.                   Brings peace

d.                  Consumes the source


Q.5      ‘Learn to Conquer’

a.                   The enemy

b.                  Baser emotions

c.                   Our needs

d.                  None


Directions for (Q6 to 10) : Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end of the passage.

In ‘The Nokia Revolution, Dan Steinback explores the growth and evolution of Nokia from a Small Finnish Company to a global conglomerate.  He suggests that the success of the company is due to the following reasons.


i.          Bold Strategic intent.  Nokia boldly rushes forward to seize new opportunities and products and does not debate and agonize over first mover strategies.


ii.                   Innovation through value chain.  Nokia brings in innovation into every thing it does, be it technology or marketing.  This approach has helped the company grow and gain a large market share in a short period.

iii.                  Flat organization.  Nokia Shunned hierarchies and bureaucracies and became a process organization by adopting IT throughout the company.

iv.                 Collective leadership.  The company does not rely on any one single person to provide leadership.   Instead it has an executive board where each member with specialized skill brings something unique to the board which helps refine this company’s strategy.

v.                   Customer satisfaction.  The most important factor contributing to Nokia’s success is its willingness to listen to customers and focus all its activities on customer satisfaction.  The facts is apparent in its strategy, structure, resource allocation, as well as its products and services

Q.6.          The central idea conveyed in the above passage is

a.       Success can be achieved by various means

b.      How a small company can become a global player?

c.       How growth can be explored?

d.      A company can adopt strategies to move ahead

Q.7.          The flat organization means

a.       Headless organization

b.      More hierarchy and bureaucracy

c.       No hierarchy and no bureaucracy

d.      None

Q.8.          The approach which helped the company to gain a large market share

a.       Seize new opportunities

b.      No leader

c.       Innovation through value chain

d.      More hierarchy

Q.9.          The idea of collective leadership is:

a.       Do not trust any single person

b.      A leader becomes a dictator

c.       One person cannot control many technical persons

d.      Each member contributes unique ideas based on his specialized skills

Q.10.      Customers satisfaction lies in

a.       Providing cheaper goods

b.      Supply the customer the quality products

c.       Listen to customers and focus activities accordingly

d.      Give importance to customers

Direction (for Q.11 to Q.15):  Given below is a capital letter word followed by four words or phrases a to d select the word most nearly OPPOSITE to that word.

Q.11.      FAKE

a.       Fictitious

b.      Genuine

c.       Counterfeit

d.      Fraudulent

Q.12.      PUBLIC

a.       Common

b.      Private

c.       Impersonal

d.      Personal

Q.13.      STRONG

a.       Stout

b.      Furious

c.       Frail

d.      Tough

Q.14.      Death

a.       Birth

b.      Rebirth

c.       Anniversary

d.      Decay

Q.15.      PERIPHERY

a.       Center

b.      Taught

c.       Chord

d.      Circumference


Direction (for Q 16 to 20).  The capital word below is followed by four words lettered a to d.  Choose the word phrase that nearly describes the meaning as the capital word.

Q.16.      INSOLENT

a.       Bankrupt

b.      Haughty

c.       Brutal

d.      Naughty

Q.17.      STALEMATE

a.       Impasse

b.      Not possible

c.       Fightout

d.      Difficulty

Q.18.      CLEAR

a.       Precise

b.      Refined

c.       Explicit

d.      Transparent

Q.19.      DESERVING

a.       Not required

b.      Insincere

c.       Worthy

d.      Honest

Q.20.      CELESTIAL

a.       Selective

b.      Heavenly

c.       Excellent

d.      Silken


Direction (Q.21 to Q.25) : Choose from among the alternatives given the one which will be a substitute for the following expressions.

Q.21.      In case I am late you will not be put out

a.       Irritated

b.      Pleased

c.       Harmed

d.      Worried

Q.22.      A state of doubt and perplexity

a.       Quandary

b.      Despair

c.       Confusion

d.      Fix

Q.23.      Notwith standing the efforts of all peace loving people, peace in the world is still a far cry

a.       Not possible

b.      A long way off

c.       Not practical

d.      Out of reach

Q.24.      Skillful handling of a situation

a.       Agility

b.      Finesse

c.       Dexterity

d.      Ability

Q.25.      The state finance is likely to run into rough weather

a.       Create serious problems

b.      Face difficulties

c.       Worse matters

d.      Make things difficult to happen




Direction (Q26 to 30 )  Fill in the blanks in each of the following sentences with the best possible alternatives.


Q.26    The high court had ordered for the _______ of a head station officer for his ________behaviour with a lady employee.

a.                   Prosecution, indecent

b.                  Prison gentlemanly

c.                   Transfer, exemplary

d.                  Character, rude


Q.27    The productive forces give rise_________ and determine the relations________ productions.

a.                   In, at

b.                  To, of

c.                   From, to

d.                  Among, between


Q.28    The________ of resorts had also contributed to the destruction process______

a.                   Vaguely, spread

b.                  Cluttering, excessively

c.                   Proliferation, considerably

d.                  Echo, aggressive


Q.29    There was an________ in the board meeting such_________ scenes have become usual.

a.                   Noise, bad

b.                  Uproar, unruly

c.                   Violent, coercive

d.                  Echo, aggressive


Q.30    The Dean of the institute carried out his decisions with a _____ hand and _____ three students.

a.                   Clear, removed

b.                  Heavy, punished

c.                   Speed, bent

d.                  High, rusticated



Direction (for Q 31 to Q 35 ) Select one word from a, b, c, d for the phrases given below:-


Q.31    That which is contrary to law

a.                   Not lawful

b.                  Lawless

c.                   Illegal

d.                  Lawful


Q.32    Trees which lose their leaves annually

a.                   Deciduous

b.                  Cognito

c.                   Patriate 

d.                  Shedding


Q.33    That which is a government by officials

a.                   Official Govt.

b.                  Govt. office

c.                   Secular

d.                  Bureaucracy


Q.34    The science of colours

a.                   Politics

b.                  Chromatics

c.                   Colourful

d.                  Watermark


Q.35    That which is conferred as an honour

a.                   Peremial

b.                  Honourable

c.                   Honorary

d.         Autocracy




Direction (for Q36 to Q40) only one word is correctly spelt.  Choose that word from a, b, c, d given below.



(a)  Controversial

(b)               Busines

(c)                Benifit

(d)               Conferrence



(a)                Corelate

(b)               Cancellation 

(c)                Crisiss

(d)               Curtious



(a)                Adhasive

(b)               Acording

(c)                Acessible

(d)               Antique



(a)                Ambiguous

(b)               Aleviate

(c)                Compain

(d)               Counterfete



(a)                Chasam

(b)               Ceutnary

(c)                Campain

(d)               Cafteria


Q.41    The ratio between two numbers is 3:4 and their sum is 420.  The greater of the two numbers is

  1. 175
  2. 200
  3. 240
  4. 315

Q.42    A positive number when decreased by 4 is equal to 21 times the reciprocal of the number.  The number is

  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 7
  4. 9

Q.43    Which of the following is in the ascending order


a.   5       7      9

      7       8     11

b.   5       9      7

            7       11      8

c.   7       5      9

            8       7      11

d.   9       7      5

            11       8      7


Q.44    The least multiple of 7 which leaves a remainder 3 when divided by 6, 9, 15 is?

  1. 93
  2. 273
  3. 186
  4. 372




a.         35



b.         63


c.         18



d.         None of these


Q.46    How many 1/8 ‘s are there in 37 ½


  1. 300
  2. 400
  3. 500
  4. Cannot be determined



Q.47    The length of diagonal of a Square is 6 cm. One length of its side of the square is

  1. 3 cm
  2. 4 cm
  3. 4.23 cm
  4. None of these

Q.48    =   ?



  1. 432
  2. 192
  3. 288
  4. 122

Q.49    A General Manger of a steel plant wants to draw up his 62513 men in the form of a solid square, found that he had 13 men extra.  Find the number of men in the front row

  1. 180
  2. 250
  3. 280
  4. 340

Q.50    A man spends 80% of his income.  His income is increased by 25% and he increased his expenditure by 15%. Find the percentage increase in his savings

  1. 45%
  2. 54%
  3. 65%
  4. 70%

Q.51    In an election a candidate secures 30% of the votes but is defeated by a margin of 288 votes.  The total number of votes recorded were:

  1. 980
  2. 640
  3. 720
  4. 840

Q.52    If the base of a Rectangle is increased by 10% and the area is unchanged then its corresponding attitude must be decreased by:

  1. 11 1/9 %
  2. 9 1/9 %
  3. 11%
  4. 10%

Q.53    A cricketer scored 180 runs in the first test and 258 runs in the second.  How many runs he should score in the Third test so that his average score in the Three tests would be 250 runs?

  1. 334
  2. 312
  3. 242
  4. 340




Q.54    The average temperature of first Three days is 270C and of the next 3 days is 300 C if the average of the whole week is 280C.  The temperature of the last day is:-

  1. 30.50
  2. 250
  3. 280
  4. 320

Q.55    A certain amount was divided between Ram and Kailash in the ratio of 4:3 of Kailash’s share was Rs.2400 the amount is rupees:-

  1. 5600
  2. 3200
  3. 9600
  4. None of these

Q.56    A bag contains Rs.108 in the form of rupee, 50 Paise and 10 Paise coins in the ratio 3:4:10 The number of 10 paise coins is

  1. 90
  2. 80
  3. 180
  4. 260



Q.57    In what ratio must 30% alcohol be mixed with 60% alcohol, to get a mixture of 40% alcohol strength.

  1. 2:1
  2. 1:2
  3. 2:3
  4. 3:2

Q.58    A, B and C enter into a partnership by making investment in the ratio of 3:5:7 After a year C invests another Rs.337600 where as A withdraws Rs.45600. The ratio of investments then changes to 24:59:167.  How much did A invest initially?

  1. Rs.45600
  2. Rs.96000
  3. Rs.141600
  4. None of these

Q.59    A & B enter in partner ship investing Rs.6000 and Rs.8000 respectively.  After 8 months C joins the business with a capital of Rs.10000.  The share of C in a profit of 62000 after 2 years will lee.

  1. Rs.15000
  2. Rs.18000
  3. Rs.20000
  4. Rs.24000

Q.60    It 18 cows eat that much as 15 buffaloes, how many cows will eat that much as 40 buffaloes?

  1. 30
  2. 40
  3. 48
  4. 54





Q.61    A rope makes of rounds of the circumference of a cylinder whose radius of the base is 7 cm.  How many times it can go round a cylinder with radius 35 cm?

  1. 10
  2. 12
  3. 15
  4. 14

Q.62    A sum of money is sufficient to pay A’s wages for 18 days or B’s wages for 9 days.  The money is sufficient to pay the wages of both for:

  1. 9 days
  2. 8 days
  3. 6 days
  4. 5 days

Q.63    12 men can complete the work with in 9 days.  After 3 days they started the work, 6 men joined them to replace 2 men.  How many days will they take to complete the remaining work?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 4 ½

Q.64    A tap can fill the tank in 20 minutes & another can empty it in 10 minutes.  If the tank is already half full and both the taps are opened together the tank will be

  1. Filled in 10 minutes
  2. Emptied in 10 minutes
  3. Filled in 12 minutes
  4. Emptied in 12 minutes

Q.65    Two pipes can fill the tank in 6 hours and 10 hours respectively.  Both together can fill it in

  1. 5 hours
  2. 6 hours
  3. 3 ¾ hours
  4. 4 hours

Q.66    A train covers a distance in 50 minutes if it runs at a speed of 48 km/hr on an average.  The train must run at a speed to reduce the journey time by 40 minutes:-

  1. 50 km/hr
  2. 55 km/hr
  3. 60 km/hr
  4. 70 km/hr

Q.67    Ram travels at the rate of 3 km/hr & he reaches 15 minutes late.  If he travels at the rate of 4 km/hr he reaches 15 minutes earlier.  The distance Ram has to travel is:-

  1. 1 km
  2. 6 km
  3. 7 km
  4. 12 km




Q.68    A man sitting in the train which is traveling at the speed of 60 Km/Hr. observers that it takes 9 seconds for another train traveling in opposite direction to pass him.  If the length of the other train is 185 metres its speed is


a.                   74 Km/hr

b.                  70 km/hr

c.                   14 km/hr

d.                  24 km/hr

Q.69    A train traveling at 54 km/hr takes 10 seconds to pass a telegraph pole.  How long will it take to cross a platform 60 metres long:-


a.                   21 sec

b.                  25 sec

c.                   24 sec

d.                  14 sec

Q.70    A man can row 4 km/hr in still water.  If the river is running at 2.5 km/hr it takes him 2 hours to row to a place and back.  The place is


a.                   1  9/32 km

b.                  1  7/32 km

c.                   1  5/32 km

d.                  1  3/32 km


Q.71    A boat travels upstream from B to A and down stream from A to B in 3 hours.  If the speed of boat in still water is 9 km / hr and the speed of current is 3 km/hr.  The distance between A & B in km is


a.                   4

b.                  6

c.                   8

d.                  12


Q.72    When the price of TV was increased by 10%, its sales decreased by 10%.  The effect on money receipt was:


a.                   5.5%

b.                  6.5%

c.                   7.5%

d.                  7 %


Q.73    A person bought an article and sold it at a loss of 10%.  Had he bought it for 20% less and sold it for Rs.55 more, he would have had a profit of 40%.  The cost price of the article is


a.                   Rs.200

b.                  Rs.225

c.                   Rs.250

d.                  Rs.300





Q.74    Kantilal mixes 80 kg of sugar worth Rs.14 per kg with 120 kg worth of Rs.12 per kg.  At what rate shall he sell the mixture to gain 20%


a.                   Rs.16

b.                  Rs.15

c.                   Rs.15.36

d.                  Rs.16.36


Q.75    The simple interest on a sum of money will be Rs.600 after 10 years.  If the principle is trebled after 5 years the total interest at the end of 10 years will be


a.                   Rs.600

b.                  Rs.900

c.                   Rs.1200

d.                  Data inadequate


Q.76    The simple interest on a sum of money for 2 years is Rs.80 and the compound intt. on the same sum at the same rate for the same time   is Rs.84.  The rate of interest is


a.                   12%

b.                  10%

c.                   8%

d.                  6%


Q.77    A man walked 20 m to cross a rectangular field diagonally.  If the length of the field is 16m  the breadth of field is


a.                   4 m

b.                  16 m

c.                   12 m

d.                  14 m


Q.78    A right cylindrical vessel is full with water.  How many right cones having same diameter and height as those of right cylinder will be needed to store that water


a.                   2

b.                  3

c.                   4

d.                  5


Q.79    Three men A, B, and C walk round a circle 2000 metres in circumference at a rate of 150 metres, 100 metres and 50 metres per minute.  If they all start together and walk in the same direction, when will they be finish together again.


a.                   50 minutes

b.                  55 minutes

c.                   40 minutes

d.                  30 minutes


Q.80    A reduction of 20% in price of mangoes enables a person to purchase 12 more for Rs.15.  The price of 16 mangoes before reduction was:


a.                   Rs.5

b.                  Rs.6

c.                   Rs.7

d.                  Rs.9


Section 3


Ability for Data Analysis & Interpretation

Directions Study the following table and answer the Questions 81 to 85

Production of Aircrafts



















































Q.81 The production of aircrafts in 2003 is approximately how many times the production in 2000


a.                   0.9

b.                  1.5

c.                   1.36

d.                  2


Q.82    In which year type IV aircrafts register highest production to the total production of the year


a.                   2000

b.                  2003

c.                   2001

d.                  2002


Q.83 For which type of air crafts there was a steady increase in production over the given years.


a.                   1

b.                  III

c.                   IV

d.                  II


Q.84    In which of the following years was there a maximum increase is production of type IV aircrafts as compared to previous years?

a.                   1998

b.                  2001

c.                   2003

d.                  2000

Q.85    What was the percentage increase in the production of all types of aircraft together from the year 1998 to the year 2003

a.                   36  4/11%

b.                  40%

c.                   70%

d.                  108 1/3%

Question  86 to 88 are based on the following data.  The food production of India during 1960 to 1990 was as follows:-

            Year                 Food production ( in million tons )

            1960                80

            1960                82.25

            1970                85.00

            1975                110.00

            1980                115.00

            1985                117.50

            1990                120.00


Q.86    During which period the increase was the lowest in terms of percentage.

a.                   1960-65

b.                  1970-75

c.                   1980-85

d.                  1985-90

Q.87    During  which five year period was the % age increase in food production the second highest ?

a.                   70-75

b.                  65-70

c.                   75-80

d.                  80-85


Q.88    In which year did the food production cross one hundred & twelve million tons mark assuming uniform increase in yearly production in the relevant five year period.

a.                   1976

b.                  1977

c.                   1978

d.                  1979


Direction : Question 89 to 92 are based on the data speed of train over a 4 hour period


Time period (in minutes)








Speed of train (in km.p.h.)









Q.89    How fast was the train running 2 hours after the beginning of the timed period?

a.                   40 kmph

b.                  50 kmph

c.                   60 kmph

d.                  70 kmph


Q.90    During the four hour period shown in the table the speed of the train has increased by


a.                   166 2/3 %

b.                  266 2/3%

c.                   300%

d.                  248%


Q.91    At times ‘X’ minutes after the beginning of time period which of the following gives the speed of the train as per the table ?

a.                   x/3

b.                  20x

c.                   20+x

d.                  20+x/3


Q.92 Find the speed of the train in 6 hours after the beginning of the timed period if the speed is as per the table


a.                   80

b.                  90

c.                   100

d.                  110


Question 93 to 95 are based on the following table.  Annual premium and installment payment per Rs.5000 in ordinary life insurance at age 20 through 25.



Annual Premium

Rs. Ps.

Half Yearly Installments

Rs. Ps.

Quarterly Installment

Rs. Ps.






























Q.93 How much will a 23 year old person save over a period of 4 years on a policy premium of Rs.10,000 / by paying half yearly premium rather than paying quarterly?


a.                   Rs.3.40

b.                  Rs.6.85

c.                   Rs.13.70

d.                  Rs.27.40


Q.94 A obtains a policy of Rs.15000 at the age of 20 and after a year B at the age of 21 buys a similar policy.  When they reach the age of 24 years and pay the premium for that year,  how much more did A pay on life insurance than B?  Considering both pay annual premium.


a.                   Rs.140

b.                  Rs.150

c.                   Rs.190.80

d.                  Rs.217.20


Q.95 If half yearly installments for Rs.5000 policy at the age of 24 is represented by X, the annual premium may be represented by


a.                   2(x-1)

b.                  2x-1.80

c.                   2x-2

d.                  2x – 2.20


Directions :  Q. 96 to 100 study the following table  and answer the questions


ZORA Corporation

            Crores of Rupees


Total Turnover


Net Profit






















Q.96  Which years shows the increase in all the three parameters simultaneously i.e Turnover, gross profit and net profit as compared to previous years


a.                   2000

b.                  2003

c.                   2001

d.                  both 2002 and 2003



Q.97 The net profit of 2000 is approximately what percentage of total turnover in 2001?

a.                   10.9

b.                  11.8

c.                   12.1

d.                  13.21


Q.98 The percent increase in gross profit was the largest in which year as compared to the previous year.


a.                   2000

b.                  2002

c.                   2001

d.                  2003


Q.99 The total turnover in 2000 is a approx what percent of the total turnover in the year 1999.


a.                   75

b.                  90

c.                   117

d.                  125


Q.100 In which year the difference between in total turnover and the gross profit is the least?


a.                   2001

b.                  2000

c.                   2002

d.                  1999


Direction (Q.101 – 105) Study the following table and answer the questions.


Investment of Provident Fund (indifferent, areas) (in Crores of rupees)




Social Sectors (Plan)


Social Sector (non plan)


Private Sector


Central Govt. Securities


State Govt. Securities


Securities Guaranteed by Govt.



Q.101  The percentage of gross investment in state Govt. Securities is nearly

a.                   8.7%

b.                  10.2%

c.                   12%

d.                  14.65%


Q.102 The investment in social sectors (plans and non plan) is what percent more or less than the investment in Govt. securities (central & states)?


a.                   More, 68%

b.                  Less, 68.1%

c.                   More, 58%

d.                  Less, 58%


Q.103 The investment in social sector (plan) is what percent more than the investment in (non plan) sector


a.                   218

b.                  318

c.                   418

d.                  none of these


Q.104 The investment in private sector is more by what percentage than the investment in securities guaranteed by govt.


a.                   158 1/3%

b.                  169%

c.                   215%

d.                  241 2/3%


Q.105  What is the difference between the investments in private sector and the state govt. securities


a.                   Rs.60 crores

b.                  Rs.40 crores

c.                   Rs.30 crores

d.                  Rs.60 crores


Direction : Study the following table and answer the following questions.


PVC sheets in metres produced by four workers on six consecutive day in a chemical plants.








































Q.106 Which workers production shows the highest increase in Wednesday over his production on Tuesday?


a.                   IV

b.                  III

c.                   I

d.                  II


Q.107  On Thursday the production of worker I  was approx what percent of the production of Worker II?


a.                   74

b.                  64

c.                   54

d.                  68


Q.108  On which day did the production of worker III show the highest increase over his production on the preceding day?


a.                   Friday

b.                  Tuesday

c.                   Saturday

d.                  Thursday


Q.109  What was the approx percent increase of all  the workers together from Wednesday to Saturday?


a.                   31

b.                  28

c.                   19

d.                  25


Q.110  Which worker produced the least on Monday?


a.                   IV

b.                  III

c.                   I

d.                  II


Q. 111 – Q. 115)  Study the bar diagram and answer the questions

















VIII            IX              X                XI             XII

















Q.111  In which standard is the difference between the results of boys and girls maximum.

a.                   XI

b.                  X

c.                   VIII

d.                  XII


Q.112  In which standard is the result of boys less than 8% of the average result of the girls

a.                   XI

b.                  X

c.                   IX

d.                  VIII


Q.113  In which standard the result of girls is the least as compared to the boys.

a.                   VIII

b.                  X

c.                   XII

d.                  XI


Q.114  In which standard the result of the girls is maximum than the average result of the boys for the school.

a.                   X

b.                  XII

c.                   XI

d.                  None of these


Q.115  In which standard the failure of girls is the maximum.

a.                   X

b.                  XI

c.                   IX

d.                  XII


Question 116 to 120 are based on the following



Mortgages 56%





Bonds 30%

Cash in hand

Stocks 6%

Other assets 4%








Q.116  What is the approximate angle of the sector representing mortgage –

a.                   56

b.                  110

c.                   160

d.                  202


Q.117  What percentage of the amount of cash in hand is the money invested in stocks.

a.                   2

b.                  36

c.                   150

d.                  21.6


Q.118  The annual rate of interest on other assets is 5% If the total assets are Rs50 cores the annual income from other assets is

a.                   Rs25000000

b.                  Rs9500000

c.                   Rs650000

d.                  Rs1000000


Q.119  What is the approx angle of sector representing bonds?

a.                   108

b.                  60

c.                   75

d.                  30


Q.120  The approx angle of  sector representing stocks, cash in hand and other assets is:-

a.         40

b.                  50.4

c.                   58.2

d.                  72


Section 4  Reasoning and General intelligence Directions (Question 121 – 128 )

Find out the missing  number :-


Q.121  5 ; 8 ; 13 ;………….29

a.                   17

b.                  16

c.                   18

d.                  23


Q.122  6 ……….13, 20, 33, 53

a.                   10

b.                  15

c.                   11

d.                  7


Q.123  126; 84; 112; 102……..120; 84

a.                   118

b.                  108

c.                   130

d.                  98


Q.124  2; 3; 8; 12 ……….

a.                   24

b.                  16

c.                   13

d.                  32


Q.125  1; 1; 2; 4; 5; 15; 6

a.                   16

b.                  25

c.                   20

d.                  24


Q.126  6; ……….; 15; 24; 39; 63

a.                   7

b.                  8

c.                   9

d.                  10


Q.127  3; 5; 11 ……….43; 85; 171

a.                   13

b.                  17

c.                   21

d.                  25


Q.128  2; 3; ……; 23; 67; 159

a.         5

b.                  11

c.                   7

d.                  9


Direction  In Question 129 to 133 four out of five pairs of numbers have similar relation ship but one is different so find odd-one out.



a.                   5 : 33

b.                  1 : 2

c.                   2 : 15

d.                  4 : 25



a.                   1 : 3

b.                  4 : 21

c.                   3 : 17

d.                  6 : 29



a.                   1 : 1

b.                  11 : 6

c.                   25 : 13

d.                  15 : 8



a.                   2 : 11

b.                  4 : 63

c.                   3 : 27

d.                  2 : 2



a.                   11 : 14

b.                  11 : 23

c.                   3 : 7

d.                  8 : 21


In Question 134 to 135 select the one letter group that does not belong to the category of the other three groups.



a.                   Power

b.                  Thousand

c.                   Paper

d.                  Force



a.                   Trust

b.                  Responsible

c.                   Cap

d.         Mistrust           



Direction  Question 136 to 140 based on the following information answer the questions.


1.         Six persons namely A, B, C, D, E, F are seated around a square table two each on two sides and one each on other two sides

2.         There are two lady members and they are not seated next to each other.

3.         C is between B & D

4.         F is between E & B

5.         E a lady member is second to left of B

6.         F a male member is seated opposite C a lady member


Q.136  The two lady members are

a.                   B and D

b.                  E & C

c.                   E & F

d.                  B and C


Q.137  The following which one is true about A

a.                   A is a male member

b.                  A is a female member

c.                   Position of A is not known

d.                  A’s position cannot be determined.


Q.138  Who is seated between C & F

a.                   A

b.                  D

c.                   E

d.                  B


Q.139  Is in the immediate left of E

a.                   F

b.                  D

c.                   A

d.                  C


Q.140  How many persons are seated between A & B

a.                   One

b.                  Two

c.                   Three

d.                  Four


Q.141  ‘Hard Disc’ is known for computer as ‘bulb’ is related to

a.                   Capacitor

b.                  Current

c.                   Filament

d.                  Tube


Q.142  ‘Prison’ is related to Jailor as ‘flower’ is Related to

a.                   Odour

b.                  Fragrance

c.                   Scent

d.                  Fowl small


Q.143  ‘Flame’ is related to ‘fire’ as ‘sound’ is related to

a.                   Music

b.                  Mountain

c.                   Stone

d.                  Earth


Q.144  ‘Minute’ is related to ‘second’ as ‘Secondary’ is related to

a.                   Tertiary

b.                  Intermediate

c.                   Primary

d.                  None of these


Q.145  ‘Snow’ is related to ‘mountains’ as ‘water’ is related to

a.                   Animal

b.                  Human Being

c.                   Debris 

d.                  Sea


Q.146  ‘Money’ is related to ‘Bank’ as ‘Milk’ is related to

a.                   Butter

b.                  Cheese

c.                   Cow

d.                  Ghee


Q.147  N QMO related to JKMV as THKJ is related to

a.                   Y N K Q

b.                  B M K U

c.                   P B K Q

d.                  C M K N


Q.148  R N L H  is related to USIE as KOJH

a.                   NTGE

b.                  HJMM

c.                   HREK

d.                  PSMK


Q.149  C G J M is related to A E H K as Y T O Z

a.                   W R M X

b.                  A V Q B

c.                   V Q L W

d.                  X R N Y


Q.150  B G K P  is related to E J H M as W T L F

a.                   T Q I C

b.                  V S K E

c.                   Z W I C

d.                  U R J D


Q.151  Roma is daughter of Ramesh.  Remesh’s Mother is Devi Kamla is Devi’s mother.  Ram Babu is Kamla’s husband.


Roma is related Ram Babu as:

a.                   Great Grand son’s daughter

b.                  Rambabu is Roma’s father

c.                   Roma is Ram Babu’s great grand daughter

d.                  Grand daughter


Q.152  Number of letters skipped in between adjacent letters in series decreased by two.  This rule is observed by

a.                   A W Q K

b.                  P N K G

c.                   U R O K

d.                  C Z U N


Q.153  Eight volumes are placed side by side in a shelf and are labeled as  P Q R S T U V W.  New volumes are P R T U and rest are old ones.  Q S T V have yellow cover while others brown cover. PQRS are physics journal and rest are chemistry reports.  Old two physics journal volume having yellow cover are :-

a.                   V W

b.                  Q S

c.                   T U

d.                  P U


Q.154  At one particular crossing the traffic light changes after every 40 seconds but at the next crossing the light changes after 80 seconds.  At a certain time the lights change together.  These lights will change together again after.

a.                   160 Seconds

b.                  40 Seconds

c.                   80 Seconds

d.                  180 Seconds


Q.155  ‘P is Q’s mother ‘R’ is Q’s sister.  ‘S’ is R’s father.  ‘B’ is S’s father. P is related to B as


a.                   Daughter

b.                  Grand daughter

c.                   Daughter in law

d.                  Grand father


Q.156  Write the missing number


6          5          4

14        7          8

160      ?          48


a.                   16

b.                  24

c.                   32

d.                  40


Q.157  Given below the statement followed by two conclusions i.e. I and II.  Assume everything in the statement to be true.  Considering the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows from the information given.


(1)  If only conclusion I follows (2) if only conclusion II  follows (3) if either I or II follows (4) if neither I nor II follows (5) if both I & II follow


Statements        :           The state Govt deferred its decision to levy a power development cess on power consumption


Conclusion 1.The state govt. had apprehension that cost of production will be higher consequently more electricity tarrif

Conclusion 2.The state govt. feared that power producing companies will burden the consumers by passing on the higher cost.


Q.158  Some important policy parameters is being framed to administer the free trade zones (FTZs) especially on labour disputes.


Conclusion  1.  The present Judicial delays in dealing with workers disputes appears to be a major hurdle in setting up Free Trade Zones.


Conclusion  2. Some structure for the exporters is being worked out to hire labour on seasonal basis.


Q.159  Statement.  The work to rule has been hitting the tooth paste industry despite the efforts by all concerned in terms of loss of revenue and scarcity of the commodity.


Conclusion1     People can go without tooth paste for many days

Conclusion 2  There is a lot of results in the industry to cover the losses. 


Q.160 Statement:  Because of poor individual performance of the skipper in the world cup,


Conclusion 1. He hit out at few ex-cricketers cum now columnists by pointing out them to be jealous of him.-x

Conclusion 2.  The ex-cricketers indicated how the game from outside looked good.


Q.161  Air contains major portion of


a.                   Argon

b.                  Carbon dioxide

c.                   Oxygen

d.                  Nitrogen


Q162   A sick industry has


a.                   The profit after meeting the expenses less than normal

b.                  No internal surplus on a continuing basis

c.                   Sufficient cash flow with regard to its revenue commitment

d.                  The tendency to draw more by cheques rather than cash


Q.163  Isotopes are defined as atoms with the same


a.                   Atomic mass but different atomic number

b.                  Atomic number but different atomic mass

c.                   Number of neutrons but different number of protons

d.                  None of these


Q.164  India’s Forest’s cover area is:-


a.        19.89%

b.                  40.09%

c.                   29.03%

d.                  9.19%


Q.165  Known as ‘The father of the cellular phone:-

a.                   Bill Gate

b.                  Sam Pitroda

c.                   Martin Cooper

d.                  None of them


Q.166  Bangladesh before independence was known as:-

a.                   West Pakistan

b.                  East Pakistan

c.                   East Bengal

d.                  West Bengal


Q.167  The word ‘atom’ is derived from Greek’s ‘atomos’ and it means:-

a.                   Cute

b.                  Tiny

c.                   Sustainable

d.                  Indivisible


Q.168  Japanese ‘Kimono’ is worn by:-

a.                   Only men

b.                  Only women

c.                   Only children

d.                  Men & women


Q.169  SIM in mobile stands for:-

a.                   Subscriber’s identification mark

b.                  Subscriber’s information

c.                   Subscriber’s information module

d.                  Subscriber’s indication module


Q.170  One largest number of Buddhist live in:-

a.                   China

b.                  Japan

c.                   Thailand

d.                  Srilanka


Q.171  The largest number of Christians live in:-

a.                   Italy

b.                  U.S.A

c.                   U K

d.                  Philipines


Q.172  In the British house of common the first women elected was:-

a.                   Nancy Drew

b.                  Nancy Astor

c.                   Margaret Thatcher

d.                  Dorothy Parker


Q.173  Skoda is:-

a.                   A river

b.                  A star

c.                   An automaker

d.                  An athlete


Q.174  The state of India known as ‘God’s own country:-

a.                   Goa

b.                  Karnataka

c.                   Kerala

d.                  J & K


Q.175  The Genes in human D N A:-

a.                   30000

b.                  13000

c.                   3333

d.                  3000


Q.176  The meaning of ‘sine die’ is:-

a.   Until death

b.   Since death

c.   From the beginning

d.   For an in definite period


Q.177  One tetra flop means:-

a.                   4 million operation per second

b.                  40 million operations per second

c.                   4 million operations per second

d.                  One trillion operations per second


Q.178  India’s 1st info.  Highway, superposed on the National Informatics center network was dedicated to nation on:-  

  1. Jan 26, 1994
  2. April, 13, 1994
  3. Sept., 20, 1994
  4. Dec. 25, 1994


Q.179       Known as “ Mother of Indian revolution”:-

a.                   Indira Gandhi

b.                  Madam Bhikajicama

c.                   Sarojani Naidu

d.                  Najma Haptullah


Q.180  The distance between Mumbai & Kochi reduced by konkan railway is:-

a.                   ½

b.                  ¼

c.                   1/3

d.                  1/5


Q.181  The colour of envy is:-

a.                   Green

b.                  Red

c.                   Blue

d.                  Yellow


Q.182  Percentage of women employees in the central Govt. is:-

a.                   9.8

b.                  8.5

c.                   10

d.                  7.5


Q.183  Orissa’s Olive Ridley, often in news is a

a.                   Bird

b.                  Snake

c.                   Pearl

d.                  Turtle


Q.184  India’s first nuclear test at pokhran in 1974 was done on:-

a.                   Republic day

b.                  Buddha purnima

c.                   Independence day

d.                  Gandhi Jyanthi


Q.185  Quinine, effective for malaria treatment is obtained from the tree part:-

a.                   Roots

b.                  Leaves

c.                   Bark

d.                  Flowers


Q.186  The women MPs in Lok Sabha in 1996 were

a.                   13

b.                  39

c.                   70

d.                  139


Q.187  Number of climbers have scaled mount Everest so far:-

a.                   Over 11000

b.                  100

c.                   500

d.                  1300


Q.188  The first Indian actor to be on the International Jury of Cannes film festival:-

a.                   Big B

b.                  Amir Khan

c.                   Aishwarya Rai

d.                  None of them


Q.189  An easily won victory is a:-

a.                   Walk out

b.                  Walk about

c.                   Walk over

d.                  None


Q.190  Bleeder is another name for a:-

a.                   Murderer

b.                  Weaver

c.                   Joiner

d.                  Hemophiliac


Q.191  A transponder:-

a.                   Moves goods

b.                  Transmits signals

c.                    Cuts costs

d.                  Changes a substance in to another


Q.192  One nautical mile is:-

a.                   6080 feet

b.                  3 km

c.                   3004 feet

d.                  1.1 km


Q.193  One moon in its last granter is:-

a.                   Old moon

b.                  Waxing crescent

c.                   New moon

d.                  Waxing gibbons


Q.194  The one who is insured is:-

a.                   Insurant

b.                  Premier

c.                   Insurer

d.                  None


Q.195  The top three book publishing countries:-

a.                   UK, Japan, USA

b.                  Germany, Russia, UK

c.                   India, UK, USA

d.                  India, Russia, Japan


Q.196  A unicycle has:-

a.                   No wheels

b.                  Is a cycle for three

c.                   Is a one wheeled Vehicle

d.                  None


Q.197  World’s population, which lives on less than two dollars a day:-

a.                   1/10

b.                  ¼

c.                   ½

d.                  1/3


Q.198  The making of a statues is:-

a.                   Statuary

b.                  Statuette

c.                   Stature

d.                  Statuesque


Q.199  Intuitive power is

a.                   Third eyelid

b.                  Fourth estate

c.                   Sixth Sense

d.                  Fifth column


Q.200  GCMMF is better known as:-

a.                   Aarey

b.                  Anand

c.                   Kwatily

d.                  Amul