Practice Test – 5

Quantitative Ability




1.                  If a3 – b3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 = 729 then a – b =

a.       27.00

b.      9.00

c.       5.19

d.      3.00

2.                  If a3 + b3 + c3 = 36; a2 + b2 + c2 = 14; ab + bc + ca = 11 and abc = 6 a + b + c =

a.       7

b.      6

c.       5

d.      4

3.                  if a3 – b3 / a2 + ab + b2 = 6 and a3 + b3 / a2 – ab + b2 = 16 then a2 – b2 =

a.       96.00

b.      22.00

c.       10.00

d.      2.67

4.                  If the population of India in the year 1999 is 100 crores and the growth rate of population is estimated at 2% per annum, the estimated population of India in the year 2002 will be

a.       146.88 crores

b.      144.00 crores

c.       106.12 crores

d.      104.04 crores

5.                  If a5 = 15.26 and a7 = 45.41 then a12 =

a.       692.96

b.      60.97

c.       26.32

d.      2.98

6.                  If a2 + 1/a2 = 7 then a2 – 1/a2 =

a.       14.00

b.      5 √3

c.       3 √5

d.      √14

7.                  The following figure represents an arch type door consisting of a square and half circle.

r = 2 feet. The surface area of the door is

a.       4 (π + 4) square feet

b.      4 (π / 2 + 4) square feet

c.       2 (π / 2 + 4 square feet

d.      (π / 2+ 4) square feet

8.                  The following figure represents a minar

r = 10 feet

h = 30 feet

the volume of the minar is

a.       5000 π (feet)3

b.      4000 π(feet)3

c.       3000 π(feet)3

d.      2000 π (feet)3

9.                  If arithmetic mean and geometric mean of two numbers is 2, then the two numbers are

a.       2,2

b.      3,1

c.       4,1

d.      4,0

10.              If the first term of a Geometric series is 5 and the common ratio is 3, then the sum of the first 5 terms in the series is

a.       1215

b.      605

c.       375

d.      200

11.              If the 11th term of an A.P. series is -7 and the common difference is 4/5, then the 26th term of the A.P. series is

a.       +5

b.      +4

c.       -4

d.      -5

12.              How many triangles can be formed by joining the vertices of a pentagon?

a.       20

b.      10

c.       15

d.      5

13.              If a team of 4 members is to be selected from 5 males and 4 females consisting atleast 1 male and 1 female, then the number of ways of selecting the team is

a.       1680

b.      1200

c.       120

d.      80

14.              If tan θ = 4/3, then the values of sin θ and cos θ are

a.       4/5 and 3/5 respectively

b.      3/5 and 4/5 respectively

c.       2/5 and 3/5 respectively

d.      3/5 and 2/5 respectively

15.              The value of Cos 40° / Sin 50° is

a.       √3/2

b.      1

c.       √3/4

d.      0

16.              The value of 22a+2 x 3a-b x 62b x 7a + 2b / 2b x 6a x 14a + b x 21b-1 is

a.       84

b.      42

c.       21

d.      14

17.              The value of √108 + √75 + √48 + √27 + √12 is

a.       24√3

b.      20√3

c.       18√3

d.      16√3

18.              If 27(2x) = 81 / 3(2-3x) then x =

a.       3/2

b.      1

c.       2/3

d.      1/3

19.              The value of √9 + √4 / √9 - √4 is

a.       5

b.      4

c.       5/4

d.      4/5

20.              Sunil holds 434 shares of Alpha Ltd. Which declares a dividend of 8% in the annual general meeting?  If the market value and par value of 1 share of Alpha Ltd are Rs.595 and Rs. 100 respectively, then the dividend received by Sunil is

a.       Rs.20706

b.      17226

c.       11658

d.      3480

21.              The length of a conference hall is 6 feet more than its width.  If the length of the hall is increased by 6 feet and the width of the hall is decreased by 4 feet, the floor area remains same.  What is the floor area of the conference hall?

a.       960 square feet

b.      840 square feet

c.       720 square feet

d.      600 square feet

22.              The value of

a.       9

b.      3

c.       1

d.      0

23.              If the area of a square ground is 16 hectare how much time will an athlete take to round the field at at average speed of 12 km per hour?

a.       16 minutes

b.      10 minutes

c.       8 minutes

d.      4 minutes

24.              How much brass is needed for making a cylinder of 1 cm thickness of 42 cm length and of outer diameter 16 cm?

a.       3960 cubic centimeter

b.      2640 cubic centimeter

c.       1980 cubic centimeter

d.      660 cubic centimeter

25.              If 16 men can finish a job in 32 days, in what time will the job be completed if 8 men leave after 16 days?

a.       96 days

b.      64 days

c.       60 days

d.      48 days

26.              If 6 men can complete a job in 3 hours, 8 women can complete it in 4 hours and 10 children can complete it in 5 hours and 10 children can complete it in 5 hours, how long would one family consisting of a men, his wife and one child needs to complete the job?

a.       19 hours 31 minutes

b.      13 hours 14 minutes

c.       11 hours 31 minutes

d.      9 hours 22 minutes

27.              The average salary received by 23 employees in an office is Rs.5500.  If the average salary of the first ten employees is Rs.6620 and the average salary of the last 12 employees is Rs.4556, what is the salary obtained by the 11th employee?

a.       Rs.5826

b.      Rs.5628

c.       Rs.5612

d.      Rs.5286

28.              The sum of the ages of a father and son is 60 years.  If after 5 years the father’s age is thrice that of the son, the ages of father and son respectively are

a.       47 years 6 months and 12 years 6 months

b.      45 years 6 months and 14 years 6 months

c.       42 years 6 months and 17 years 6 months

d.      42 years 3 months and 17 years 9 months

29.              If A is 80% of B, then B is

a.       125% of A

b.      120% of A

c.       115% of A

d.      100% of A

30.              If M is 20% less than N, what percent is N more than M?

a.       30%

b.      25%

c.       24%

d.      20%

31.              The diameter of a circular ground is 84 meters. What will be the time taken by a girl to walk round the garden 10 times if her speed is 5 km per hour?

a.       40 minutes approximately

b.      38 minutes approximately

c.       35 minutes approximately

d.      32 minutes approximately

32.              Suraj earns 60% of Chander’s salary and Chander earns 120% of Sitara’s Salary.  If the total salary earned by all three of them is Rs. 29200 per month, what is Suraj’s salary per month?

a.       Rs.12000

b.      Rs.10000

c.       Rs.9600

d.      Rs.7200

33.              A jewelry shop has announced a discount in price by 20%.  How many rings costing Rs. 500 each should Kamla purchase to avail a total discount of Rs.500?

a.       7

b.      6

c.       5

d.      4

34.              Nirmal sells two of his cars at the rate of Rs.4 lakh each.   On one he makes a profit of 10% and on the other he incurs a loss of 10% and on the other he incurs a loss of 10%.  What will be his over all gain or loss?

a.       1.21% profit

b.      1.11% loss

c.       1.01 % profit

d.      0.99 % loss

35.              If 8 years ago a man was 8 times as old his daughter and 2 years hence he will be 3 times as old his daughter, the ages of the father and daughter respectively are

a.       45 years and 12 years

b.      42 years and 10 years

c.       40 years and 12 years

d.      38 years and 10 years

36.              A Shopkeeper buys an audio cassette for Rs.25.  His overhead expenses are 25% on cost price and he gives a discount of 10% on marked price.  If marked price of an audio cassette is Rs. 65, his profit would be

a.       87.20%

b.      75.80%

c.       72.90%

d.      56.70%

37.              From his monthly income of June 1999, Debashish donated 8% of his income to Kargil Fund, 10% to his father for certain repair work of their house and deposited 25% of the remainder in the bank.  If after all this Debashish now had Rs.3075 with him what was his monthly income in June 1999?

a.       Rs.5292

b.      Rs.5280

c.       Rs.5000

d.      Rs.4000

38.              In a bye election between three candidates X, Y and Z, X got 40% votes and Y got 155 votes.  If the number of invalid votes which is 2% of total votes is 3600, the number of votes received by Z is

a.       99000

b.      80400

c.       77400

d.      45000

39.              A shopkeeper mixed coffee and chikori powder in the ratio of 5:3 in a jar of 40 Kgs.  How much chikori powder should he mix to these 40 kgs. To make the ratio 1:1?

a.       25 kgs.

b.      15 kgs.

c.       10 kgs

d.      5 kgs

40.              A music shop sells cassettes of English music, Hindi film songs and Telegu film songs at a ratio of 2:4:5.  If in the month of June the shop sold 452 cassettes of Hindi film songs, the number of cassettes of Telegu film songs, the number of cassettes of Telegu film songs sold is

a.       678

b.      622

c.       565

d.      508

41.              Tom and Dick formed a partnership firm and invested Rs.16000 and Rs.8000 respectively.  After 8 months Harry also joined the firm by contributing Rs.20000 as his share of capital.  What will be the share of Harry in the distributable profit of Rs.59400 after 2 years?

a.       Rs.29700

b.      Rs.26400

c.       Rs.19800

d.      Rs.13200

42.              If Sinθ = 5/13 then cosθ and tanθ are

a.       12/13 and 5/12 respectively

b.      5/12 and 12/13 respectively

c.       13/12 and 5/12 respectively

d.      12/13 and 5/13 respectively

43.              If7 tanθ = 12 then 7 sinθ + 5 cosθ / 14 sinθ – 4 cosθ

a.       20/17

b.      17/20

c.       15/20

d.      13/17

44.              If sinθ / 1 – cosθ + sinθ / 1+ cosθ = 3 then θ =

a.       75

b.      60

c.       40

d.      30

45.              What is the value of sin2 25° + sin2 65°?

a.       2

b.      √3

c.       1

d.      √3/2

46.              In the figure PQ is tangent to the circle and XYZ is isosceles triangle (XY = XZ) then < QXZ

a.       65°

b.      55°°

c.       45°

d.      35°

47.              In a triangle XYZ, XY = 8 cm XZ = 4 cm.  If P is the mid point of XY and a straight line through P parallel to YZ cuts XZ at Q, what is the length of QZ?

a.       4.0 cm

b.      3.0 cm

c.       2.5 cm

d.      2.0 cm

48.              The value of


a.       P

b.      Q

c.       R

d.      L

49.              If x + y + z = 0 then (x+y) (y+z) (x+z) =

a.       –xyz

b.      xyz

c.       1

d.      -1

For Question 50 and 51 refer to the following graph.

                       Export of Jute Products

50.              In which two years, the growth rate in the export of jute products is the same?

a.       1994-95 and 1996-97

b.      1994-95 and 1997-98

c.       1996-97 and 1997-98

d.      1997-98 and 1988-99

51.              In which year the growth rate in export of jute products is least?

a.       1994-95

b.      1995-96

c.       1997-98

d.      1998-99


For Question No. 42 – 54, refer to the following pie-chart

Monthly expenditure of a family



52.              The ratio between the money spent on food and rent is

a.       3:2

b.      2:1

c.       4:1

d.      4:3

53.              If the total monthly income of the family is Rs.20000, money spent on food rent and education is

a.       Rs.14333.33

b.      Rs.11000.00

c.       Rs.10666.00

d.      Rs.10500.00

54.              If the total monthly income f the family is Rs.23000, the difference between the expenditure on education and transportation is

a.       Rs.1377.78

b.      Rs.1327.78

c.       Rs.1277.78

d.      Rs.1237.78

55.              What is the mean marks obtained by the students of Class X of St.Xavier’s School if the frequency distribution of marks obtained by them is the following








No. of students








a.       73.70

b.      63.60

c.       60.65

d.      58.25

56.              There are 50 students in the Commerce section and 60 students in Science section.  In the first year examination the combined mean of the marks obtained by them is 60.  If the mean marks obtained by the commerce section are 55, what is the mean mark obtained by the Science section?

a.       66.17

b.      64.17

c.       62.67

d.      61.67

57.              Sunil invested Rs.8917 in Rs.10 shares quoted at Rs. 9.25.  If the rate of dividend is 5%, his annual income is

a.       Rs.648.00

b.      534.60

c.       482.00

d.      412.40

58.              If after decreasing the radius of pipe to one-third, the volume and thickness remain same, the length of the pipe is increased by

a.       12 times

b.      9 times

c.       7 times

d.      6 times

59.              How many solid spheres each of the diameter 12 cm is moulded to form a solid metal cylinder of height 90 cm and diameter 8 cm?

a.       20

b.      16

c.       15

d.      10

60.              if the radius and volume of  a circular sphere and cylinder are same, then the height of the cylinder is

a.       4/3 x radius

b.      2/3 x radius

c.       same as the radius

d.      same as the diameter

61.              If the radii of two spheres are in the ratio 2:3, the ratio of their surface area is

a.       2:3

b.      4:9

c.       2:9

d.      4:7

62.              The ratio of the AC and second class fares between 2 stations is 5:1 and the number of passengers traveling by AC and second class is 1:50.  If Rs.55000 is collected as fare, the amount collected from the second class passengers is

a.       Rs.50000

b.      Rs.45000

c.       Rs.44000

d.      Rs.40000

63.              In a parliament election, a candidate secured 58% of the votes polled and is elected by a majority of 59800 votes.  The total number of votes polled is

a.       244825

b.      230000

c.       186875

d.      103104

64.              The average of 150 numbers is 114, if two numbers, 95 and 125 are deleted, what is the average of the remaining numbers?

a.       135.64

b.      120.46

c.       114.05

d.      110.08

65.              Average monthly income of a family of 8 earning members was Rs.5420.  On death of one member, the average income came down to Rs.4800.  The income of the deceased was

a.       Rs.9890

b.      Rs.9760

c.       Rs.8530

d.      Rs.8450

66.              Two trains 150 meters and 200 meters long approaching each other are running at a speed of 40 km per hour and 50 km per hour respectively.  From the moment they meet they will cross each other in

a.       10 seconds

b.      14 seconds

c.       13 seconds

d.      12 seconds

67.              Arun can row at 10 km/hr in still water.  If the velocity of current in the river is 2 km/hour and if Arun needs 2 hours to row to a place and come back, how far is the place?

a.       10.20 km.

b.      9.60 km

c.       8.54 km

d.      8.20 km

68.              Which number should be added to the numerator and denominator of 5/6 to make 12/13?

a.       8

b.      7

c.       6

d.      5

69.              If the diameter of the driving wheel of a vehicle is 70 cm, how many revolutions per minute must the wheel make in order to maintain a speed of 33 km/hour?

a.       350

b.      325

c.       300

d.      250

70.              What is the cost of 300 shares of Rs.100 each at Rs.27 discount, brokerage being Rs.2.95 per share?

a.       Rs.38850

b.      Rs.30000

c.       Rs.22650

d.      Rs.21150

71.              Manisha purchased Elle lipstics for Rs.40 per piece and Lakme lipstics for Rs.28 per piece.  If Manisha purchased total 12 lipsticks for Rs.420, how many Elle lipsticks did she purchase?

a.       8

b.      7

c.       6

d.      5

72.              Country Club of Hyderabad collects a total of Rs.  5990 from its members every year.  If each member contributes at least Rs. 120 per year, what is the maximum number of members the club could have?

a.       51

b.      50

c.       49

d.      48

73.              Which of the following numbers can never be sum of 2 prime numbers?

a.       23

b.      13

c.       9

d.      5

74.              Two successive discounts of 10% in a refrigerator costing Rs. 12000/- is equivalent to a single discount of

a.       20%

b.      19%

c.       18%

d.      11%

75.              In the figure given below, 0 is the centre of the circle having a circumference of 18π.  What is the perimeter of the sector ABCO?

a.       6π + 18

b.      6π + 9

c.       3π + 18

d.      3π 9

76.              Which of the following numbers is the closest approximation to the expression given below?

a.       25

b.      20

c.       15

d.      5

77.              Which of the following is equal to 1 if a + b = c and a, b and c> 0?





78.              The perimeter of the given trapezoid is                             

a.       380 cm

b.      360 cm

c.       330 cm

d.      300 cm

79.              If (x – 1)2 = 400 then x -  5 =

a.       -26

b.      -24

c.       20

d.      14

80.              Refer to the following figure If  then x =

a.       108

b.      72

c.       67.5

d.      60

81.              A mutual fund has a total of Rs.1000000 invested in the shares of Reliance Ltd. And the bonds of IDBI.  The Reliance scrip yields 12% in cash every year and the IDBI bond pay 10% in cash every year.  If the mutual fund received a total of Rs. 115000 in cash from Reliance scrip and IDBI bonds in the year 1998-99 then what amount of money was invested in the shares of Reliance Ltd?

a.       Rs.750000

b.      Rs.500000

c.       Rs.333333

d.      Rs.250000

82.              A manufacturer of fruit juice intends to earn a profit of Rs.750 from 300 bottles of fruit juice.  If the cost of first 100 bottles of fruit juice is Rs.6.50 each and cost of each subsequent bottle is Rs.5.50 each, then what price should be charged for the 300 bottles of fruit juice?

a.       Rs.2500

b.      Rs.2400

c.       Rs.2250

d.      Rs.1750

83.              Infra Red Ltd., earns a profit of 7% on software which costs Rs.200000 and a profit of 6% on selling hardware which costs Rs.500000.  What is the total profit earned by Infra Red?

a.       Rs.49000

b.      Rs.44000

c.       Rs.42000

d.      Rs.40000

84.              The wrong number in the series 3,8,15,24, 34, 48, 63 is

a.       63

b.      48

c.       34

d.      24

85.              If two consecutive multiples of X add upto 184, then X is

a.       46

b.      23

c.       8

d.      4

86.              The hands of a clock point ______ times towards each other a day

a.       24

b.      22

c.       20

d.      12

87.              If the L.C.M. of A and B is C, then their H.C.F. is

a.       AB/C

b.      ABC

c.       A+B / C

d.      C/AB

88.              What is the average of first nine multiples of 3?

a.       18.5

b.      15.0

c.       12.5

d.      12.0

89.              What is the mean proportional of 0.32 and 0.02?

a.       0.34

b.      0.30

c.       0.16

d.      0.08

90.              Four different clocks ring at intervals of 5,6,8 and 10 minutes respectively .  If all of them ring at 4 p.m. when will they again ring together

a.       8.10 pm

b.      7.00 pm

c.       6.00 pm

d.      5.30 pm




Data Adequacy


Directions:  Each of the following problems has a question and two statements which are labeled (i) and (ii).  Use the data given in (i) and (ii) together with other available information (such as the number of hours in a day, the definition of clockwise, mathematical facts, etc.) to decide whether the statements are sufficient to answer the question.  Then mark the answer as

a.       If statement (i) alone is sufficient to answer the question, but statement (ii) alone is not sufficient.

b.      If statement (ii) alone is sufficient, but statement (i) alone is not sufficient.

c.       If both the statements (i) and (ii) together are sufficient, but neither statement alone is sufficient.

d.      If either statement (i) alone or statement (ii) alone suffices


All number used in this section are real numbers.  A figure given for a problem is intended to provide information consistent with that in the question, but not necessarily with the additional information contained in the statements.

91.              If a pipe, 5 feet long is cut into 3 smaller pipes, how long is the longest of the 3 pipes?

                                                               i.      One pipe is 2 feet 7 inches long.

                                                             ii.      One pipe is 7 inches longer than another pipe and the third pie is 5 inches long

92.              Refer to the following figure

If PR is the diameter of the circle and PRS is a straight line, then what is the value of A?

                                                               i.      QP = QR

                                                             ii.      A = 2B

93.              What is the value of P?

                                                               i.      Q + 2P = 6

                                                             ii.      P2 – 2P + 1 = 0

94.              If two pipes I and II, empty into a water tank and pipe I can fill the tank in 1 hour by itself, then how long will it take for pipes I and II together to fill up the water tank?

                                                               i.      Pipe II can fill the water tank on its own in 2/3 hour

                                                             ii.      Pipe II has got a larger cross-sectional area than Pipe I

95.              Refer to the following figure

If KL is perpendicular to MO, then which one K or L is closer to M?


                                                               i.      OK < OL

                                                             ii.      KNML is not a parallelogram

96.              Refer to the following figure

Is A = B?

                                                               i.      C = D

                                                             ii.      KLMN is a parallelogr

97.              What is the value of P + Q?

                                                               i.      P – Q = 4

                                                             ii.      3P + 3Q = 4

98.              Assuming sales are positive, did Spiritex Enterprises have higher sales in 1998 or in 1999?

                                                               i.      In 1988 the sales were twice the arithmetic mean of the sales in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

                                                             ii.      In 2000, the sales were three times those in 1999.

99.              If X is an integer, then is X divisible by 12?

                                                               i.      X is divisible by 4

                                                             ii.      X is divisible by 3

100.          Refer to the following figure

Is A = B?

                                                               i.      QS is perpendicular to PR

                                                             ii.      PQ = QR

101.          Is A an even integer?  Assume C and D to be integers

                                                               i.      A = (C+D)2

                                                             ii.      A = 2C + 10D

102.          What was the price of 1 kg edible oil during June, 1999?

                                                               i.      During January 1999, the price of 1 kg edible oil was Rs.40

                                                             ii.      The price of edible oil rose 2% eery month during the first half of 1999.

103.          Can every bird fly?

                                                               i.      Rabbits can not fly

                                                             ii.      Ostriches can not fly.

104.          Is L > 0?

                                                               i.      L4 – 16 = 0

                                                             ii.      L3 – 8 = 0

105.          A mouse crawls around the outside of a circle once.  A second mouse crawls around the outside of a square once in the same time.  Which mouse travels faster?

                                                               i.      The diameter of the circle and the diagonal of the square are equal.

                                                             ii.      The mouse crawling around the circle took more time to complete its journey than the mouse crawling around the square.

106.          Is X > 1?

                                                               i.      X > 0

                                                             ii.      X2 – 4 > 0

107.          A painter is hired for 7 days.  He is paid Rs.20 more for each day of work than he was paid for the preceding day of work.  How much was he paid for the first day of work?

                                                               i.      His total remuneration for the 7 day were Rs.1400

                                                             ii.      He was paid 140% of his first day’s pay for the seventh day.

108.          Is X2 + X – 2 > 0?

                                                               i.      X < 1

                                                             ii.      X > -1

109.          Refer to the following figure

Is angle PQR equal to 90 degrees?

                                                               i.      A = 2B

                                                             ii.      B = 1.5C

110.          What is the value of A + 2B

                                                               i.      A + B = 4

                                                             ii.      2A + 4B = 12

111.          Refer to the following figure

The pentagon PQRST is inscribed in a circle with centre 0.

Angle PTS =?

                                                               i.      The pentagon PQRST is a regular pentagon

                                                             ii.      OQ = 10 cm.

112.          50% of the people in Hyderabad have black eyes and black hair.  What percent of people in Hyderabad have black eyes but not black hair?

                                                               i.      70% of the people in Hyderabad have black hair

                                                             ii.      60% of the people in Hyderabad have black eyes.

113.          If an = (an – 1)2, then a5 =?

                                                               i.      A1 = 1

                                                             ii.      A3 = 3

114.          Is the integer A divisible by 3?

                                                               i.      A + 5 is divisible by 6.

                                                             ii.      The last digit in A is 3.

115.          A scooter was originally sold for Rs. 30000.  After a fortnight the scooter was discounted a%, and a fortnight later the scooter’s price was discounted by b%.  Is the scooter’s price after the discount less than Rs.26000?

                                                               i.      b = 10

                                                             ii.      a = 15



Vocabulary and Writing Skills





Directions:  For questions 1-8 tick the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the word in capital letter.

116.          CONCILIATORY

a.       Patient

b.      Wise

c.       Careful

d.      Pacifying

117.          COSSET

a.       To whisper

b.      To sing softly

c.       To pamper

d.      To play games

118.          AMELIORATE

a.       To improve

b.      To appease

c.       To approve 

d.      To ingratiate

119.          DISABUSE

a.       To relieve of illusion

b.      To make amends

c.       To argue vainly

d.      Express contempt

120.          BERATE

a.       To deprive

b.      Insult

c.       Scold

d.      Accuse

121.          BELLIGERENT

a.       Ignorant

b.      Noisy

c.       Despairing

d.      Aggressive

122.          RUBICUND

a.       Counterfied

b.      Jolly

c.       Moonlike

d.      Reddish

123.          REEK


a.       To cause damage

b.      Smell unpleasant

c.       Twist and turn

d.      Speak disparingly


Directions:  Questions 124 to 133 below consist of a word or phrase followed by four words or phrases.  Choose the word or phrase that is more nearly opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in capital letters.

124.          BEGIN


a.       Prevent

b.      Depart

c.       Hasten

d.      Terminate

125.          ABBREVIATE

a.       Distract

b.      Protract

c.       Stabilize

d.      Oppose

126.          BREVITY

a.       Disparity

b.      Shabbiness

c.       Lucidity

d.      Volubility

127.          PRECOCIOUS

a.       Flourishing

b.      Precious

c.       Late-blooming

d.      Embryonic

128.          DULL

a.       Twist

b.      Hone

c.       Broaden

d.      Weld

129.          ARDENT

a.       Haphazard

b.      Self assured

c.       Abstracted

d.      Phlegmatic

130.          IGNORANT

a.       Erudite

b.      Impolite

c.       Imprecise

d.      Indifferent

131.          SCARCITY

a.       Avarice

b.      Aversion

c.       Despair

d.      Plethora

132.          OBSOLESCENCE

a.       Artificiality

b.      Fluency

c.       Currency

d.      Refractoriness


a.       Laudatory remark

b.      Tentative interpretation

c.       Accurate delineation

d.      Banality


Directions:  For Questions 134 to 139 select the lettered pairs of words which are related in the same way as the capital words are related to each other.

134.           ASTONISH:WONDER

a.       Trouble : Trial  

b.      Maintain : Satisfaction

c.       Intimidate : Fear

d.      Soothe : Concern

135.          LAMENT : BEREAVED

a.       Face : Penalty

b.      Windows : Bedroom

c.       Celebrate : Marriage

d.      Pot : Ican

136.          SWAN : GRACEFUL

a.       Gazelle : Swift

b.      Wolf : Sly

c.       Horse : Slow

d.      Heavenly : Starry

137.          WELCOME : ALLY

a.       Remove : Result

b.      Reward : Traitor

c.       Banish : Apostate

d.      Request : Assistance

138.          FORTHRIGHT : SNIDE

a.       Better : Best

b.      Mystery : Detective

c.       Tunnel : Toil

d.      Open : Secretive

139.          ARRAIGN : CONVICT

a.       Exonerate : Charge

b.      Imprison : Police

c.       Impeach : Dismiss

d.      Plant : Reap


Questions 140 to 151 consist of a number of sentences, in each of which some part or the whole is underlined.  Each sentence is followed by four alternative versions of the underlined portion.  Select an alternative you consider both most correct and most effective according to the requirements of standard written English.  Answer (a) is the same as the original versions; if you think the original version is best, then select answer (a).

In considering the answer choices be attentive to matters of grammar, diction, and syntax, as well as clarity, precision, and fluency.  Do not select an answer which alters the meaning of the original sentence.


140.          Legal effectiveness, in theory, makes good sense; in reality, however, they are sometimes difficult to enforce.

a.       They are sometimes difficult to enforce

b.      Laws are sometimes difficult to enforce

c.       It is difficult to enforce laws

d.      These are sometimes difficult for them to enforce

141.          The reason why we got late is due to the fact that the train was delayed by signal failure.

a.       Due to the fact that the train was delayed by signal failure.

b.      Because the train was delayed by signal failure

c.       That the train was delayed by signal failure

d.      Due to the fact that signal failure delayed the train.

142.          If somebody calls while I am in the seminar, tell them that I will call back after the seminar.

a.       Them that I will call back after the seminar

b.      Him or her that I will call back after the seminar.

c.       Them that I would call back after the seminar

d.      The person that I will call back after the seminar

143.          Of the two candidates for this faculty position, Mr. Saurav Gupta is the most qualified because of U his experience as a merchant banker

a.       Most qualified because of

b.      Most qualified due to

c.       More qualified due to

d.      More qualified because of

144.          In its interim report, the committee proposed among other measures, that the legal voting age be lowered from twenty one to eighteen.

a.       That the legal voting age be lowered

b.      A lowering of the legal voting age

c.       That the legal voting age should be lowered

d.      To lower legally the voting age.

145.          The qualities required in a MP are rarely examined in the present political campaigns, which call instead for showmanship, good looks, and being able to seem eloquent while saying nothing.

a.       Being able to seem eloquent

b.      The ability to seem eloquent

c.       That he or she seem to be eloquent

d.      A good amount of eloquence

146.          A wide range of views was represented between the various managers of the company

a.       A wide range of views was represented between

b.      A wide range of views was represented among

c.       Various views were represented by

d.      A wide range of views is being held by

147.          Sangita, a girl with little talent for singing, enjoys singing Tagore songs.

a.       Sangita, a girl with little talent for singing, enjoys singing

b.      Sangita is a girl who has little talent for singing who enjoys to sing

c.       With little talent for singing, Sangita is a girl who enjoys to sing.

d.      Sangita, who has little talent for singing, enjoys to sing.

148.          After viewing both the movies ‘Titanic’ and ‘Zurassic Park’ Sameer agreed that ‘titanic’ was the best of the two.

a.       Sameer agreed that ‘Titanic’ was the best of the two

b.      Sameer agreed that ‘Titanic’ was the better of the two

c.       Sameer agreed that of the two the better one was ‘Titanic’

d.      Sameer agreed that best of the two was ‘titanic

149.          Raja has not committed homicide, but also he has escaped punishment.

a.       Not only committed homicide, but also he has escaped punishment.

b.      Not only committed homicide, but he has escaped punishment also.

c.       Not only committed homicide, but has escaped punishment

d.      Not only committed homicide, but also escaped punishment

150.          Most boys like to wear these kind of clothes in winter.

a.       These kind of clothes

b.      This kind of cloth

c.       This kinds of clothes

d.      Those kind of clothes

151.          The Government’s failure to keep it’s promises  will antagonize all other political parties in the alliance.

a.       Government’s failure to keep it’s promises

b.      Government failure to keep it’s promises

c.       Government’s failure to keep its promises

d.      Government’s failure to keep their promises.




Analytical Reasoning



152.          A monopoly is characterized by an absence of or reduction in competitive industry.

Which of the following conclusions can be inferred from the above?

a.       Monopoly is defined as a single seller in the market.

b.      Gulati Company Ltd’s market is not monopolistic.

c.       Gulati Company Ltd. has no international competitor.

d.      Gulati Company Ltd. is in a service industry.

153.          An analyst has quoted as saying that the Cost of Living Index will go up next month due to an increase in the price of onion and edible oil.  Which of the following statements cannot be inferred from the statement?

a.       The price of onion and edible oil has risen sharply

b.      Consumers have decreased their consumption of onion and edible oil.

c.        Change in price of a food item is reflected quickly in the cost of living index.

d.       The cost of onions and edible oil is a major item in the cost of living index.

154.          Farmers of Garwhal division in Uttar Pradesh believe that full moon is usually followed by a heavy frost. They are hard core believers of the fact that full moon somehow generates the frost.

Which of the following statements, if true, would weaken the farmers’ belief?

a.       Farmers are superstitious

b.      It is not proved that the moon causes frost.

c.       The temperature should  fall below 8 degree Celsius for frost to occur.

d.      Absence of a cloud cover cools the ground which results in frost.

155.          The Finance Minister lobbied for passage of his new Finance Bill which would liberalize trade with foreign countries.

Which of the following statements, if true could not account for the above?

a.       The Finance Minister is up for re-election and need to show results.

b.      Labor unions have petitioned the Finance Minister to provide more local jobs.

c.       It is politically desirable for such a bill at the present time.

d.      Analysts claim that the passage of the bill would increase the country’s trade deficit.

156.          Major retail outlets in Delhi hold sales in the month of November.  The original idea of price reduction campaigns in November became popular when it was realized that sales would generally slow down following the Diwali rush, were it not for some incentive.  The lack of demand could be simply solved by giving discounts.

There is now an increasing trend among major departmental stores in south Delhi to have their ‘November Sales’ begin before Diwali.  The idea behind this trend is to try to sell the maximum amount of products at a profit even if that may not be the maximum profit.

Which of the following conclusions cannot be drawn from the above?

a.       The incidence of ‘Early November’ sales results in the lower stock holding cost.

b.      Demand being a function of price increases with a decrease in price.

c.       It is becoming less popular to start the November sales after Diwali.

d.      The departmental stores give more emphasis on sales maximization than on profit maximization.

157.          Dinesh is a terrible driver.  In the last year he had violated traffic rules at least six times.

Which of the following can be said about the above claim?

a.       The statement is fallacious as it contains an illegitimate appeal to the authority.

b.      The statement is built upon an assumption which is not stated but rather is concealed.

c.       The statement obtains strength from similarity of two compared situations.

d.      In the given statements, there is a shifting in the meaning of terms, causing a fallacy of ambiguity.

158.          All apples are red

And all roses are red

Therefore, I conclude that all apples are roses.

The above argument is invalid because

a.       The argument is based on another argument containing circular reasoning

b.      Two disparate groups are illogically classified together when there is no relationship between them, except that they both have the same attribute.

c.       A mistaken analogy is made between two dissimilar qualities.

d.      Reasoning is not expressed fully.

159.          Mr. and Mrs. Rao and their daughter Radha want to cross a river.  The only way across is with Ismail in his rowboat.  Ismail will not allow anyone to row his boat and will take only one passenger at a time.

Radha is a little girl so she cannot be left alone on the riverbank.

Which of the following conditions is not part of the successful passage of the Raos across the river?

a.       Mr. Rao crosses the river first

b.      Mrs. Rao crosses the river first

c.       Radha crosses the river first

d.      Radha Crosses the river second

160.          Perhaps the most significant and constructive change in national politics would be to abolish the post of the Governor.

Which of the following if true would not strengthen the above argument?

a.       Some historians claim that the position was superflows.

b.      People of caliber refused the nomination of a Governor

c.       The office can pretty well waste a good politician for five years.

d.      The office puts people in line for the position of Governor who are not chosen to be a Minister.

161.          Some women are certainly tall, others are certainly not tall; but of intermediate women, we should say ‘tall’? Yes, I think so or no, I shouldn’t be inclined to call her tall.

Which of the following most accurately reflects the intention of the writer of the above?

a.       Women intermediately tall, partake of ‘tallness’ to a moderate degree

b.      Every empirical concept has a degree of vagueness

c.       There is really no need to be as indecisive as the writer of the above.

d.      Calling someone tall or short depends upon one’s whim.

162.          The exchange rate is the ruling official rate of exchange of rupees for other currencies.  It determines the value of Indian goods in relation to foreign goods.  If the rupee is devalued in terms of other currencies, Indian exports (which are paid for in rupees) become cheaper to foreigners and Indian imports (paid for by purchasing foreign currency) become more expensive to holders of dollars.  What consideration can be drawn from the above?

a.       There are certain disadvantages for the Indian economy attached to devaluation.

b.      The prospect of devaluation results in a speculative outflow of funds.

c.       By encouraging exports and discouraging imports devaluation can improve the Indian balance of payments.

d.      The difference between imports and exports is called the trade gap.

163.          Departmental stores range from three to ten floors in height.  If a departmental store has more than four floors, it has an elevator.

If the statements above are true, which of the following must also be true?

a.       Third floors do not have elevators

b.      Seventh floors have elevators

c.       All floors may be reached by elevators

d.      Some fourth-floor departmental stores do not have  elevators

164.          Team sports, like cricket, display strong socialist tendencies in their requirement of individual subordination to the authority of captain and coach.

Which of the following conclusions may not be inferred from the above information?

a.       All team sports are authoritarian

b.      All team players are subordinate to their captain and coach.

c.       All team sports have socialist tendencies

d.      Without employee subordination to managerial authority, production for profit would not be possible.

165.          The cost of housing in Mumbai has become so excessive that young couples, with above average salaries, can only afford small apartments.  Mortgage commitments are so huge that they cannot consider the possibility of starting a family.

A new baby would probably mean either the mother or father giving up a well-paid position.  The lack of or great cost of child-care facilities precludes the return of both parents to work.

Which of the following adjustments could partially be made to the situation described above which would allow young couples in Mumbai to improve their housing prospects?

a.       Encourage couples in Mumbai to remain childless.

b.      Encourage couples to have one child only.

c.       Encourage couples to postpone starting their families.

d.      Encourage young couples to move to cheaper areas than Mumbai.

166.          At a political rally at Salt Lake Stadium a candidate for the forthcoming Loksabha elections exclaimed: “nearly everyone at the rally is behind me.  It looks like I am going to be elected.”

Which of the following statements, if true, best supports the above conclusion?

a.       The candidate’s opponent also appeared at the rally.

b.      The rally was attended by almost all the residents of the candidate’s constituency.

c.       The candidate was never defeated in the election.

d.      The candidate was supported by the local mayor.




Reading Comprehension



Read the following passage and answer the given questions.

The information Technology (IT) revolution has had an enormous influence on how organizations are managed.  It can credibly be claimed that no other source of change has had more impact on the paradigms and practices that underline the management function.  Though other developments such as the emergence of the global economy and the increasingly knowledge based nature of modern organizations have significantly affected how organizations are managed, IT developments actually are an integral part of these other phenomena that require innovations in the practice of management.  To understand the pervasive and powerful influence of IT, it may be useful to consider some important ways in which IT can affect the role of managers and the practice of strategic management in organizations.

The most visible ways in which IT can and does influence management, particularly at the strategic level include:

1.      Managerial access to information;

2.      Electronic modes of communication and

3.      Decision support

Electronic access, communication, and decision support influence several managerial processes and systems including the nature and scope of managerial roles, organizational structure, strategic planning systems, budgeting, performance measurement and review, incentive compensation systems, and knowledge management.  Each of these three ways in which IT can influence the strategic management of organizations is discussed below.

The most obvious aspect of the information explosion is the vast amount of information that is readily available to managers.  There are two different dimensions to this information explosion.  First, the information about the operations and performance of the organization that can now be tracked and relatively easily accessed would have been literally inconceivable just a decade ago.  Second, the exponential growth of the internet affords access to information outside the organization to an extent and with an ease that defies the imagination.  Instead of being constrained by the lack of needed information, the challenge has shifted to identifying \what is relevant from an overwhelming mass of available data.

Within the organization, the integrated systems offered by software such as SAP and Oracle allow senior managers to ‘drill down’ to the smallest transaction.  While it patently absurd for the CEO of a major company to go down to the detail of a trivial accounting transaction in a small and remote sales office, this put to effective use by top management.  For instance, the CEO or CNG, a major energy company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can at 7.00 a.m,.  Eastern Time, access the databases of the company’s exploration and production division based in Houston, Texas and leave e-mail messages that the head of the division reads and acts on at 7.00 a.m. Central Time.

The availability and use of electronic modes of communication has had an equally pervasive and dramatic effect on the practice of management.  It is now a cliché that the airline industry has been affected by the growth in the use of videoconferencing, reducing the need for business travel.  This cliché sheds light on the pervasive and often unpredictable impact of information technology.  New industries are created new products and services are fashioned, new ways of doing business are implemented, new dimensions of competition emerge, and new theories of economies are necessary.  In this article, however, the focus Is on the practice of management, and here too, the effect of electronic communication has been great.

For instance, ABB’s nuclear energy business has to link, on a real time basis, its construction activities in South Korea, its design and engineering capabilities in the US, and its design and engineering capabilities in the US, and its business development efforts in China.  While e-mail, video conferencing, phones and faxes are the most obvious ways of supporting the needed communication between these far-flung but highly powerful integrating and communicating mechanism is employed by ABB.  The strategic plans of these units are integrated and then translated into action plans that are on-line and available on the company’s intranet to the relevant global ABB managers.  “Read only” and “write” privileges are carefully assigned.  The appropriate managers are enabled to modify the action plans for which they are responsible, as unanticipated developments occur.  The original action pans are still documented and a chronology of changes and their rationale is maintained.  Planning staff monitor worldwide developments and alert senior managers as strategic issues emerge.  Global Strategic management reaches news heights of sensitivity to diverse happenings, and achieves an unprecedented capability to integrate strategy development and implementation worldwide.  The strategic planning function is greatly facilitated by electronic communication.

Network forms for organizational structure are based on the assumption that needed information is readily available and widely shared.  Electronic modes of communication supprt the heavy information sharing requirements of network structures.  Matrix organizations require multiple perspectives on information that can be readily supported by electronic means.  Collateral organizations can exist effectively because of the flexibility of electronically available information.  And, because strategy and structure are inextricably intertwined,  electronic means of communication have fundamental and novel impacts on company strategies through the medium of innovative organizational structures.

The strategic enterprise management (SEM) software that is currently being developed is intended to enable managers to make better – informed strategic decisions.  By coupling decision models with the access to information provided by integrated enterprise software, strategy development can go beyond the realm of educated guesses to fact-based decision making.

Of course, management science applications that support decision making have been available for decades.  However, as the scope of the problems that are addressed by these models embraces the strategic for experience and judgment.  Problems that previously could not be responded to by senior managers are now amenable to technical solutions at the hands of middle level managers.

Up-to-the-minute, near real-time sales information and forecasts facilitate speedy strategic responses to changing assumptions and unanticipated trends.  Developments in a particular department or function that have implications for other departments or functions can be both tracked and responded to expeditiously.

In this world, operations become a source of strategic differentiation and advantage.  The surging importance given to supply chain management, logistic, integration with suppliers and the customer, mass customization, and the new economics of information can be seen as a logical consequence.

167.          The prominent way(s) in which information technology can influence the strategic level of management include(s):

a.       Managerial access to information

b.      Electronic modes of Communication

c.       Decision Support

d.      All of the above

168.          What is the challenge of a manager in the present I-T era?

a.       To get the information about the performance and operations of an organization

b.      To get the outside information

c.       To access the information from the internet

d.      To identify what is relevant from an overwhelming mass of available data.

169.          What are the functions of SAP and Oracle?

a.       To prepare useful software

b.      To help in strategic planning system.

c.       To allow senior managers to get details of a very small transaction.

d.      To broadly determine the nature and scope of managerial roles.

170.          The most effective mode of communication used by ABB is

a.       Fax

b.      E-mail

c.       Videoconferencing

d.      Company’s intranet

171.          Which of the following statements is false?

a.       Matrix organizations require multiple perspectives on information that can be readily supported by electronic means.

b.      Collateral organizations can exist effectively because of the flexibility of electronically available information.

c.       Electronic means of communication developed a close relationship between the strategy and structure which are distinctly different and in no way related to each other.

d.      Airline industry has been affected by the growing use of videoconferencing.

172.          SEM is intended to enable managers to

a.       Make better informed strategic decisions.

b.      Develop online connection between the branches of a global company

c.       Monitor world wide developments

d.      Support heavy information sharing requirements of network structures

173.          Which of the following is not a logical consequence of increased application of IT in the present management?

a.       New economics of information

b.      Hard core specialization

c.       Logistics

d.      Supply chain management

174.          The consequence(s) of a decision support system is (are)

a.       Formerly complex and challenging problems are now transformed into more routine and tractable problems.

b.      The burden on senior managers is reduced.

c.       The strategic implications of operating information and problems are more readily visible.

d.      All of the above.


Read the following passage and answer the given questions.

It’s not just the Chennai heat that’t making Spender, the managing direction of Ford India and his team sweat :it’s the daily grind of putting the finishing touches to a Rs.1,700 crore project that Spender hopes will help Ford out-race others in the automobile business here.  Says Spender: “We want to make money in this business”, And that’s a big deal in the India market today.

The new battleground will be the non-premium mid-sized cars (price range :Rs.3 lakh to Rs.6 lakh) from the stable of General Motors, Hyundi, Maruti and Ford.

Why is Ford and other car makers hyped up about this segment?  Blame its entry strategy in Phase One when it brought in – as ‘Overdrive’ editor Adit Darukhanawala puts it-the “obnoxiously priced” Escort.  The car, to put it mildly, has not performed well.  Not many buyers are willing to pay a premium out just an 8.5% market share in the premium segment – 3,500 cars in calendar year 1998, well short of newcomer Honda City (1998 sales:5,897).  Bruised in the first phase, Ford is banking on this three box car, based on the proven Fiesta Platform.  Scheduled for launch in the last quarter of 1999, Ford plans to make 25,000 of these sub-compacts.  Its desperation to make a mark on the market can be gauged from fact that it’s the only carmaker in India which has built a totally new plant to launch this new class of cars.

Spender, a former rally driver, is not reckless but that does not mean his expensive gamble will pay off.  The C195 won’t have it easy, the heavy artillery of Ford notwithstanding, with the similarly sized Open Corsa three-box saloon, the Hyundai LC Saloon – which expects to sell around 25,000 units in the first year-and, if industry watchers are to be believed, the Maruti Baleno is also due in the last quarter of 1999.  The industry’s  focus will now be on this new class of cars.

But will this segment take off in India?  Says a senior Ford executive: “Our experience has been that in southeast Asia, cars of this segment have performed very successfully.’  And the Indian car buyer, fed on a steady diet of small cars, is hankering for a slightly larger car, he adds.  Ford is not a newcomer here last year it sold 350000 cars in this segment in the Asia-Pacific region, up 25,000 from what it sold the previous year. 

Look to General Motors India (GMI) to understand why this segment is the wise choice for growth in India.  Despite the tremendous USP of its Open, GMI sold just 3,500 cars last year and expects to sell only 4,500 Astras this year.  The company is now banking on the corsa which will be priced lower than the Astra-to bring in volumes.  Says P. Balendran, assistant vice-president (corporate affairs) at GMI: “There are many owners of small cars who want to graduate to a bvigger vehicle but are not yet ready for a premium car.  For them a car of this class would be a logical and affordable option,”

Take a look at how the market is segmented.  The total car market in India was around 350,000 in 1998-99.  Of these, around 60,000, or 17% comprise the premium segment-one that is not growing at all.  The rest of the market is experiencing negative growth.  The Flesta will be placed in between the small car and the premium segments.  Says Association of Indian Automobile manufacturers (AIAM) deputy director Shripad Bhat: Cars priced between Rs.4.5 lakh and Rs.5.5 lakh have the best growth rates in India.”  The C195 will be the first car to be slotted exclusively in this segment.

The price range of this new car of Ford is likely to be Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh.

The Fiesta, which will come in three sizes – 1,400 cc, 1,600 cc and 1,800 cc diesel variant is crucial for Ford.  Demand for new cars has slowed in Europe where growth rates may not cross 3% a year for the next three or four years.  Again, the US car market is riding n rebates and southeast Asia shows no signs of recovery.  Clearly, India’s growing market is an attention-grabber.  According to a report by the Ministry of Surface Transport based on mobility trends, if there are no capacity constraints and if there is overall growth in national income and vehicle prices fall, car demand could reach 1.7 million by the early part of the new millennium.  Ford wants that business.  Being the last big untapped market, India is clearly imperative for all the players including Mitsubishi, GM, Hyundai, Daewoo, Fiat and Suzuki.

Ford goes into combat with a serious handicap-though a household name in the US and Europe, very few of its models are known in India.  While Ford has always been a successful carmaker, its image is not an upmarket one.  In a business where image is everything, Ford has no USP, While Opel oozes German oomph and Honda has a zippy image, most Ford cars look the same.

So if there’s anything that can bail out Ford, it is a mid-sized affordable car.  Says Spender: ‘the Fiesta will be a more reasonably priced car.  And the amount of local content as much as 7%% initially gives us a lot of leeway’ .  Ford executives in Detroit have given a clear signal to Spender and his team focus on the lower end and go for volumes.  That fits in neatly with CEO Jacques Nasser’s target of becoming the No.1 carmaker in the world – a position it ceded to its rival GM in 1949.

Spender promises that the new Ford car will be “exciting and grab the customer’s attention instantly”  Perhaps, but given a choice among a Ford, a Honda, or an Opel, the customer is ore likely to buy the familiar name.

Therefore, Ford’s initial edge has to be better service and price.

So, Ford’s strategy will be to soak up demand in the market with a range of affordable models.  But can it sell enough cars to justify the investment?  Says vice-president (Asia-Pacific operations & associations) Henry G Wallace :” Unlike others, we are not frightened by the economic downturn.  We’ve placed out investments and have build in the flexibility to grow as economies and market opportunities grow.”

Whether the Fiesta rises above the car clutter or not, the company plans to introduce a small car in 2003.  So, from the premium segment, Ford is moving down to the lower end of the spectrum to become an integrated carmaker like Maruti Udyog.

Like the other car makers, Ford ultimately has Maruti in its sights.  But being the biggest mass market carmaker in the world, Ford, more than anyone else. Has the capacity to take on the giant Indian automobile maker.

Nobody doubts Ford’s capacity to stay in the market As Wallace says: We’re here for the long haul.”  The seriousness of that statement is not in doubt.  Ford has increased its stake in its Indian subsidiary to 80% and has got FIPB approval to hike it to 92%.  It has been in the neighborhood Ford has operated in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietna,, the Phillippines and Taiwan for quite a few years now.  It can support its Indian operations for years and take heavy losses.  Besides, in a market where nobody save Maruti makes any profit, failure shouldn’t be all that hard to swallow.  But if Spender can ensure a safe landing for Ford, he’ll have accomplished something remarkable: he will have fashioned the beginning of a new revival for Ford India Ltd.

However, the question is : can he outwit the more experienced and more cautious players?  Or has he reached out too far, too fast?  If Spender’s instincts prove him right. Ford will in a modest but important way, change the map of the car business.

175.          Which of the following is not a game plan of Ford?

a.       Launch the Fiesta will ahead of the others.

b.      Soak up latent demand by launching three variants of the new car simultaneously.

c.       Price Fiesta in the premium segment.

d.      Move down the market spectrum and become an integrated carmaker.

176.          Which of the following can be a reason for ford to launch Fiesta in India?

a.       It does not have a market share in Europe.

b.      It is not able to compete with General Motors in the U.S.

c.       Growth rate of car market in India is substantial

d.      Southeast Asia shows no sign of recovery.

177.          What can be the reason(s) for sales of General Motors’ Opel not really taking off in India?

a.       Its design failed to impress the Indian consumers.

b.      It is lagging behind in the competition with Hyundai, Maruti and Ford

c.       A number of small car owners want to graduate to a bigger vehicle but are not yet ready for  premium car.

d.      All of the above.

178.          Why is Ford keen to cater to the mid-sized affordable car segment in India?

a.       A number of its models are known in India

b.      Ford has got a striking USP.

c.       Ford wants to leverage its strength as a carmaker of the masses and go for high-volume low-margin cars.

d.      All of the above

179.          Four to five years down the lane, which of the following will probably be Ford’s biggest competitor in India

a.       Maruti Udyog

b.      Mitsubishi

c.       Daewoo

d.      Hyundai

180.          Which of the following statements in False?

a.       Ford having operated in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Phillippines and Taiwan for quite a few years, can support its Indian operations and support heavy losses.

b.      Ford’s strategy for the Indian market is to stay here for a long term rather than a short period and reap profits.

c.       Other than Maruti, only Daewoo makes profit in the Indian car market

d.      Ford has the capacity to take on the giant Indian automobile makers.



KEY to Practice Test - 5


1. b

2. b

3. a

4. c

5. a

6. c

7. b

8. b

9. a

10. b

11. a

12. b

13. c

14. a

15. b

16. a

17. b

18. c

19. a

20. d

21. c

22. c

23. c

24. c

25. d

26. d

27. b

28. a

29. a

30. b

31. d

32. d

33. c

34. d

35. c

36. a

37. c

38. c

39. c

40. c

41. c

42. a

43. b

44. d

45. c

46. b

47. d

48. d

49. a

50. a

51. b

52. b

53. a

54. c

55. b

56. b

57. c

58. b

59. a

60. a

61. b

62. a

63. b

64. c

65. b

66. b

67. b

68. b

69. d

70. c

71. b

72. c

73. a

74. b

75. c

76. c

77. d

78. a

79. b

80. c

81. a

82. a

83. b

84. c

85. c

86. b

87. a

88. b

89. d

90. c

91. d

92. a

93. b

94. a

95. a

96. c

97. b

98. a

99. c

100. c

101. b

102. c

103. b

104. b

105. a

106. c

107. d

108. c

109. c

110. b

111. a

112. b

113. d

114. a

115. b

116. d

117. c

118. a

119. a

120. c

121. d

122. d

123. b

124. d

125. b

126. d

127. c

128. b

129. d

130. a

131. d

132. c

133. d

134. c

135. c

136. b

137. c

138. d

139. c

140. b

141. c

142. d

143. d

144. a

145. b

146. b

147. a

148. b

149. d

150. b

151. c

152. b

153. b

154. d

155. d

156. a

157. b

158. b

159. c

160. a

161. b

162. c

163. b

164. d

165. c

166. b

167. d

168. d

169. c

170. d

171. c

172. a

173. b

174. d

175. c

176. d

177. c

178. c

179. a

180. c