Direction for (Q 1- 5 )    Read the following passage and answer the questions ;


            Communication is an art. The way of communication is more important than what is being communicated. In other words “ The medium is the message.” From the time we learnt to speak and write we can say that  there have been two major milestones (a) printing of books and (b) present day electronic medium i.e. electronic revolution . As compared to books where learning is a step-wise process, electronic medium such as computer , television etc covers a wide range of knowledge in less time with least storage space. There has been a complete change of perception, co-ordination and presentation of data in this age of computer technology. The most important feature of present technology is the level of interaction which is simultaneous and comprehensive in different fields of knowledge. This brings us to the point of conflict between the two technologies which separate the otherwise educated from computer knowledgeable. Keeping in view the concept of global village it can be expected that the people will co-operate for the common good of human-race rather than break into different opinion forming communities having divergent views on communication medium.


Q1        In communication the importance is attached to;  


(a)      What is being communicated?

(b)        How it is being communicated ?

(c)      Who is communicating ?

(d)       When it is communicated.


  Q 2       Two major milestones on communications are;


(a)      Speaking and writing.

(b)      What is being spoken and written.

(c)      Book printing and electronic medium

(d)         None of the above.


    Q3      Step-wise learning process means   


(a)       There are many steps to learn

(b)      Reading –understanding and analyzing.

(c)       Process where understanding is good.

(d)      One takes long time to learn .


      Q 4         The electronic revolution is ;


(a)          Communication by electronic medium is fast and multifarious which resulted in time and space.

(b)          Making our lives comfortable.

(c)          Changing our perception, co-ordination and presentation.

(d)          None of these.


      Q5          “Conflict  between two technologies “.  Which are the two technologies;


(a)              Printing of books and non printing of books

(b)              Old technology and modern technology

(c)              Electronic and book printing

(d)              Global village technology and printing machines.


    Directions for (Q  6-10)    Study the following passage and answer the questions given at the end of the passage.


Everyday a large number of advertisements are carried on in media such as news paper, magazine and television etc. The failure rate of ads is quite high as it fails to catch our attention, consequently  it leads  to wastage of sponsor’s  money and efforts.  On the other hand the growing competition demands more advertising activities. Larger advertising budget outlays  are due to the rising costs of media. This brings us to the point of  optimizing the advertising outlays which puts the demand on professional approach to plan and manage advertising the product .This challenge thus results in more creativity ,growth and promotion of products through advertisement ,which is undertaken by ad. agency, an independent business organization to develop, prepare and put ads in advertising media for sellers seeking to find buyers for their products and services.  



Q 6.         Ad .  medias are


(a)              Books

(b)              News papers, magazines  and television

(c)              Regional fortnightly  journals

(d)              Monthly magazines.


   Q7                 Failure   of ads  is due to


                (a)      Bad   ads.

                (b)     Big ads.

                 (c)     failure to   catch  customer’s  attention

                 (d)    Non - printing of ads in news papers  


        Q 8.         competition demands ;


(a)                            No    ads.

(b)                            Less  ads

(c)                            More ads

(d)                            None of these



Q 9.           Larger budget outlays  are due to


(a)          More and more ads

(b)          Larger ads

(c)          Poor  planning

(d)          Rising costs of media.


Q 10           Central theme of the passage is


(a)    More competition in the market.

(b)   Sponsors must have larger budget outlays.

(c)    Professional approach to plan and manage advertising.

(d)   Ad agency must put more advertisements in the media.


Directions for (Q  11 –15  ) .Choose the correct alternative for the idiom


   Q  11          Gift of the gab.


(a)            Singing talent

(b)            Writing talent

(c)            Painting  talent

(d)            Fluency of speech.


Q 12               Scot free.


(a)    Free from punishment

(b)   Free from taxes

(c)    Exempt from payment

(d)   Free from work.


 Q 13    Put one’s foot in  


(a)      Make a mistake

(b)      Insist on something

(c)      Do something bad.

(d)      Perform well.


Q 14       Tooth and nail


(a)     Using tooth and nails

(b)    Using unfair means

(c)      Full strength

(d)     as best as possible.


Q 15            To face the music


(a)      To listen music

(b)      To get entertained

(c)      Face punishment 

(d)      To face reprimand



  Directions for ( Q16—20 ) Select the lettered pair that best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


Q  16           Request    ;    Command


             (a)    agree       ;     oppose

             (b)  amiss       ;         save

              (c)   hurt         ;        aid  

              (d)   rely        ;     descry 


Q   17         Smoke      ;      Fire


                 (a)     climb       ;     cry


                 (b)     gossip      ;     exaggeration


                  (c)     boy         ;       brother   

                  (d)     cat          ;        chat  


Q  18           Salient      ;    Prominent


                 (a)      romantic    ;    strong 

                 (b)     reproof       ;     scold

                  (c)      respite      ;     spite   

                  (d)       chastise    ;    erring


 Q 19          Destination          ;     Traveller


                    (a)      peace     ;      war 

                    (b)     flight      ;     escape 

                    (c)     accident      ;    injury 

                    (d)    asylum      ;     refugee


Q20             Authentic      ;       Genuine

                    (a)          pragmatic     ;     realistic 

                    (b)        pray            ;       worship

                    (c)       lie             ;        lay

                    (d)       storm         ;    burst  .



Directions  for  (Q21—25  )  Fill in the blanks


Q 21    The palace which was once -----   has now been reduced to -------


                    (a)  grand ;   emptiness

                    (b)  magnificent   ;   rubble

                    (c)  populated      ;    ruins  

                    (d)  inhabited     ;     ruins


 Q22      When work pressure is great ----------the frequency of committing mistakes is  more.

(a)     frequency

(b)     probability

(c)     liability

(d)     periodicity


 Q 23       As  the ---------of the interview  drew nearer, Ramesh  became increasingly--------.

                    (a)  time  ;  confident

                    (b) day      ;     sober

                    (c)    hour  ;  restive  

                    (d)  hour  ;  eager 

Q24        His rise  in his profession   is solely due to his-----------efforts to be creative  and innovative.


(a)    meteoric

(b)   digressive

(c)    unexpected

(d)   unusual


Q25         The remark was  ----- and only added ----------to fire.

(a)    Casual, flame

(b)   impertinent  ;  fuel

(c)    sarcastic  ;  intensity

(d)   unintentional  ;  breeze.




Q142. In certain code CERTAIN    is written as  ECTRIAAD, how will MANGOES  be written in the same code,


(a)        AMGNOEAI  (b)  AMGNEOAI  (c)  AMGNEOIT  (d)  AMGNEOAB


Q 143  In certain codeBLACK is written as CMBDL  how will CAUTION be written in the same code.


   (a)  DBVUJPQ   (b)  DBUVJLO   (c) DBUVJPO   (d)   DBVUJPM


Q144     In  certain code  JAIPUR   is written as   FWELQN how will DELHI  be


 written in the same code.  


(a)  ABIEF      (b)  ZAHDE      (c)     ZBGDE    (d)   YCEFE


Q145    In certain code   PREVIOUS  IS WRITTEWN   as   XZMC QWCA   how POSITION  will be written in the same code.


(a)  XWA QBQWV    (b)   XWA PBPWV    (c)   XWARBRWV  (d)   XWAQBQ XW.


Direction for (Q128—132)  Study the following information to answer the questions.


       Afactory has  four workers of varying efficiencies . The workers are   A,B,C& D.


(I)                 C  is four  times as efficient as A

(II)              B  is  1/3  as efficient as  C 

(III)            D  is 4/5  as efficient  as  A


Q  128    Find  out the  worker  who will take  minimum time/days to finish the given work   when working alone? 


     (a)   C       (b)  D     (c)    A     (d)    B 


Q129      Who will  take maximum days to complete the work ?


      (a)  A    (b)    C    (c)    D      (d)     B     


Q130      Which of the following   represents the descending order  of efficiency of           workers ?   


(a)     ABCD    (b)  BACD      (c)       CABD    (d)    CBAD   


Q131      Which pair gives  maximum combined efficiency ? 


(a)    AD       (b)   BC       (c)    AC       (d)     CD    


Q132      The least efficiency of combined three workers 


    (a)       ABD      (b)     ABC      (c)      BCD        (d)      ACD  


Direction for (Q  133—136)    Refer to data below 


Q133     If   A=27   ,  D=39  ,  C=36   , and   B=32   so   F=? 


      (a)     46      (b)    41     (c)   42      (d)    29  


Q134  Find the missing letters with correct alternative. 


                         dcb-  -bad  b—c


(a)  bcca      (b)  acad    (c)  abcd     (c)  ccda 


Q135           aa-c     bbc-   ccd-   dda- 


 (a)    bdab         (b) cdab       (c)    bddb      (d)    ccda     


Q136          aaa-     bbb-   ccc-   ddd- 


  (a)   badd       (b)  bcde        (c)  acbd     (d)   adbc  


Direction for (Q 137—141)   Find out the missing number


Q 137          3, 7, 13, (?)  , 31,  43


(a)   15      (b)  17    (c)   21     (d)   23  


Q  138       2,  (?),   16,   23,   30  


(a)      5       (b)    9      (c)      11      (d)   14  


Q 139       2,  7,  17,  37,  (?)  , 157


 (a)    47      (b)   57      (c)    67       (d)    77 


Q  140      1;1 ,  2;6  ,  5;20  , 6;30 ,    7;(?)


(a)     35       (b)     25        (c)    30      (d)   36    


Q 141       1,   5,    17,    53,    (?) ,    485   


(a)    131        (b)     141      (c)     161       (d)    181




 Q  121     There are 12 members in a joint family and in successive generations the number of total members doubles. The name  of each member is listed in the family book .After how many generations the total enlisted  persons are   3 x 213 - 12  ?


    (a)    14        (b)    16        (c)      12       (d)      11


Q  122     In case Jupiter takes 13 years to go round the earth once and Saturn takes 30 years , what is the time interval between two conjunctions of  Jupiter and Saturn  in the Zodiac at the same location.


(a)    130 years    (b)      390   years    (c)    250  years    (d)    260  years.


    Direction  for (Q123—127)    Each of the following questions have two statements(i)and (ii). Use the data  given in (i) &(ii) together with available  information (such as the number of hours in a day , definition of clockwise, mathematical facts etc to find out whether the statements  are sufficient to answer the question. Then mark the question as ;


  I       If statement (i) alone is sufficient to answer the question  but statement (ii) alone is not sufficient.


  II      If statement (ii) alone is sufficient to answer the question but statement (i)  alone is not sufficient


  III    If both the statements (i) & (ii)  together  are sufficient but neither statement alone  is  sufficient to answer the question..


  IV     If neither statement (i) alone nor (ii) alone is sufficient to answer the question.


         All numbers used are real numbers.


Q  123   If a pipe 5 feet long  is cut into three smaller pieces ,how long is the longest of three  pieces ;


(i)                  One pipe is 2 feet 7 inches long.


(ii)                One pipe is 7 inches longer than the other pipe and the third  pipe is 5 inches long.


       (a)    I            (b)      IV       (c)        III      (d)     III

Q124      Refer to the following  figure.








If    PR is the diameter of the circle and PRS is a straight line then what is the value of  A


  (i) QP=QR            (ii)    A=2B


(a)      I        (b)      III          (c)    II           (d)          IV


Q  125       What is the value of  P ?


(i)                   Q+2P  =  6


(ii)    P2  -  2P  +1  =0


  (a)   IV          (b)  I            (c)  III             (d)  II


Q  126      If two pipes  A & B, empty into a water tank  and pipe A can fill the tank in 1 hour  by itself then how long will it take for pipes A  &  B together to fill the tank.


(i)         Pipe   B can fill the tank on its own in 2/3 hour


 (ii)       Pipe has larger  crossectional area    than pipe A


(a)    III           (b)  IV             (c)    I             (d)    II



  Q  127         If    X    is an integer then    X   is divisible by 12


(i)                  X  is divisible by 4

(ii)                X  is divisible by 3


(a)   IV             (b)  III             (c)  II         (d)   I




Direction (for Q.36 to Q.40)  Only one Word is correctly spelt choose that word from a, b, c, d given below.


Q.36    (a)  Irreparable             (b) Intelectual  

            (c)  Incedently (d)  Ediosyncracy 


Q.37    (a)  Grandur                 (b)  Insistant

            (c)  Installation  (d)  Inetial


Q.38    (a)  Janvery                  (b)  Intermittent

            (c)  Jornal                     (d)  lritable


Q.39    (a)  Griefe                     (b)  Judgment

            (c)  Intarnal                   (d)  Inveterate


Q.40    (a)  Communicate         (b)  Incorigible

            (c)  I luminate               (d)  Fedral




a.                   Beneficial

b.                  Valuable

c.                   Impoverished

d.                  Excellent


Q.39    LAUNCH (O)

a.                   Offset

b.                  Desert

c.                   Initiate

d.                  Ship


Q.40    CONTENT (S)

a.                   Constituent

b.                  Part

c.                   Material

d.                  Satisfied


Q.41    SCALE (S)

a.                   Balance

b.                  Ruler

c.                   Number

d.                  Indication


Q.42    FIELD (S)

a.                   Garden

b.                  Park

c.                   Pasture

d.                  Area



Q.37    SEVERELY (O)

a.                   Intensely

b.                  Slightly

c.                   Normally

d.                  Minutely


Q.31    One act of Spying

a.                   Blasphemy

b.                  Espionage

c.                   Anarchy

d.                  Detection


Q.32    The Study of stars

a.                   Astronomy

b.                  Astrology

c.                   Aphonia

d.                  Cosmos


Q.33    That which is everlasting

a.                   Never ending

b.                  Endless

c.                   Perennial

d.                  Infirmly


Q.34    That which is no longer in use

a.                   Useless

b.                  Worth less

c.                   Obsolete

d.                  Useful


 Q.35   To restrain by force

a.                   Forceful

b.                  Coerce

c.                   Force ably

d.                  Unwilling



Direction (for Q36 to Q40) only one word is correctly spelt.  Choose that from a, b, c, d given below


Q.36    (a) Genral                     (b) Gazatte

            (c) Gaiety                     (d) Galery


Q.37    (a) Equipped                (b) Entred

            (c) Harased                  (d) Hiden


Q.38    (a) Quarell                    (b) Qorum

            (c) Pattient                    (d) Partial


Q.39    (a) Pursuit                     (b) Pallatial

            (c) Murmer                   (d) Jelous


Q.11    OFFSET (O)

a.                   Appreciate

b.                  Damage

c.                   Facilitate

d.                  Imbalance



a.                   Intellectual

b.                  Rational

c.                   Physical

d.                  Emotional



a.                   Justification

b.                  Revolution

c.                   Proliferation

d.                  Mitigation


Q.14    PANACEA (S)

a.                   Helpful

b.                  Remedy

c.                   Description

d.                  Prescription



a.                   Concern

b.                  Advocacy

c.                   Anger

d.                  Loneliness  


Q.16    NAÏVE (O)

a.                   Reliable

b.                  Unsophisticated

c.                   Sophisticated

d.                  Real


Q.17    Apocryphal (O)

a.                   Fake

b.                  Spurious

c.                   Apex

d.                  Genuine



a.                   Inharmonious

b.                  Harmonies

c.                   Contradictory

d.                  Lenient



a.                   Collective opinion

b.                  Consent

c.                   Permission

d.                  Sympathy



a.                   Brightness

b.                  illuminating 

c.                   Transparency     

d.                  Invisible



a.                   Stuffed

b.                  Remedial

c.                   Casual

d.                  Complicatory


Q.22    BRAZEN (S)

a.                   Modest

b.                  Shameless

c.                   Urbane

d.                  Lunacy



a.                   Translate

b.                  Move

c.                   Cleanse

d.                  Moderate


Q.24    PROGENY (S)

a.                   Follower

b.                  Stick

c.                   Off spring

d.                  Admirer


Q.25    CLOAKED (O)

a.                   Concealed

b.                  Guised

c.                   Cooled

d.                  Declared


Q.26    LAMENT (O)

a.                   Cheered  

b.                  Cried

c.                   Roared

d.                  Regretted



a.                   Approval

b.                  Harmony

c.                   Limited

d.                  Agreement



a.                   Out of phase

b.                  Out of shape

c.                   With ease

d.                  With out difficulty



a.                   Appear promptly

b.                  Put together

c.                   Obtain easily

d.                  Behave honesty


Q.30    LIST (O)

a.                   Lie flat

b.                  Be upright

c.                   Sway to & fro

d.                  Slide backward



a.                   Head strong

b.                  Logy

c.                   Irritating

d.                  Ruth less



a.                   Gratitude

b.                  Generosity

c.                   Loyally

d.                  Tack


Q.33    ABUSING (S)

a.                   ill treating

b.                  Cusing

c.                   Accusing

d.                  Beating


Q.34    CONFRONT (S)

a.                   Face

b.                  Oppose

c.                   Tolerate

d.                  Fall



a.                   Delicate

b.                  Insecure

c.                   Risky

d.                  Promising


Q.36    UNSTABLE (O)

a.                   Confine

b.                  Steady

c.                   Changing

d.                  Shaky

Q.1      To measure the speed of wind we use

a.       Barometer

b.      Thermometer

c.       Anemometer

d.      Hygrometer


Q.2      Bulls & Bears are associated with

a.       Banking

b.      Foreign Trade

c.       Stock Exchange market

d.      Insurance


Q.3      The function of World Bank is to

a.                   Control World wide foreign exchange

b.                  Give aid to developing countries

c.                   Operate banks in different countries

d.                  Provide industrial finance


Q.4      One of the following pairs maestro & the instruments .  They play is NOT CORRECT,  which one:

a.                   ShivKumar Sharma – Santoor

b.                  Zakir Hussain – Tabla

c.                   Hari Prasad Chaurasia – Sitar

d.                  Bismillah Khan – Shenai


Q.5      TRP in TV Ads stands for

a.                  TV Rating Points

b.                  TV Recall percentage

c.                  TV Rating percentage

d.                  None


Q.6      The Regulatory Authority for mutual Funds and stock market is

a.                   Govt of India

b.                  Stock Exchange

c.                   Reserve Bank of India

d.                  Securities and Exchange Board of India


Q.7      Currency of Japan is

a.       Baht

b.      Taka

c.       Yen

d.      Yuan


Q.8      Cow milk is rich source of

a.       Vitamin D

b.      Vitamin C

c.       Vitamin A

d.      Vitamin B


Q.9      The Green Revolution increased the production of food grain by

a.                   having high value crops

b.                  using multiple cropping

c.                   increasing the cultivated area

d.                  enhancing the yield of existing available land


Q.10    Magasaysay award is named after the President of the Country _____?

a.                   China

b.                  Burma

c.                   Philippines

d.                  Canada


Q.11    Maximum Foreign Exchange for India is earned by

a.                   Coffee

b.                  Tea

c.                   Spices

d.                  Cashew


Q.12    Duration of Zero Hour in Lok Sabha is for

a.                   One hour

b.                  Half an hour

c.                   One quarter of an hour

d.                  Unlimited time


Q.13    Rupee’s exchange value is determined with reference to

a.                   The British Pound

b.                  US Dollar

c.                   Currencies of a few countries

d.                  European Dollar


Q.14    Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea is connected by

a.                   English Canal

b.                  Black Sea

c.                   Panama Canal

d.                  Suez Canal


Q.15    Blood Vessels which bring back blood to heart are known as

a.                   Coronary arteries

b.                  Pulmonary veins

c.                   Veins

d.                  Pulmonary arteries


Q.16    On the retina of the eye the image formed is

a.                   Real and enlarged

b.                  Real and inverted

c.                   Real and upright

d.                  Virtual & upright


Q.17    So called a socialist economy is which

a.                   encourages freedom of initiatives

b.                  has government controls

c.                   is profits oriented

d.                  encourages private ownership


Q.18    Maximum Foreign Exchange by India is spent on import of

a.                   Heavy machinery

b.                  Electronics

c.                   Edible oil

d.                  Oil and petroleum products


Q.19    World’s one fourth mineral deposit in India is

a.                   Copper

b.                  Iron

c.                   Gold

d.                  Mica


Q.20    WTO is helping in

a.                   Trading with communist countries

b.                  Trading with developing countries

c.                   Trading with Socialist countries

d.                  None


Q.21    For artificial ripening of  fruits the gas used is

a.                   Ethane

b.                  Oxygen

c.                   Ethylene

d.                  Carbondioxide


Q.22    One millionth of a metre is

a.                   decron

b.                  centron

c.                   micron

d.                  none


Q.23    SDR is related to:

a.                   WTO

b.                  IMF

c.                   WorldBank

d.                  Asian Development Bank


Q.24    “Apiculture” means

a.                   Rearing of honey bees

b.                  Rearing of sheep

c.                   Green house agriculture

d.                  Rearing of fish



Q.38    What claims more lives than aids and malaria taken together:

a.                   Heart a attacks

b.                  Cancer

c.                   T.B.

d.                  Kidney failures


Q.39    The Abel prize is given to:

a.                   Mathematicians

b.                  Animators

c.                   Magicians

d.                  Anthropologists



Q.47    Battle fatigue is: -

a.                   A kind of air craft

b.                  Woman soldier’s uniform

c.                   Clothes worn by manual worker

d.                  A nervous disorder


Q.48    The Company that offered 7.2crores shares to the public in June 03.

a.                   Reliance

b.                  Tata group

c.                   Maruti Udyog

d.                  L & T


Q.49    Which of these is not in Amritsar: -

a.                   Jalian wala bagh

b.                  Nekchand’s Rock garden

c.                   Golden Temple

d.                  Durgiana Temple


Q.50    Tom-Tom is a

a.                   Pillar

b.                  Truck

c.                   Drum

d.                  Boat


Q.51    Red is a colour believed to be used to depict: -

a.                   Sorrow

b.                  Love

c.                   Pity

d.                  Anger


Q.52    The home of the 2nd largest entertainment industry in the world.

a.                   India

b.                  USA

c.                   UK

d.                  Japan


Q.53    ‘P.C.’ in pharmacy means: -

a.                   Before a meal

b.                  During a meal

c.                   After a meal

d.                  None


Q.54    Mahejabeen a great Hindi film star, we know her as

a.                   Nargis

b.                  Meena Kumari

c.                   Madhubala

d.                  Vijayanti Mala


Q.55    The first to get Bharat Ratna: -

a.                   Morarji Desai

b.                  Indira Gandhi

c.                   Mother Teresa

d.                  None


Q.56    Syces

a.                   Groom horses

b.                  Wear silver

c.                   Eat, no food

d.                  Learn science        


Q.57    ‘In the family way’ means

a.                   Rich

b.                  Familiar

c.                   Like a family

d.                  Pregnant


Q.58    Vaastu, the Sanskrit word means: -

a.                   Sky

b.                  Air

c.                   Earth

d.                  Water


Q.59    The most expensive Indian spice

a.                   Turmeric

b.                  Saffron

c.                   Corriander

d.                  None


Q.60    The Nobel peace prize is given in: -

a.                   Oslo

b.                  Bonn

c.                   Helsinki

d.                  Stockholm

Quantitative Aptitude


Q.15    There is a gathering and friends shake hands with each other so there are total 66 hand shakes.  How many friends are there in the gathering

a.                   10

b.                  11

c.                   12

d.                  13


Q.16    Two taps C & D can fill the tank in 15 minutes and 20 minutes and tap can empty the full tank in 30 minutes.  All the taps CD & E were kept open for 3 minutes and then tap E was closed.  How many minutes more did it take to till the tank?

a.                   7 6/7

b.                  6

c.                   7

d.                  8 3/5


Q.17    A man saves 20% of his monthly income every month.  His income during the 1st month was Rs.10000 which increases by Rs.500 every month.  How much does he save in one year.

a.                   Rs.30000

b.                  Rs.28000

c.                   Rs.24000

d.                  Rs.30600


Q.18    A polygon has 90 diagonals. Find its number of sides

a.                   20

b.                  25

c.                   15

d.                  10


Q.19    Sunil repays his loan by paying Rs.8000 in the 1st month and further repays 60% of the payment made in previous month until he repays total loan.  What is the amount of Loan taken by Sunil.

a.                   15000

b.                  Rs.20000

c.                   Rs.18600

d.                  Rs.18800


Q.20    Take a cube of volume 512 m3 and keep a cylinder on the cube and then keep alone on the cylinder in such a way that the cone covers the whole top area of cylinder and the cylinder covers the maximum surface area of the side it is standing.  Find the total height of the structure if the volume of cylinder is 704 m3 and that of the cone is 352 m3.

a.                   25.6 m

b.                  27 m

c.                   39 m

d.                  43.5 m


Q.21    What is the approximate value of the following expression


13.81 + 4.19 + ? = 6.85 x 6.99


a.                   25

b.                  27

c.                   28

d.                  30


Q.22    Find the missing fraction


6 2/3 + 3 1/12 + 3 ¼ + ? = 13 1/13


a.                   5 1/3

b.                  7/13

c.                   3/13

d.                  none


Q.23    If 7b + 5 = 9b2 – r = 5b + 2 1/3 find the value of r


a.                   20 1/3

b.                  12

c.                   13 2/3

d.                  none


Q.11    The ratio between the present ages of Ram and Ramesh is 3:5 but after 7 years it will be 2:3, the present age of Ramesh is:-

a.                   27 years

b.                  35 years

c.                   30 years

d.                  24 years


Q.12    Three-fifth of twenty percent of one- third of a number is 20.  18 percent of that number is:-

a.                   60

b.                  70

c.                   80

d.                  90


Q.13    3 Tables and 5 Chairs cost Rs17300.  so the cost of twelve tables and twenty chairs is :-

a.                   Rs.75000

b.                  Rs.69200

c.                   Rs.51900

d.                  Rs.61000


Q.14    The price of 330 pens is Rs 3762.  The approximate value of 57 such pens is:-

a.                   Rs.480

b.                  Rs.550

c.                   Rs.650

d.                  Rs.800


Q.15    The perimeter of a rectangle.  In case the breadth of rectangle is gnarl to base of triangle so the length of rectangle is:- 

a.                   Data inadequate

b.                  12 cm

c.                   16 cm

d.                  24 cm


Q.16    Babloo purchased 25 kg of rice at the rate of Rs.28.50 per kg and 40 kg of rice at the rate of Rs.34.0 per kg and mixed two.  He sold the mixture and earned 20 percent profit.  The rate at which he sold the mixture per kg.

a.                   Rs.36.40

b.                  Rs.38.26

c.                   Rs.40.0

d.                  Rs.37.0


Q.17    Find the wrong number in the given sense:-

12, 30, 75, 187.5, 562, 1402.5, 3506

a.                   562

b.                  1402.5

c.                   75

d.                  3506


Q.18    The value in (?) is :-

2 2/5 of 180 + 35% of 1640 = ? – 185.5

a.                   480.6

b.                  1005.5

c.                   680.5

d.                  1191.5


Q.19    The average age of 20 students in is 18 years including the age of their teacher.  The average age of only students reduces by 2 years if teacher’s age is excluded.  The age of the class teacher is :-

a.                   40 years

b.                  50 years

c.                   58 years

d.                  45 years


Q.20    Deepak took a loan from bank @ 10% simple interest for first five years, 12% for next five years and 13% p.a. for the period beyond 10 years.  At the end of 15 years he pays interest alone Rs.78750 = 0.  He borrowed Rs.

a.                   80000

b.                  45000

c.                   60000

d.                  35000


Q.81 – 85 .


Production of Cars figures in, 000












































Q.81    The production cars in 2003 is approximately --- many times the production in 1999.

a.                   2

b.                  2.5

c.                   1.5

d.                  3


Q.82    In which year type V car registered highest production to the total production of the year

a.                   2003

b.                  2002

c.                   2000

d.                  2001


Q.83    The type of car had steady increase in production over the given years.

a.                   I

b.                  IV

c.                   III

d.                  V


Q.84    Approximate percentage increase in production of type V car in the year 2003 as compared to 2001.

a.                   15

b.                  25

c.                   27

d.                  30


Q.85    Approximate percentage reduction in production of type I car in the year 2001 as compared to the year 2000

a.                   26

b.                  35

c.                   18

d.                  20


Q.86 – 88


Steel production in Indra from 1970 to 2000


Steel production in million Ions.
















Q.86    During which period the increase was lowest in terms of percentage.

a.                   1985-90

b.                  1975-80

c.                   1995-2000

d.                  1970-1975


Q.87    During which five period was the % age increase in steel production was second highest.

a.                   1995-2000

b.                  1980-85

c.                   1975-80

d.                  1985-90


Q.88    Assuming uniform increase in yearly production of steel, the year in which the 25 million tons mark was crossed :-

a.                   1996

b.                  1997

c.                   1998

d.                  1999


Q.89 – 92


Data _________ speed of train over a 4 hour period.



Time period in minutes








Speed of Train in km/hr.









Q.89    The speed of the train after 1 hour 40 minutes from the beginning.

a.                   60 km/hr

b.                  80 km/hr

c.                   90 km/hr

d.                  None


Q.90    The speed of the train has increase by _______% age during four hours.

a.                   300 %

b.                  350 %

c.                   280 %

d.                  290 %


Q.91    At times ‘Y’ minutes after the beginning of time period which of the following gives the speed of the train as per the table?

a.                   Y/15

b.                  15Y

c.                   15+Y

d.                  15+Y/15


Q.92    The gain in the speed of train is maximum during the time period –to –from the beginning of the timed period.

a.                   From 60 to 100 minutes

b.                  From 30 to 60 minutes

c.                   From 20 to 30 minutes

d.                  From 150 to 240 minutes


Q.93 – 98


XYZ CO. LTD.  Rs in crores


Total turn over

Gross profit


Net profit




























Q.93    The year shows increase in all the parameters is turn over, gross profit and net profit over the previous year

a.                   2001

b.                  2000

c.                   2004

d.                  2002


Q.94    The net profit of the year 2004 is approximated ______% age of total turn over of the year 2001

a.                   6.26 %

b.                  7 %

c.                   7.5 %

d.                  8 %


Q.95    Percentage increase in the gross profit was the largest as compared to the previous year :-

a.                   2001

b.                  2003

c.                   2004

d.                  2002


Q.96    Total turn over of the year 2004 was _____ % of total turn over of tax year 2000.

a.                   43 %

b.                  48 %

c.                   50 %

d.                  35 %


Q.97    The % age crease in tax in the year 2003 as compared to previous year.

a.                   28 %

b.                  25 %

c.                   30 %

d.                  35 %


Q.98    Net profit was the least in the year.

a.                   2000

b.                  2001

c.                   2002

d.                  2003


Q.99 – 103 ) Study the following table and answer the questions.

Expenses of a company inn different


S. No.


Rupees in Lakhs


Raw material

252 = 00


Salary to Employees

189 = 00


Electicity & water changes

50 = 40


R & D

37 = 50



75 = 60



25 = 50


Q.99    The percentage of Raw material expenses of the total expenses is :-

a.                   40 %

b.                  35 %

c.                   30 %

d.                  36 %


Q.100  The ratio the Electricity & water charges to Administration expenses :-

a.                   1  : 2

b.                  2 : 3

c.                   3 : 4

d.                  1 : 3


Q.101  Expenses on salary & wages are less or more as compared to raw material in % age :-

a.                   25 % less

b.                  20 % more

c.                   20 % less

d.                  None


Q.102  The expenses on R & D is more by _____ % age as taxes paid.

a.                   20 %

b.                  22 %

c.                   25 %

d.                  32 %


Q.103  Administration charges are ______ % age of total expenses

a.                   15 %

b.                  12 %

c.                   16 %

d.                  20 %



Intelligence and Critical reasoning


Q.121  There are 12 members in a joint family and successive generations the number of total numbers doubles.


The range of each member is listed in the family notebook after how many generations the total enlisted persons are 3 x 2 –12 ?


a.                   14

b.                  16

c.                   12

d.                  11


Q.122  In case Jupiters takes 13 years to go round the earth in once and Saturn takes in 30 years, what is the time interval between two conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in the Zodiac at the same location.