Practice Test – 4

Quantitative Ability




1.                  Consider the adjacent figure.  The area of shaded portion in the triangle is

a.       2a – a2h – b2h

b.      2a2 – ah – 2bh

c.       ah + bh – 2a2

d.      ah + bh + 2a2

2.                  Difference between 0.7% of 360 and 0.3% of 260 is

a.       0.04

b.      1.04

c.       1.44

d.      1.74

3.                  The length, breadth and height of 2 boxes are 1 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm and 2 cm, 4 cm 7 cm respectively.  Both are combined to form a cube.  Then the length of the combined cube is

a.       7 cm

b.      4 cm

c.       2 cm

d.      1 cm

4.                  The next 2 numbers in the series of 5,8, 16, 19, 29…. Are

a.       30 and 40

b.      30 and 41

c.       31 and 41

d.      31 and 40

5.                  The difference between the squares of 2 numbers is 72.  If one number is thrice that of the other number, then the numbers are

a.       5 and 15

b.      6 and 18

c.       9 and 3

d.      12 and 4

6.                  If x > 2 and 1 ≤ Y ≤ 7, then

a.       xy > 1

b.      xy < 0

c.       xy = 1

d.      0 ≤ xy ≤ 1

7.                  The difference between the areas of 2 squares is 7 cm2.  If the length of one square is 3 cm., then the length of other square is

a.       3 cm

b.      4 cm

c.       5 cm

d.      8 cm

8.                  The next number in the series of 11/12, 47/12, 95/12, 155/12 …. Is

a.       191/12

b.      203/12

c.       215/12

d.      227/12

9.                  The product and sum of a number and the same divided by 3 are equal to 16/3.  The number is

a.       16

b.      7

c.       4

d.      3

10.              If -8 ≤ x ≤ -3; -3 ≤ y ≤ -1 and z > 0, then

a.       xyz may be +ve or –ve

b.      xyz is always 0

c.       xyz is always +ve

d.      xyz is always –ve

11.              The total number of 5 digits numbers that can be formed from, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 (no digit being repeated) is

a.       579

b.      357

c.       235

d.      120

12.              David borrowed Rs.4,575 on July 1,1997 and returned the amount on December 31, 1998. If the simple rate of interest was 10.5%. What amount did he return?

a.       Rs.4,815.19

b.      Rs.4,935.28

c.       Rs.5,055.37

d.      Rs.5,295.56

13.              A tank is 4 meter long, 2 meter 50 centimeter wide and 3 meter high. The capacity of the tank in liters is

a.       30,000 liters

b.      3,00,000 liters

c.       30,00,000 liters

d.      300,00,000  liters

14.              A man buys 4 mangoes and 2 apples at a price of Rs.14 and another lady buys 2 mangoes and 5 of each mango and each apple are

a.       Rs.3 and Rs.2 respectively

b.      Rs.3 and Rs.3 respectively

c.       Rs.2 and Rs.2 respectively

d.      Rs.2 and Rs.3 respectively


15.              The amount to be paid at the end of 5½  years at a 3 meter simple rate of interest of 9.5% on a principal of Rs.5,275 is

a.       Rs.5,776.12

b.      Rs.7,780.62

c.       Rs.8,031.19

d.      Rs.8,103.72

16.              A man is standing at a horizontal distance of 3 meter. The distance between the top of the post and the point where he is standing is

a.       3 meter

b.      4 meter

c.       5 meter

d.      7 meter

17.              If 4 is added to 5 times a number it is equal to 12 added to 3 times the number the number is

a.       3

b.      4

c.       5

d.      12

18.              A rectangular grass lawn of 5 meter long and 2 meter broad is to be surrounded on all the sides by a 2 meter broad cemented flat pavement. The rate of cementing is Rs.5.50 per meter square. The total cost of cementing is

a.       Rs.242

b.      Rs.176

c.       Rs.143

d.      Rs.99

19.              A man has got 250 shirts each costing Rs.300. out of these only 42% of shirts were sold at a 20 %profit on sale. Then the money the man possesses at the end of the day is

a.       Rs.31,500

b.      Rs.37,800

c.       Rs.39,375

d.      Rs.47,250

20.              Appuraja bought an old car for Rs.15, 000 on its repair. Then he sold it for Rs.1,35,000 .The percentage he gained is

a.       17.39%

b.      14.81%

c.       4.34%

d.      3.84%

21.              If the compound interest in first 2 successive years are Rs.700 and Rs.749, then the principal amount is

a.       Rs.4,900

b.       Rs.7,000

c.       Rs.7,490

d.      Rs.10,000

22.              Which of the following numbers must be an even number if x and y are odd numbers?

a.       x + y

b.      xy

c.       x + y + 1

d.      xy + 2

23.              If the length of a rectangle is decreased by 20% and the width is increased by 20%, then the area of rectangle

a.       Decreases by 20%

b.      Increases by 20%

c.       Decreases by 4%

d.      Increases by 4%

24.              Mr. Prakash purchased a house for Rs.X. After 5 years he sold the house for 25% more than he paid for it. He has to pay a tax of 50% of the gain. How much tax must Mr. Prakash pay?

a.       5X/8

b.      X/8

c.       X/4

d.      X/2

25.              If a + b = 7 and 2a – b = 5, then a – b is

a.       1

b.      2

c.       3

d.      5

26.              Mrs. Asha got married 5 years back. Present age of Mrs. Asha is 1.2 times of her age at the time of marriage. Her present age is

a.       20 years

b.      25 years

c.       30 years

d.      35 years

27.              The ratio of prices of 3 different types of motor-bikes is 2:3:7. If the difference between the costliest and cheapest vehicle is Rs.50,000, the price of the vehicle of of modest price is

a.       Rs.50,000

b.      Rs.40,000

c.       Rs.30,000

d.      Rs.25,000

28.              The students in 3 classes are in the ratio 2:4:7. If 25 students are increased in each class, the ratio changes to 3:5:8. The total number of students after increase is

a.       300

b.      325

c.       350

d.      400

29.              A circle and a square have same area. Therefore, the ratio of the side of the square and the radius of the circle is

a.       π : 1

b.      1 :  π

c.       √π : 1

d.      1 : √π

30.              The ratio of the Metro Liner and Metro Express fares between Secundrabad Station to Hyderabad Station is 3:2 and that of number of passengers traveling by Liner and Express is 2:15. If  Rs. 2100 is collected as fare, The amount collected from Metro Express is

a.       Rs.350

b.      Rs.1050

c.       Rs.1400

d.      Rs.1750

31.              How far distance will a boy take to go 3 times round a circular garden whose radius is 28 meters

a.       176 meters

b.      372 meters

c.       528 meters

d.      704 meters

32.              The nest number in the series of 20 19/13 18/23 is

a.       18/13

b.      18

c.       17/23

d.      17/13

33.              By selling an article forRs.210 ,a man losses 4%.The cost price is

a.       Rs.206.00

b.      Rs.214,00

c.       Rs.218.00

d.      Rs.218.75

34.              The internal side of a hollow cube is 9.5 cm. The weight of water it can contain in gram is (1 c.c. of water weights 1 gram )

a.       85.737 grams

b.      90.250 grams

c.       857.375 grams

d.      8573.75 grams

35.              Mr. Harish divides Rs. 1,000 in between A and B in such a way that a receives Rs.120 more than that of B. the amount received by A is

a.       Rs.560

b.      Rs.540

c.       Rs.500

d.      Rs.440

36.              Mr. Rao wants to distribute Rs.1, 500 in between A, B and C in such a way that A will get Rs.60 more than B and B will get Rs.30 more than C. The amount to be received by B is

a.       Rs.560

b.      Rs.550

c.       Rs.500

d.      Rs.490

37.              In an examination a candidate obtained the following marks: English 49%, Hindi 38%, French 55%, Electronics 46%, Computer Science 58%, physics 64%, Chemistry 60%. His remaining subject is mathematics. If his average marks were 57.5%, his marks in mathematics is

a.       70%

b.      70%

c.       80%

d.      90%

38.              A metal sheet having a uniform thickness 8.75 cm long and 3.2 cm wide weights 105 gm. If it is cut down so as to be 8 cm long and 3 cm wide, the weight of this sheet will reduce to

a.       100 grams

b.      95 grams

c.       90 grams

d.      80 grams

.Consider the adjacent diagram of T made of copper sheet of uniform thickness. If 1 sq. cm. weights  2 gm, the area and its weight are 14.00 sq cm and 28.00 gm respectively


a.       14.00 sq cm and 28.00 gm respectively

b.      14.75 sq cm and 29.50 gm respectively

c.        14.75 sq cm and 29.00 gm respectively

d.       14.00 sq cm and 29.00 gm respectively

40.              A car runs 20 km on 5 litres of petrol .If the petrol costs Rs.22 a litre ,the cost of journey of 320 km is

a.       Rs.2200

b.      Rs.1760

c.       Rs.1600

d.      Rs.1280

41.              The ascending order of the series of 7/15, 34/75, 1/25, 3/45 is

a.       7/15, 34/75, 3/45, 1/25

b.      34/75, 7/15, 3/45, 1/25

c.       1/25, 3/45, 34/75, 7/15

d.      3/45, 1/25, 34/75, 7/15

42.              The smallest number of chocolates that can be shared equally among15 boys or 12 girls so that no chocolates are left over is

a.       45

b.      50

c.       60

d.      120

43.              A rectangle is 87 cm long and 53 cm broad. It is made 3 cm longer and 3 cm narrower, then its area will

a.       Decrease by 111 sq. cm.

b.      Increase by 111 sq. cm.

c.       Decrease by 159 sq. cm.

d.      Increase by 159 sq. cm.

44.              Mr. Collins divided Rs.120 between X, Y and Z in such a way that Y got Rs.5 more than Z and X got as much as the Y and Z together. The amount received by X is

a.       Rs.27.50

b.      Rs.55.00

c.       Rs.60.00

d.      Rs.87.50

45.              A square has the same perimeter as a rectangle with sides 8 cm and 6 cm. The difference between the areas of the square and rectangles is

a.       1.0 sq cm

b.      1.5 sq cm

c.       2.0 sq cm

d.      2.5 sq cm

46.              Consider the adjacent figure of a square of side 7.6cm, A, B, C and D are the mid-points of the sides. The area of ABCD is

a.       14.44 sq cm

b.      20.41 sq cm

c.       28.88 sq cm

d.      30.00 sq cm

47.              14 men can do a work in a certain time. The number of men required to do the same work in 2/3rd of the time is

a.       10 men

b.      12 men

c.       18 men

d.      21 men

48.              The surface area of a cube is 384 sq. metres. The volume of a cube is

a.       343 m3

b.      512 m3

c.       525 m3

d.      729 m3

49.              Of the people living in a village 34% are men, 36% are woman and the remaining 2700 are children. The number of woman living in a village is

a.       3000

b.      3060

c.       3240

d.      3420

50.              Three bells ring at intervals of 6, 9 and 15 sec. respectively. If all the three bells rung at 000 seconds, the earliest time when they will all ring together is

a.       60 sec.

b.      70 sec.

c.       80 sec.

d.      90 sec.

51.              Two aluminium strips weighing 65 gm and 91 gm respectively are cut into pieces of equal weight. The greatest possible weight of each piece is

a.       26 gm

b.      13 gm

c.       7 gm

d.      5 gm

52.              Which of the following multipliers will cause a number to increase it by 19½%

a.       1195

b.      11.95

c.       1.195

d.      .1195

53.              If the largest four digit number is subtracted from the smallest six digit number, then the balance is

a.       9001

b.      90000

c.       90001

d.      900000

54.              A train started from a station with certain number of passengers. At the first half ¼ of the passengers got down and 100 passengers got in. At the second half, 1/5 of the passengers entered. Then the train left for its destination with 520 passengers. How many passengers were there in the train when it started?

a.       500

b.      530

c.       550

d.      600

55.              In a class each student contributed as many rupees as the number of students so as to purchase a gift costing Rs.314. If the teacher’s contribution is Rs.25, the number of boys in the class is

a.       16

b.      17

c.       19

d.      21

56.               What percent of 75 is 60?

a.       70%

b.      75%

c.       80%

d.      85%

57.              Ashim’s income increases by 35% and becomes 1 2/3 times to that of Tapas. What was the total emoluments of Ashim before the increase?

a.       Rs.2275

b.      Rs.3800

c.       Rs.4000

d.      Can not be determined

58.              Which of the following is the next number in the series of 1, 3, 7, 15, 31 …

a.       51

b.      57

c.       63

d.      69

59.              If a train is running at a speed of 99.6 km per hour, then how much distance will it cover in 10 minutes?

a.       0.16 km

b.      1.66 km

c.       16.6 km

d.      166 km

60.              Amal, Bimal and Kamal hired a car for Rs.960 and they used it for 7, 8 and 9 hours respectively. The amount of hire charges paid by Kamal was

a.       Rs.280

b.      Rs.320

c.       Rs.340

d.      Rs.360

61.              The average age of a class of 25 students is 20 years .If the teacher‘s age is also included, the average age increases by one year. The teacher’s age is

a.       42 years

b.      45 years

c.       46 years

d.      47 years

62.              48 percent of Mr. Pawan‘s total investment is in machinery, 20 per cent of the remaining in raw materials and now he has Rs.4160 cash with him. The total investment of Mr.Pawan is

a.       Rs.48,000

b.      Rs.41,600

c.       Rs.20,000

d.      Rs.10,000

63.              Of the three numbers , the first is twice the second thrice the third .If the average of these number is 44, the second number is

a.       72

b.      132

c.       144

d.      216

64.              63 is to be divided into two parts such that the sum of 5 times the first and 18 times the second is 744. The bigger part is

a.       43

b.      46

c.       35

d.      33

65.              The batting average of 40 innings for Dravid is 63 runs. His highest score exceeds his lowest score by 162 runs. If these two innings are excluded, the average of remaining 38 innings becomes 60 runs. Highest score is

a.       240

b.      201

c.       162

d.      39

66.              Three numbers are in the ratio of 2:5:7 .The sum of the largest and the smallest equals the sum of the middle and 48. the smallest number is

a.       12

b.      20

c.       24

d.      48

67.              In what ratio must a grocer mix two types of tea that cost Rs.180 and Rs.160 per kg. respectively, so as to get a mixture worth Rs.172 per kg ?

a.       3:2

b.      2:3

c.       5:3

d.      3:5

68.              A ship has provision of food for 100 men for 30 days. After 10 days, 20 men left the ship. The number of days for which the remaining food will last, is

a.       40 days

b.      35 days

c.       30 days

d.      25 days

69.              In an examination, 30% of the total students failed in Financial Accounting, 50 % failed in management Accounting and 20 % in both. What % of total students passed in both subjects?

a.       10%

b.      20%

c.       30%

d.      40%

70.              The radius of the wheels of a toy car is 7 cm. Then the distance covered by a car on 29 complete rotations of the wheels is

a.       10 metre

b.      12 metre

c.       12.67 metre

d.      12.76 metre

71.              A sum of money doubles itself in 6 years at simple interest. The rate of interest is :

a.       10%

b.      12 1/2%

c.       14 ¾%

d.      16 2/3%

72.              The average number of students in class I to V is 35. If the average number of students in class I, III and IV is 40, then the total number of students in II and IV classes are.

a.       65

b.      55

c.       45

d.      30

73.              A man sold an article for Rs.6000 thus bearing a loss of 1/4th of its cost. The cost of the article is

a.       Rs.7,000

b.      Rs.7,500

c.       Rs.8,000

d.      Rs.9,000

74.              A’s age 8 years back was half of the total of the present ages of B and C. If B is 2 years older to C, the age of A at present is

a.       18 years

b.      20 years

c.       22 years

d.      Cannot be determined

75.              A man sold two books for Rs.200 each. On one he gains 20% and on the other he losses 20%. How much does he gain or lose in both transactions?

a.       0%

b.      4% (Loss)

c.       10% (Gain)

d.      10% (Loss)

76.              2 Mangoes and 1 Orange cost Rs.25 while 1 Mango and @ Oranges cost Rs.20. The cost of a Mango is

a.       Rs.5

b.      Rs.10              

c.       Rs.12              

d.      Rs.15               

77.              A wheel makes 100 revolution in covering a distance 6600 metre. The diameter of the wheel is

a.       66 metre

b.      44 metre              

c.       22 metre              

d.      21 metre              

78.              Which of the following is the single discount equivalent to a series of discount of 15%, 10% and 5%?

a.       16.000%

b.      20.000%

c.       27.325%

d.      30.000%

79.              A retailer buys a T-shirt at a discount of 20% and sells it for Rs.720 at a profit of 20%. The original cost price is

a.       Rs.750              

b.      Rs.720               

c.       Rs.700               

d.      Rs.600               

80.              5% more is gained by selling a trouser for Rs.625 than by selling Rs.600. The cost price of the trouser is

a.       Rs.400              

b.      Rs.450               

c.       Rs.500               

d.      Rs.550 

81.              If the price of an article is reduced by 20% then its daily sales increase by 20%. Thus the total revenue will

a.       Decrease by 4.00%

b.      Increase by 4.00%

c.       Decrease by 4.17%

d.      Increase by 4.17%

82.              The difference between compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum at 20% per annum for 2 years is Rs.80. The sum is

a.       Rs.200

b.      Rs.2,000

c.       Rs.20,000

d.      Rs.4,000

83.              The simple interest on a certain sum of 2years at 15% per annum is Rs.570 the corresponding compound interest is

a.       Rs.600.00

b.      Rs.612.75

c.       Rs.621.50

d.      Rs.687.50

84.              If the compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 20% per annum is Rs.352, the simple interest is

a.       Rs.352

b.      Rs.350

c.       Rs.330

d.      Rs.320

85.              A sum of money amounts to Rs.864 in 3 years and Rs.720 in 2 years.  The rate of interest is

a.       10%

b.      15%

c.       20%

d.      25%

86.              The difference in compound interest and simple interest for 2 years on a sum of money is Rs.200. If the simple interest for 2 years be Rs.2,000, the rate percent is

a.       10%

b.      15%

c.       20%

d.      25%

87.              A man rows downstream 20 km and upstream 15 km, taking 4 hours each time.  The velocity of the current is:

a.       1.5 km/hour

b.      1.0 km/hour

c.       0.75 km/hour

d.      0.625 km/ hour

88.              If the difference between the squares of two consecutive numbers is 41 then the numbers are

a.       10 and 11

b.      15 and 16

c.       20 and 21

d.      25 and 26

89.              Two seventh of a number is more than one fourteenth of the number by 15.  The number is

a.       210

b.      200

c.       70

d.      52.5

90.              A number whose seventh part increased by 8 is equal to its sixth part diminished by 7.  The number is

a.       650

b.      630

c.       600

d.      500

Data Adequacy   

Directions: Each of the following problems has a question and two statements which are labeled (i) and (ii), Use the data given in (i) and (ii) together with other available information (such as the number of hours in a day, the definition of clockwise, mathematical facts, etc.) to decide whether the statements are sufficient to answer the question.  Then mark the answer as

a.      If statement (i) alone is sufficient to answer the question, but statement (ii) alone is not sufficient.

b.      If statement (ii) along is sufficient, but statement (i) alone is not sufficient

c.       If both the statements (i) and (ii) together are sufficient, but neither statement alone is sufficient

d.      If statement (i) and (ii) together are not sufficient

All number used in this section are real numbers.  A figure given for a problem is intended to provide information consistent with that in the question.  But not necessarily with the additional information contained in the statements.

91                Is the integer x divisible by 45?

i.                     x is divisible by 15

ii.                   x is divisible by 9

92                Two trains are running in the same direction.  If the first train is 5 km ahead of the second train, in how much time will the second train be 5 km ahead?

i.                     The first train is moving 40 kmph and the second train is moving at 60 kmph.

ii.                   Second train started 30 minutes after the first train started

93                Is mx = 3 – nx?

i.                     m = n and x = 1

ii.                   x (m + n) = 3

94                In which year was Ramesh born?

i.                     Ramesh’s brother Bhavesh is 4 years older than Ramesh

ii.                   In 1987 Ramesh turned 16 years old

95                If S is an infinite series and S1 = 9, S2 = 99, S3 = 999, ---- , Sk = 10k-1, ---- is every tern in S divisible by the prime number p?

i.                     P is greater than 3

ii.                   At least one term in sequence S is divisible by p

96                If x + y = 36, what is the value of xy?

i.                     X and y are positive integers

ii.                   X and y are consecutive odd integers

97                How many employees of the company are male?

i.                     If the company hires 50 more people and all these people are make, the ratio of the number of male employees to the female employees would then be 8:3.

ii.                   The company has 75 more male employees than female employees.

98                Will the 25 books of total 50 books fit upright in a book-rack?

i.                     Thee length of the bookrack is 3 feet

ii.                   Fifteen books have an average thickness of 3 inches.

99                If n is an integer, is (100 –n)/n an integer?

i.                     n> 10

ii.                   n2 = 100

100             How many more men than women are in the room?

i.                     There is a total of 20 men and women in a room

ii.                   The number of men in the room equals the square of the number of women in the room.

101            How long did it take for Swami to drive nonstop from Bangalore to Mysore?

i.                     If Swami’s average speed for the trip had beeen 1.75 times as fast, the trip would have taken 3 hours

ii.                   Swami’s average speed for the trip was 60 kmph

102            If 2x (3y)=S, what is the value of S?

i.                     X = y +5

ii.                   2x = 64

103            If x is an integer, is x odd?

i.                     x/2 is an uneven integer

ii.                   x-5 is an even integer

104            What is the circumference of the circle with center O?



i.                     The perimeter of triangle AOB is 17 cm

ii.                   The length of chord AB is 10 cm

105            What is the value of a+b?

i.                     Ac + bd + bc + ad = 20

ii.                   C + d = 5

106            At the beginning of a month, a shop had 1200 formal shirts, which had cost the shop Rs.225 each.  During the same month, the shop made only one purchase of shirts.  What was the total amount spent by the shop on shirts it had in stock at the end of the month.

i.                     During the month the shop purchased 500 shirts for Rs,240  each

ii.                   During the month the total revenue from the sale of shirts was Rs.2,50,000.

107            How long will it take to fill a rectangular tank with water?

i.                     Rate of water inflow is 5 liters in one minute.

ii.                   The tank is 5m long and 2m wide.

108            What was the amount of money raised for Kargil victims?

i.                     Of the amount donated, 60% came from individual donations.

ii.                    Of the amount donated, Rs.250 crore came from corporate donations.

109            Is the value of x closer to 300 than 500?

i.                     500 – x > x – 300

ii.                   x > 350

110            If sher Ali’s average score for the first three visits in a snooker game was 169, what was his lowest score?

i.                     Sher Ali’s highest score was 192

ii.                   The sum of two scores was 374.

Analytical Reasoning

111.        Two years ago the West Bengal Government introduced the Youth Training Program to guarantee college leaving students a job.  Today more than 60% students are still signing for unemployment benefits.

Each of the following, if true, could account for the above except

a.       It is difficult to find work for all outgoing college students

b.      The program is an unproductive one

c.       Youth are not aware of the program’s benefit.

d.      The number of outgoing college students has increased over the past two years.

112.        The supply of labor depends on the following variables: the size of the population, its age-sex composition, marital structure and participation rates in the labor force

Each of the following could affect the supply of labor except:

a.       Birth and death rates

b.      Educational level of population

c.       Numberr of employment agencies

d.      Marital status of females

113.        Over the last 10 years, the rate of increase in total industrial production in India has been the highest in the world.  However, the growth is modest when calculated per capita of total population.  Over the last five years progress has been much slower.

If the above information is correct, which of the following must be true?

a.       India has a moderately large population

b.      Productivity per capita has not grown as fast during the past five years

c.       The birth rate has declined

d.      The per capita production rate has not declined

114.        Mrs. Merium Diane was the Minister of Oil and Natural Gas in a small oil- producing country.  Her country’s oil exports were about 1.5% of total world oil sales.  The Minister of Finance was anxious to maximize oil production and export earnings.  Mrs. Diane. However, believed that increased sales would only drive down the oil prices and lower her country’s foreign exchange revenue.

Which of the following would best exemplify an error in Diane’s reasoning?

a.       The supply of a single country vs., aggregate supply in the market

b.      Production goals vs. financial goals

c.       Seasonal vs. long-term supply

d.      Long- term vs. short-term demand

115.        There is no distention between health and illness.  It is easy to forget what it feels like to be readily well and to get gradually used to often having a headache,  feeling uncomfortable and tired. There is an  unrecognized proportion of the population that has been tipped over the brink into ill health by omnipresent infections.

Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of the above?

a.       No one can be really sure if he is healthy of sick

b.      Medical science is not always capable of diagnosing.

c.       The public must be warned of various physical and  chemical hazards.

d.      The public must be encouraged to have regular medical examinations.

116.        Administrators and Executives hold very stable occupations.

The stability mentioned above could be due to the each of the following factors except

a.       Relatively high income

b.      Status

c.       Rate of turnover

d.      Nature of the occupation

117.        In the age group of 30 to 45 year olds we can find the maximum percentage of self employed people.  Some 15% of men and only 28% of women who operate unincorporated business have a higher education.  And while self-employed women are generally better educated that their salaried counterparts, the same cannot be said of self employed men.

If the above information is correct, which of the following must be true?

a.       Self-employed women are generally younger than self-employed men

b.      Men wage earners have more education than women wage earners.

c.       Salaried men are younger than salaried women.

d.      Self-employed women have more education than self-employed men.

118.        Between 1975 and 1980 petroleum consumption in India deopped about 25% because of the global oil crisis.  In the same period lung cancer in India urban population declines by the same percentage.  Between 1980 and 1990 the number of lung cancer victim increased by ten times and the rate of petroleum consumption increased by the same rate.

Which of the following facts, if true, would weaken the above argument?

a.       The amount of lead in gasoline increased between 1980 and 1990

b.      Foe each of the year between 1970 to 1980, lung cancer among urban Indians remained at the same level.

c.       After 1980, petroleum consumption increased, many-fold.

d.      Women started driving in large numbers between 1980 and 1990.

119.        There are many reasons why a professional wants to run his own business.  Some foresee more personal satisfaction in running their own business, while others are interested in the prospect of better financial rewards.  Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, tax regulations and other changes have encouraged increasing numbers of ventures have been started.  Not all have succeeded, naturally.

The above statement makes which of the following assumptions?

a.       Most new ventures succeed initially but fail later

b.      Venture capitals are motivated by non-monetary goals

c.       Financial incentives are associated with the starting of new businesses

d.      Success in starting a new business depends in large part on sound financial planning.

120.        From 1950 to 1970, the amount of agricultural output per worker and per hour increased threefold.  From 1970 to 1990, output per worker and per hour increased 2 times.

Each of the following, if true, could help to account for this trend except

a.       The number of agricultural labor increases

b.      The number of hours worked per unit of output decreased

c.       More workers are needed to produce the same unit of output

d.      The use of natural fertilizers are rising

121.        A highly motivated work force is a prerequisite for better performance.  Communists posit that the association between group motivation and success is owning to support individual team members give to one other and their acceptance of the group’s goals and activities.

Each of the following, if true, either provides support for or cannot weaken the sociologists assumption about the relationship between motivation and success except

a.       Successful team members tended to rate their fellow members more favorably.

b.      Work groups who tended to participate in  after hour social activities are more productive

c.       Successful work force is headed by dominant leaders

d.      The winning team in a business quiz rated their peers generally low on stick by the rules, extrovert’ and friendly.

122.        The main trading item of the international business in the 15th century was textiles.  Among these Cotton and Woolens predominated.  Linens were far less important and silks played an insignificant part.  Outside this group, the only important item in the first half of the century was rice, though the exports of fish, lead and tin were by no means negligible.

Given the above information which of the following statements is true?

a.       Rice, though not as important an export as textiles, was still an important component of the export trade.

b.      Silk was a valuable export in the 15th century

c.       Fishing was a bigger industry than production of wool

d.      Rice was nearly as important an export as linen.

123.        Departmental stores are designed in such a way so as to direct customers in different directions.  Different sorts of products are kept to ensure that a customer will move through different parts of a customer will more through different parts of the store.  More expensive items are usually placed on upper floors, while cheaper items are placed near entrance.  This sort of planning is intended to….

Which of the following statements best completes the passage?

a.       Utilize sales people as efficiently as possible

b.      Confuse the customer in order to keep them in the store as long as possible

c.       Keep the flow of customers in the store smooth

d.      Maximize sales by exposing customers to as many products as possible

124.        Shoppers Stop, a supermarket chain, had successfully implemented an in-store promotional campaign based on video messages flashed on a large screen.  The purpose of the campaign was to motivate customers to purchase products which they had not planned to buy before they entered the store.  The sales manager of NetAct, a chain of computer products show-rooms, saw the campaign and plans to introduce it in NetAct showrooms.

The sales manager’s plan assumes that

a.       Consumer decision making to buy products does not differ substantially when it comes to both supermarket and computer products

b.      Supermarket chains do not sell computer products

c.       Supermarket and computer products are the same

d.      In-store campaigns are more effective than out-of-store advertising and sales promotion.

125.        The movement to ownership by unions is the latest step in the progression from management ownership to employee ownership.  Employee ownership can save depressed and losing companies.

Which of the following statements does not provide support for the above claim?

a.       Employee-owned companies generally have higher productivity

b.      Employee participation in management raises morale

c.       Employee union ownership drives up salaries and wages

d.      Employee union ownership enables workers to share in the profits.

126.        In a survey of job seekers, one-fourth admitted to being a little dishonest.  However, the survey may not reveal the truth, because….

Which of the following best completes the passage?

a.       Some people who are not job seekers are probably a little dishonest.

b.      Some people who claimed in the survey to be a little dishonest may be very dishonest

c.       Some people who claimed in the survey to be little dishonest may have been answering correctly

d.      Some dishonest people covered in the survey might have claimed to be honest

127.        GTB Tourists Ltd. Buys free travel coupons from people who are awarded coupons by Desert Airlines for frequently availing their services.  Coupons are sold to the people who pay less amount than if they purchase the tickets from the Desert Airlines.  This marketing of coupons results in loss of revenue for the Airlines.

To discourage the buying and selling of free-travel coupons, it would best for Desert Airlines to restrict the

a.       Use of coupons among those who were awarded the coupons and their family members

b.      Days that the coupon can be used from Monday to Friday

c.       Number of coupons that a person can be awarded in a particular year.

d.      Number of routes on which the travelers can use the coupon.

128.        Most people believe that in a free society people have the right to take risks as long as they do not harm others.  If automobile drivers and passengers do not wear a seat belt they are not harming anybody.  As a result, they conclude that it should be each persons’ decision whether or not to wear a seat belt.

Which of the following, if true, will seriously weaken the conclusion drawn above?

a.       Many new cars are built with seat belts that automatically fasten when someone sits in front seat

b.      Passengers in airplanes are required to wear seat belts during takeoffs and landings

c.       In car accidents, a greater number of passengers who do not wear seat belts are injured than those who wear seat belts

d.      Automobile insurance rates for all automobile owners are higher because of the increased frequency of accidents.




Vocabulary and Writing Skills



Directions:  Question No. 129 to 148 consist of a number of sentences, in each of which some part or the whole is underlines.  Each sentence is followed by four alternative versions of the underlined portion .  Select an alternative you consider both most correct and most effective according to the requirements of standard written English.

In considering the answer choices be attentive to matters of grammar, direction, and syntax, as well as clarity, precision, and fluency.  Do not select an answer which alters the meaning of the original sentence.

129.        Today, because  of improvements in agricultural practices, the same hectare of land produces double the mangoes that it has in 1970

a.       As much as twice the mangoes it has

b.      A doubleing of the mangoes that it did

c.       Twice as many mangoes as it did

d.      Two times as many mangoes as there were

130.        The prime lending rate is a key rate in the economy.  The interest rates are tied to the prime, not only on most loans to small and medium-sized business, but also on a growing number of consumer loans.

a.       Not only are the interest rates on most loans to small and medium-sized businesses tied to the prime, but also on

b.      Tied to the prime are interest rates not only on most loans to small and medium sized businesses, but also on

c.       Not only are the interest rates on most loans to small and medium sized businesses tied to the prime but also on

d.      The interest rates not only on most loans to small and medium sized businesses are tied to the prime, but also

131.        The commission proposed funding for the development of infrastructure, perhaps open to the public early next year, to be obtained through a bond issue.

a.       Funds for the infrastructure development, perhaps open to the public early next year, be

b.      That funding for the infrastructure development, which could be open to the public early next year, is

c.       That funding for the infrastructure, which could be open to the public early next year, is to be

d.      Development funding for the infrastructure, which could be open to the public early next year is to be

132.        Some people propose to combat widespread illegal copying of computer software by changing people’s attitude toward pirating, others by suggesting the reduction of software prices to decrease the incentive for pirating and still others call for the prosecution of those who copy software illegally.

a.       Suggest the reduction of software prices to decrease the incentive for pirating, and still others by calling

b.      Suggest reducing software prices to decrease the incentive for pirating, and still others are calling

c.       By suggesting reducing software prices to decrease the incentive for pirating, and still others by calling

d.      By suggesting the reduction of software prices to decrease the incentive for pirating and still others call.

133.        While the depressed state of the real estate market can hurt some high net worth investors, they are potentially devastating for homeowners, whose investment – in many cases representing a life’s savings – can plunge or even disappear

a.       They can potentially devastate homeowners in that their

b.      For homeowners, it is potentially devastating in that their

c.       It can potentially devastate homeowner, whose

d.      They are potentially devastating for homeowners, whose

134.        Many linguists believe that the world’s five billion people speak thousands of languages of which all can be tracked back to a common base language.

a.       The world’s five billion people speak thousands of languages which are all traceable

b.      That all of the thousands of languages spoken by the world’s five billion people can be traced

c.       All of the thousand languages spoken by the world’s five billion people to be traceable

d.      The ability to trace all of the thousands of languages that are spoken by the world’s five billion people.

135.        CBI officials involved in the investigation have found local witnesses to be difficult to locate, reticent and are suspicious of strangers.

a.       The local witnesses are difficult to locate, reticent and are

b.      That local witnesses are difficult to locate and reticent, and they are

c.       That local witnesses are difficult to locate, reticent and

d.      Local witnesses to be difficult to locate reticent and are

136.        In 1971 Robert Carter III, one of the wealthiest industrialist of his time, stunned the total industrial community by filling a deed of emancipation, and he set free the more than 500 slaves who were legally considered as his property.

a.       Setting free more than 500 slaves legally considered as

b.      And set free more than 500 slaves, who were legally considered

c.       Setting free more than 500 slaves who were legally considered

d.      And set free more than the 500 slaves who were legally considered

137.        Should Dr. Tandon be right, any apparent connection of eating highly processed foods and excelling at athletics is just coincidental

a.       If Dr. Tandon is right, any apparent connection between eating

b.      Should Dr. Tandon have been right, any connection apparent between eating

c.       If Dr. Tandon was right, any apparent connection of the eating of

d.      Should Dr. Tandon be right, any apparent connection of eating

138.        Last year, land values in most parts of Maharashtra rose almost so fast, and in some parts even faster than what they did outside Maharashtra

a.       As fast as, and in some parts even faster than what they did

b.      As fast, and in some parts even faster than, those

c.       As fast as, and in some parts even faster than, those

d.      So fast, and in some parts even faster than, those

139.        In the mid 1960’s a radar warning system developed by the Americans mis-interpreted the rising of the moon as a massive missile attack by the Soviets.

a.       Moon rising to massive missile attack by the Soviete.

b.      Moon as it was rising for a miassive Soviet missile attack

c.       Rise of the moon as a massive Soviet missile attack

d.      Rising of the moon for a massive Soviet missile attack

140.        Environmental Protection Groups are demanding for controlling the discharge of wastes into underground water or that they enforce their own plans.

a.       Foe enforcing their

b.      They should enforce their

c.       To enforce its

d.      It should enforce their

141.        A patient accusing a doctor of malpractice will find it difficult to prove damage lacking another doctor to testify about proper  medical procedures

a.       Without another doctor’s testimony to

b.      Should there be no testimony from some other doctor

c.       If there is a lack of some other doctor to testify

d.      Unless there will be another doctor to testify

142.        Remains of fossil suggest that the Australians egg-lying mammals are a branch of the main stem of mammalian evolution instead of developing independently from  a common ancestor of mammals more than 220 million years ago.

a.       Rather than a type whose development was independent of

b.      Instead of a development that was independent of

c.       Rather than developing independently from

d.      Rather than a type that developed independently from

143.        Declining values for agricultural land, the collateral which is borrowed against by farmers to get through the harvest season, is going to force many banks to tighten credit this monsoon.

a.       Which farmers use as a collateral to borrow against to get through the harvest season, are

b.      The collateral against which farmers borrow to get through the harvest season, are

c.       Which farmers use a collateral to borrow against to get through the harvest season, are

d.      The collateral against which farmers borrow to get through the harvest season is

144.        MP Mr. Prasad has proposed legislation requiring that all older workers be retained by employers  indefinitely or show the cause for dismissal.

a.       Employers to retain all older workers

b.      Employer’s retention of all older workers

c.       The retaining by employers of all older workers

d.      That employers should retain all older workers

145.        The quality of poor production angers production, manager Mr. Mukherjee, who wonders if it is part of a strategy of workers.

a.       Who wonders if it is part of strategy of workers

b.      That wonders if it is part of  a strategy by workers

c.       Who wonders if they are part of a strategy by workers

d.      Who wonders if workers are part of the strategy

146.        The Prime Minister’s speech ws directed at who was present

a.       Was directed at whomever was present

b.      Was directed toward whomever was present

c.       Was directed toward whoever was present

d.      Was directed towards whomever was present

147.        After watching both the pictures, Koushik agreed that the first was the best of the two

a.       That of the two the better one was the first

b.      That the first one was the better of the two

c.       That the first was the best of the two

d.      That the first one was the best of the two

148.        After carefully considering the issue, the commission can see any valid reason scarecely for its u reviewing the request.

a.       Can see scarcely any valid reason for its

b.      Can scarcely see any valid reason for its

c.       Can see scarcely any valid reason for its

d.      Can see scarcely and valid reason for its


For Questions 149-164 select the letter pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

149.        REQUEST : COMMAND

a.       Rely : descry

b.      Hurt : aid

c.       Amiss : save

d.      Agree : oppose


a.       Peace : war

b.      Flight : escape

c.       Accident : injury

d.      Asylum : refugee


a.       Music : violin

b.      Insult : invulnerable

c.       Purchase : sell

d.      Poverty : miserable


a.       Garbage : squalor

b.      Color : brush

c.       Poor : hunger

d.      Dirtiness : cleanliness

153.        WAIL : DEEP

a.       Dance : jump

b.      Abomination : abhorrence

c.       Write : read

d.      Ripe : eat

154.        FRY : BAKE

a.       Cut: cake

b.      Pass : tail

c.       Speak : listen

d.      Chop : mice


a.       Solider : army

b.      Obese : fat

c.       Modesty : arrogance

d.      Should : speak


a.       Romantic : strong

b.      Chastise : erring

c.       Reproof : scold

d.      Respite : spite


a.       Pecuniary : financial

b.      Peace : calm

c.       Mace : majority

d.      Bird : fly


a.       Pragmatic : realistic

b.      Pray : worship

c.       Storm : burst

d.      Lien : lay


a.       Books : knowledge

b.      Vedant : plato

c.       Erudition : professor

d.      Teaching : books

160.        SMOKE : FIRE

a.       Climb : cry

b.      Boy : brother

c.       Cat : chat

d.      Gossip : exaggeration

161.        WHOOL : SHEAR

a.       Car : drive

b.      Garment : weave

c.       Goose : duck

d.      Feathers : pluck


a.       Idolatory : worship

b.      Future : hereafter

c.       Past : present

d.      Prognosis : diagnosis

163.        INTRUDE : ENTER

a.       Interfere : assist

b.      Telephone : telegraph

c.       Interrupt : speak

d.      Shout : yell


a.       Fear : misfortune

b.      Adversity : happiness

c.       Prosperity : adversity

d.      Balance : adversity

For Questions 165 to 172 choose the lettered word or phrases that is most nearly similar in meaning to the word in the capital letters.

165.        TRIVAL

a.       Ignorant

b.      Exaggerated

c.       Unimportant

d.      Imaginary

166.        DILEMMA

a.       Difficult Choice

b.      Catastrophe

c.       Deterioration

d.      Change of direction

167.        DECIMATE

a.       To quarrel

b.      Compute

c.       Deprive

d.      Slaughter

168.        UNANIMITY

a.       Total agreement

b.      Firmness

c.       Liveliness

d.      Acknowledgement

169.        MAINSTAY

a.       Trend

b.      Stimulant

c.       Chief support

d.      Conclusion

170.        SCRUB

a.       To penalize

b.      Cancel

c.       Issue orders

d.      Evince

171.        FALLCIOUS

a.       Misleading

b.      Untrue

c.       Mandatory

d.      Spacious

172.        PRECIPTIOUS

a.       Abrupt

b.      Inaccurate

c.       Formal Cautions




Reading Comprehension




Most of the large companies in India used to be family-run businesses.  Those families owned a large portion of the share capital to dominate the board of directors and dictate the policy of the company.  They could not sell their stock in the market because putting such large amounts of stock on the market would only depress its value, so it is not possible for them to make a quick profit and instead had to concentrate on improving the long-term productivity of their companies.  Today, with few exceptions, the stock of large Indian companies is held by large institutions, life insurance companies, developmental financial institutions, mutual funds etc. – and because these institutions are prohibited by Company Law from owning a majority of a company’s stock and from actively influencing a company’s division – making, they can enhance their wealth only by buying and selling stock in anticipation of fluctuations in its value.  Minority shareholders are necessarily short term traders on a company’s tcok.  Main aim is to make profit by selling their holdings when the prices go up in the market.  As a result, the productivity of Indian companies is unlikely to improve unless shareholders and the management of the institutions which invest in these companies are encouraged to enhance long term productivity and the long term profitability rather than simply to maximize the short term profits.

Since the return of the old style capitalist is unlikely, today’s short term traders must be remade into tomorrow’s long term capitalistic investors.  The legal limits that now prevent financial institutions from acquiring a dominant shareholding position in a corporation should be removed and such institutions should be encouraged to take a more active role in the management of the companies in which they invest.  In addition, any institution that holds a large portion of a company’s stock should mandatory give the general investor community a few days notice of the intent to sell the shares.  Unless the announced sale could be explained to the public on grounds other than anticipated future losses, the value of the stock would plummet and like the old time capitalists, major investors could cut their loses only by helping to restore their companies productivity.  Such measures would force financial institutions to become capitalists whose success depends not only on trading shares but also on increasing the productivity of the companies in which they invest.

173.        In the passage, the author is primarily concerned with doing which of the following?

a.       Presenting data and drawing conclusions from the data

b.      Describing a problem and proposing a solution

c.       Comparing two different analyses of a current situation

d.      Comparing two different approaches to a problem

174.        It can be inferred from the passage that which of the following is true of majority shareholders in a company?

a.       They cannot make quick profits by selling off large amounts of stock in the market

b.      They are more interested in profits than in productivity

c.       They make the company’s operational management decisions

d.      They are not allowed to own more than fifty percent of a company’s stock

175.        Which for the following statements is supported by the passage?

a.       In most companies it is the board of directors rather than the corporate managers who make policy decisions

b.      The way companies are currently run, it is unlikely that increased productivity would lead to short-term increases in stock values

c.       Institutions that intend to sell a large block of stock in a single company must give at least few days notice of the sale

d.      The sudden sale of a large amount of stock in any one company makes the value of the stock go down.

176.        The second paragraph of the passage is concerned with

a.       Identify problems

b.      Recommend actions

c.       Explain effects

d.      Warn of consequences

177.        The purpose of giving a few days notice before selling a large block of company’s stock by a institution is

a.       To encourage investors to diversify their stock holdings

b.      To encourage institutional shareholders to sell stock that they believe will decrease in value

c.       To discourage short-term profit taking by institutional shareholders

d.      To encourage a company’s employees to take an active role in the ownership of stock in the company

178.        The ‘old style capitalist’ refers to persons who

a.       Did not influence the investment policies of the companies in which they invested

b.      Now play a insignificant role in the stock market

c.       Rely on outdated management techniques

d.      Were seldom engaged in short term trading of the stock they owned

179.        Which of the following assumptions is made by the author about family run businesses?

a.       There wa no short-term trading in the stock of these businesses

b.      Improving long-term productivity led to increased profits

c.       Each business has financial institutions as shareholders

d.      Institutions owned no stock in these companies

180.        The role of large institutions as stockholders differs from that of the old-style capitalist’ because large institutions

a.       Are prohibited by law from owning a majority of a company’s stock

b.      Are influenced by brokers who advise against long term ownership of stocks

c.       Are attracted to the stocks of companies that demonstrate long term gains in productivity

d.      Are able to put large amounts of stock on the market without depressing the stock’s value.




1. c

2. d

3. b

4. c

5. c

6. a

7. b

8. d

9. c

10. c

11. d

12. d

13. a

14. d

15. c

16. c

17. b

18. a

19. c

20. c

21. d

22. a

23. c

24. b

25. a

26. c

27. c

28. d

29. c

30. d

31. c

32. b

33. d

34. c

35. a

36. d

37. d

38. c

39. b

40. b

41. c

42. c

43. a

44. c

45. a

46. c

47. d

48. b

49. c

50. d

51. b

52. c

53. c

54. d

55. b

56. c

57. d

58. c

59. c

60. d

61. c

62. d

63. c

64. d

65. b

66. c

67. a

68. d

69. d

70. d

71. d

72. b

73. c

74. d

75. b

76. b

77. d

78. c

79. a

80. c

81. a

82. b

83. b

84. d

85. c

86. c

87. d

88. c

89. c

90. b

91. c

92. a

93. b

94. b

95. d

96. b

97. c

98. d

99. b

100. c

101. d

102. c

103. b

104. c

105. c

106. d

107. d

108. c

109. a

110. b

111. d

112. c

113. b

114. a

115. c

116. c

117. d

118. b

119. c

120. b

121. d

122. a

123. d

124. a

125. c

126. d

127. a

128. d

129. c

130. a

131. c

132. b

133. d

134. b

135. b

136. c

137. a

138. c

139. d

140. c

141. a

142. d

143. b

144. a

145. a

146. c

147. b

148. d

149. d

150. d

151. b

152. a

153. b

154. d

155. c

156. c

157. a

158. a

159. c

160. d

161. d

162. b

163. c

164. c

165. c

166. a

167. d

168. a

169. c

170. b

171. a

172. a

173. b

174. a

175. d

176. b

177. c

178. d

179. b

180. a